Let your thoughts & dreams consume you.

As I am writing this I am done with everything I need to get done for my big trip. I am actually sitting here writing this with tears. They are tears of joy, tears of fear, tears of hard work paying off, tears for the unknown, tears for all the loved ones I am leaving behind and tears for everything the lies ahead. I wish I could describe the feelings and emotions running through my mind right now, but no words can do so. As you are reading this I am probably on my way to the airport or in transit to Costa Rica or hell maybe I am already in Costa Rica!!!

These last few days have been amazing. It all started with my huge Birthday/Bon-Voyage Extravaganza & since then the fun has not stopped (okay it stopped for a bit when I sold Tyler.). I have been having lunch/dinner just about every day with friends and family that I love. I have enjoyed and cherished every moment of it.

The big day is finally here & I have said all my goodbyes. One of the things I cannot stop thinking about is how this whole thing started to begin with. I still remember the facebook status I posted when the idea of backpacking crossed my mind.


“Haven’t done any homework instead I’m laying on my bedroom floor listening to David Gray. Letting my thoughts & dreams consume my mind…” – 2/21/10


Looking out to the PACIFIC OCEAN while in Hawaii!!!

Looking out to the PACIFIC OCEAN while in Hawaii!!!

It was a little over a year ago that I came across a book online that talked about backpacking the world on $25/day. It’s a free book that describes backpacking, hostels and everything in the backpacking world. To be honest before that date I had no clue that backpacking existed. After reading that book I was in AWE… I just couldn’t believe it.

I then thought, “Wow if other people can do this so could I. I will quit my job and go backpacking across Europe for 3 months then come home and get a new job”. Well as I planned for the 3 months I found people backpacking Europe for longer than that so I thought hell I can go for 6 months. Then as I was researching for that I started finding different blogs of people backpacking for years. My original plan of 3 months in Europe had now morphed into 2 years around the world. As I was dealing with my DWI and being trapped and unhappy with life I let my dreams of traveling the world consume me. I saved like crazy and started getting everything ready for my big trip.

Don't LAUGH, but this was my first plan.

Don't LAUGH, but this was my first plan. Gosh how things have changed since then.

Now a year latter I am fully packed and ready to go. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m about to do what I’m about to do. I mean in reality it is a little crazy, but afuckingmazing as well. Now that my dream is finally about to start, I want to give just one piece of advice to everyone.




Weather you want to buy a house, finish school, move to another city/country, rent an apartment, have children, buy a new car or even travel the world let that dream consume you and make it happen. If you can dream it you can do it. Whatever your dream is, it may not be easy to achieve, but in the end all the hard work is going to pay off.

I know when I first told my friends and family about this idea not all of them were 100% behind me, hell I even thought it was selfish. Even though that was the case I didn’t let any of that deter me from making this happen. In the end we all know life is short so why not follow our dreams???

I also want to take a moment and give thanks to everyone that has helped me achieve my dream. That includes all my friends and family and also all my readers and twitter friends. I know it sounds silly but I mean it, I know I couldn’t have done this with out all the support I have received.

(I know it makes NDS, but my site name is not BROKEAWAY)!!!!!!!

PS:  This is the last post filed under “PRE-TRIP” because the next one will be from the road!!!

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  1. Go, Jamie! Really happy for you of the steps you’ve taken to achieve your dream. Safe travels!
    jill- Jack and JIll Travel recently posted..Leaving Our Jobs and Coming Out Party

  2. Woot! and to think, this is just the start. Have a great flight, and I’m looking forward to reading about your time in Costa Rica. It’s very inspiring to read about someone just starting their journey, and I totally agree with you on support. Before I started blogging, it just didn’t feel like my RTW trip was really going to happen.
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..One Year Since We Decided to Travel the World

    • Oh I know Mike this is just the start. Such a crazy & amazing feeling. Hell yeah about the travel community it really rocks & has helped me make this happen!

