Photo Round Up – Week 51

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  1. Love that first photo.

    Wait… did you get the tattoo or are you thinking about getting that tattoo?
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Stop the Hate, Spread the Love

  2. GO for the Horus eye tattoo!!! (nice calf by the way LOL)
    Can you believe I’ve never been to Cairo train station? Looks like I missed something!!! Beautiful. 🙂
    Giulia recently posted..All About Auckland

    • EEEEeee I really love it a lot! I have always known that is where I want it and am happy I finally know what I want. I am going to get when I come back to Egypt after India and Turkey. I love Egypt so much…

      Thanks about the calf muscle… still got my ballet legs. Oh & um how have you never been to the Cairo train station? It’s an amazing station.

  3. I love that idea for a tattoo!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..7 Super Shots From Andi’s Travels

  4. I like the tattoo! I want to get one done in Thailand by the monks. Shouldn’t you put it a little lower though? Who is going to see way up there, lol?

    • Thanks Ashlea, that would be cool to get one done by monks. As for mine it’s low enough. It’s all the way on the claf muscle, so when I wear shorts it will be visible for people walking behind me.

  5. I remember being awe struck when I walked into that train station… Though I only saw it at night!
    Aaron @ Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures recently posted..Another Year…Another Blogiversary!

  6. It’s a good idea for a tattoo as it symbolises lots for you. I’d like it a bit smaller and to the side of that great looking calf muscle. I just think the symbolic eye could look, I dunno, corny? in the middle. Is it something in ten years time that you will see yourself loving as much as now? I have quite a prominent wrist one that is relevant to my culture (its called a ta moko) and hugely personal and nine years on, I still treasure it. But I waited for years until I found the right tattooist, and an idea of what I wanted. He brought it to life. And I think that’s why I will always treasure it as it’s all me. Sure, the symbols are not unique to me but he’s incorporated those into my ‘story’. So what I’m suggesting is make it not just a copy of the Horus but somehow incorporate you. If you can. Orrrr, come to New Zealand bro and you will get your dream, awesome tattoo! But if you just can’t wait then do it. You know.
    Great pics too, love that looking at Saudi Arabia one. Those moments blow my mind too.

    • Vicki, yeah I have thought about moving it to the side a bit, but I like the size alot. I’m not sure if its corny… I know I have always wanted one and there, just never what so now that I know I think its something I will like forever. I think underneath it I will write a few words in arabic. We’ll see what I do with it.

  7. Ooooh a tattoo! A rule of thumb I’ve heard often is “don’t ink it until you think it over for one year.” I think you’re smart to wait until you return to the US so you have time to consider all the details. That tattoo would remind you forever of your time abroad, especially reaching Egypt after dreaming of it for so many years. It’s a great idea, just be 100% sure it’s the design you want since it’s permanent. Who had the tattoo you took a picture of?
    Patricia GW recently posted..Snapshots: New York City Food

    • Hey Pat yeah that sounds like a good rule… in my case I will think it over for 6 months. If when I come back I still want it I am going to go for it. I think it would be amazing to get it while I am abroad and make it a permanant reminder of my trip around the world. Oh & that picture is me… i got it in Henna… just to test it out!

      • I look forward the pictures when you get it done permanently! I want to get a tattoo sometime during my future adventures too – like you, I’ve had the spot and general idea of it picked out for a long time. As long as it means something very dear to your heart, something that really defines you and what you’ve done, then you won’t every get tired of it or regret it. It’s a physical mark of how much you’ve been marked inside. 🙂
        Patricia GW recently posted..Snapshots: New York City Food

        • Yes I will def share it once I get it for sure… and oh I am interested in seeing what it is you get too. I’s nice to have at least 50% of the job done. the spot…lol!!!

  8. Mexican Nomad says:

    El tatuaje, es buena idea pero creo que me gustaria mas en otra parte de tu cuerpo, como lo hiciste ahora dibujalo y ponerlo en diferentes partes, (solo una idea) otra cosa puedes tomar la foto de lejos para poder mirar como se mira a lo lejos 🙂 Abrazos.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Gracias Mexican Nomad… ay no pa mi sera alli… es donde siempre lo eh querido… y que buena idea de poner una foto de como se vera de lejos. La subare algotro tiempo.

  9. QueenBrain12 says:

    EEEEE I love the pics! You have became a great photographer. Week 51 in photos demostrates just that.

    I love you and miss you!


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