Hiking Volcano Villarica. The Volcano I couldn’t conquer. Oh and I’m back!!!

Pucon, Chile

I’m out of breath… dehydrated, drenched in sweat and exhausted. I wish I could say that it’s from hiking to the summit of Volcano Villarica, but that’s not the case. I’ve been hiking up loose gravel for an hour and a half. I’m sitting here 1,800 meters from the base of the volcano and can’t…
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My plans for my second trip around the world.

The whole world in your hands.

The question I’ve been asked a million times since I returned home is, “So what’s next Jaime?” … and I always answer, “Well, I’m going to enjoy being home and while I do that I am going to save like crazy to leave again, because I still want to see more of the world and…
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10 days in NYC in Black & White.

NYC in Black & White

Better late than never right? Yeah well I went to New York City way back in June of last year. I wanted to go to TBEX (a travel blog conference) in Toronto and well after finding out that Toronto is a short one hour flight to NYC I told my self “Umm yeah I am going…
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The day I got my haircut from a survivor of The Killing Fields at home.

Fox Hair Design, Houston

This is a story I shared on my Personal & Blog Facebook page as soon as it happened on Saturday, October 26. It got so many responses and LIKE’s I thought I should share it on my blog as well. It’s a story that should be told and shared so I am with a few more…
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This is what budget travel is…

Worst Travel Habit.

People are often shocked when I tell them I backpacked around the world for 2 year on less than $30,000. Yes I was able to visit over 100 cities in 30 countries and do many other random things for less that $30,000. What most people don’t realize though is the things a backpacker will put him/her…
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