  3. So freaking happy for you Jaime! It has been an amazing journey so farm and another journey is just beginning.
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..A New Type of Blog

  4. So excited for you Jaime and also a bit envious, I remember how amazing the beginning of my trip was. I really hope we can cross paths at some point.
    ayngelina recently posted..There’s no pouting at Machu Picchu

    • Awww don’t be envious Aynglina… you have been on the road almost a year now. I am envious of you, but I know what you mean!!! Oh & girl for real I hope our path cross at some point. I would love to meet you~

  5. Wonderful post. Have a fantastic time and document everything. You will never regret your decision to travel the world.

  6. Jennifer with @twoyearsoff says:

    This is a really great post, Jamie! I could almost feel your emotions reading this. Whoo hoo!! Cheers, to two years of glorious (and safe) travel.

  7. Wow! It’s so awesome that it says Breakaway started at the top! Woo!!! 🙂

    You are an inspiration to many for having a dream and actually going out there and working your butt off so that you can make it a reality!

    You’re going to have the best time ever and I can’t wait to read all about it! 😀
    Lauren recently posted..Will I ever stop changing my mind

    • Yeah I had to change it from BREAKAWAY STARTS IN and now it sure does say BREAKAWAY STARTED….LOVE IT!!!

      Oh Lauren thank you for your kind words. I hope I inspire someone to follow there dream. I know you are about to embark on yours soon!!!

  8. ” If you can dream it you can do it” – Walt Disney.
    What a coincidence, I read this quote today somewhere (don’t remember where…) and I thought about myself and what I’m doing. I even thought about becoming an astronaut, but well… Let’s keep dreaming :p
    What can I say Jaime, believe me I feel your emotion through your words, I just want to send you my biggest virtual HUG and … good luck. Enjoy it, every single bit of it, because even the *bad* moments will be the best memories of your life… you will learn a lot, change a lot probably, and this is just great!!!
    Can’t wait to hear from you on your first “after departure” post… Am really waiting for it 🙂
    p.s. how did you name your backpack then? 🙂
    xoxo G
    Giulia recently posted..Travel reportage of a Sister City- Seoul- Korea – by Juno

    • I had no clue Walt Disney said that, but man it is 100% true!!! Its all about dreaming and making them happen!!!

      Thanks Giulia for being such an amazing supporter in my dream and for just being amazing. I hope to get my 1st post form the road up soon. I think it may be a while but am no really sure!!! As for the name of my backpack…lol I have not named her yet. I think i need to get the hang of her a bit 1st.

  9. QueenBrain12 says:

    AMEN!!!! I’m so happy you are on your way to Costa Rica right now. I hate that you left me but I’m glad I don’t have to hear about it every day 100x a day! lol I knew the whole time that you would break away but I didn’t think it would be this soon.

    Take care of yourself (I’ll be lighting a candle and praying for you too lol) Take lots of pics, don’t be afraid and take your adventure full force.

    Remember what I said last night about being indecisive, what would Jessica say to me right now and then do the opposite. lmao

    I love you un chingo

    • EEEEeeeee BRAIN I AM HERE!!! I so cant believe it but I am loving it already!!! This is going to be something else and I cant wait to experience it all. Oh & trut I will be thinking that in fact I already used it. I thought Jess would take a cab so I took a cab to the hostel!

  10. hey, just wanted to cheer you on and say good luck! will be following your travels. 🙂

  11. Ahhhh it’s your turn to make me cry!!

    I remember my own rollercoaster of emotions. I was all over the place. And now that I am on the end of my visa, I’m starting to feel a new wave of emotions about the end and returning home – NO clue what is next.

    One of my favorite song lyrics is “it doesn’t happen to you, you happen to life.” Live it up Jaime!
    Heather recently posted..Burgers in Sydney

  12. Congratulations on the big trip. I’m sure your journey will be more amazing than you’d ever hoped. Looking forward to hearing more updates.
    Alouise recently posted..Be Prepared

  13. yeah, it’s a pretty damn unique experience getting ready to leave. The only things that even come close are things like graduations or the last days of school. I know the feeling well, have fun man and the adventures will only go up from here!
    Scott recently posted..2012 RTW Itinerary- Opening Ceremonies

  14. i am beyond happy for you. really. my heart is smiling. i can’t wait to read your updates as you live out your dreams 🙂
    kay* recently posted..Remember This

  15. good luck with your trip

  16. WOOHOO!

    Also, is this the book you read?
    Evan recently posted..New Camera and a visit to Seonyudo Park

  17. Eeeeeee ok that’s like my new with you. Every post will start with an EEEEeeee of some sort! Lmao!
    I’m about to pas out cause I’m super tired but I wanted to comment on your last “pre trip” blog. I’m so proud of you Jaime! You are very inspirational, I admire you for taking that leap of faith & going on this trip! TQM! Tell me all about it! Most importantly, how cute are the guys?! Lmao hahahahaha!

