The SEX TEMPLES of KHAJUHARO in photos!!!

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  1. Ummm all I can say is wow!

  2. …sexy!!! :-)
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  3. I giggle and at the same time get more and more curious as i scroll down to view the pics =))
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  4. Oh. My.

    Words weren’t needed here.
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  5. Hey Jaime, last month I visited a temple in Java, Indonesia which also has sexual carvings on it. You can see the pictures here:
    I have to make sure one day when I go to India I need to go to Khajuraho to see the temple!
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    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks for sharing that I will have to check it out. I do have planned to go to Indonesia… so I may have to check them out.

  6. WELL! Those don’t exactly leave much to the imagination, do they?!
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  7. Hahaha Jaime, you’re the only person I know who would do a photo post of all these poses! And that’s why we love ya 😉
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  8. Wow. I don’t even know what else to say. Crazy that they did something like this! Especially the one that looks to be a man f*cking a horse?
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  9. Its a wonderful gift of India ancients, Love and Lust is part of life. giving us sex education. Ancient time temple develop culture, education about fine Arts, literature, medicine , social orders…etc. but it was miss used, by many. every theory had defects and merits.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Agree Sridhar, it really is a wonderful gift the ancient Indian left for us. It’s amazing that they taught sex education.

      • Darlene Reena says:

        Seriously? Sex education. One man with many? Sex with animals? Sex with another man? Seriously is that education?

  10. RAKESH VERMA says:

    now we can feel that our grandpa’s were very sexy and were possitive to show us how we were enjoying in free times
    its realy amaging

  11. Jaime Craven says:

    Looks like my typical weekend.

  12. i like the post keep posting

  13. Khajuraho sex statues are more beautiful

  14. I think Chandella kings were great at sex. perhaps they were expert in all poses of Kamasutra. Your photos are quite lively.

  15. satish kumar says:

    This is a great way to learn the sex position’s & more intresting for young girl’s & boys becose its new world for tham

  16. om prakash says:

    mast collection hi

  17. Jabulani Dhliwayo says:

    Well, I have studied several ancient Hindu scriptures like Manu Smiriti and Mahabharata which have explicit sexual contents but what is wrong IMO is the way they treated the women specially in Manu Smiriti. There was once a sex game called “Ghatkancuki “.

  18. they are great lords

  19. Awesome pics …….
    Definitely I will go …

  20. Nice collection pics and it is a greatest way to learn the sex position’s

  21. Shilpi Bhardwaj says:

    It’s a pity that the 21st century Indians are awfully reserved and orthodox when it comes to sex… It’s something that needs to be discussed openly, understood and ENJOYED! That’s what our ancestors left these carvings for! Good job Jamie!

  22. The Chosen one says:

    our enciesters wanted to teach us.about there daily routines.
    we must follow them. 😉 but not with a horsie….lol

    good work Jamie. .. !

  23. lakhiram majhi says:

    why these made in temple or holly place? what is the actual reason ?

  24. it has a specific reason
    at a time when budhisam is spreading all over
    people’s becoming bramhachari (one who doesn’t sex and other physical needs whole life) and hence for sake of mankind to encourage people to sex these sculptures where made whiting temples of India.

  25. What the hell how hindu people will say this sex place as Temple…

  26. shame on you

  27. Nilakshi Patel says:

    These are so beautiful arts and the richest information about Kamsutra.

  28. Amazingggggggggg……Beautyful

  29. sajid rafique says:

    I think these ancient Indians were a very liberal broadminded people . Sex should not be a taboo as it is .

  30. These art on temple shows interrelation between sex and spirituality…

  31. Can anyonw tell me where is the temple in India where visitors get in nude. I saw that in a documentary but dnt understand the commentary in Hindi. altafmalik025 @gmail.com

  32. hi ancient people were having big courage to build this kind of temple. the temple describe 64 kind of kamasutra 64 positions. so many people think that these images are erotic images. when you want to become sanyasi your master will tell you about brahmacharya. he will taught you to daman to your sex feeling. sex feeling is one kind of energy. you can use this energy as a survivor or a distroyer. if you want to become distroyer then you will see these images and do as describe in the images. but if you want to become survivor then see these images you will get excited . now seat in a comfortable position then hold close your eyes and feel from where this energy come from ? just feel the energy . nothing to do. i bet you will become brahmachari within an hour. this is the secret of this temple. its having different kind of vibration. do you feel these vibration. just some people knew this secret and if any person didnt know about this secret he will call that these are erotic images.these people are trying to destroy this temple.

    if anybody want to know more
    about sex
    about third eye awakening
    about dousing
    about dhyan
    about secret things

    please mail me.

  33. Mind blowing work of Artists… Hats off

  34. vishnu bishnoi says:

    the most and valueable secret in life it is sex. the temple khajuraho apearing it.

  35. sex is not only sex its a art of deferent type of thinking and use in defent field

  36. Rakesh makwana says:

    amazing old fashion……. India us great he is always 2step. next……. aaage hei

  37. Oh my goodness

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