    • Cynthia you can use EEEEeee all you want… makes me laugh and fills my heart with joy…lol!!! Thanks for commenting. Hope this inspires you to fulfill whatever dream you want to fulfill.

      The guys so far…ummm havent been out yet. Today is my 1st real day!

  18. Good luck on your trip! There will be good times & bad, and it will be the most memorable time of your life. Congratulations on making the decision and have lots of fun!

    Karen Marston recently posted..Karen Can Do Whatever She Wants

  19. Jaime! You are every single word that is a synonym for AWESOME and that’s all I have to say about that! 🙂
    And as for the lesson of your post –
    I couldn’t agree with you MORE!
    First of all, I know what you mean in terms of feeling almost selfish to go after your dream. And it’s crazy we can even got to that point! But it’s also sad to think we live in a world where we feel like it’s almost rude to be happier than everyone else. While everyoen else is stuck in their own little slice of limbo and watching us leave them behind, we can feel guilty, ya know?
    But then there are those that are BREAKING AWAY also! And we realize it’s not selfish, it is deserved! We deserv eto go after and have and live our dreams!
    And it is inspiring to me that you DID IT! You set out to do something and you made yourself accountable through this blog too and you saved your money and did all the planning. YOU DID IT!!!!

    I am so happy for you and can’t wait to follow you on your journey!
    See you around the world sometimes when I move back abroad again too! I’m shasing after my dreams as well!!!!
    – LAUR 🙂

    • Awww THANKS LAUREN!!! It is kinda sad that when we think of doing something that is going to make us happy at some point we do believe wow is this selfish. I mean in reality in order to make things happen for you in your life you have to be selfish and think about you and whats going to make you happy. Luckily I didn’t let that feeling hold me back and I actual went through on with my dream regardless of everything in the way. I know my family and friends know I love them and that I am doing this for me because I want to see the world. So I am sure they understand now.

      Thanks again Lauren and I really hope at some point we meet while travelling the world.

      EEEeeee I DID IT!!!
      Jaime recently posted..Let your thoughts &amp dreams consume you

  20. I have tears of joy for you!!! I’m sooooo excited that you followed your heart and made your dreams come true. Best wishes, safe travels, and many beautiful adventures. Besitos!!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding Part 1

  21. Jaime, I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Since I’ve been following you for awhile I just feel almost *PROUD* to see you on your way. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. CONGRATULATIONS!
    Kim recently posted..Bolan Mountain Fire Lookout

  22. Rubi Sky says:

    I am letting my dreams and thoughts consume me, just like you. My divorce was finally final in January of this year and I’m so happy to have gotten rid of the negative thing (or person) that was holding me back. My dream today is to buy my first house and I am in the process of doing so! And everytime I read your blog, or your posts, or hear of you, I get this sensational feeling of inspiration. I feel more motivated to move forward and get things done for myself and my two precious little blessings. Jaime, you have a true gift. The motivation you carry and just your personality period, is so contagious. I’m so happy to know you! Thanks for just being you. 🙂

    • Wow Rubi, thank you for the kind words. I am so glad I am able to inspire anyone to follow any dream they have. Thanks again for following along and let me know if you need anything. I would be more than happy to help if I can!

  23. Mario orozco says:

    Hello Jaime-

    You may or may not remember me but we worked at Amegy bank call center like 5 years ago. I was o e of the people who helped trained new reps. At any rate, I would like to congratulate and encourage you to keep pushing forward! We only live once and we are here on earth for a very short period of time. As you may see on your trips on different areas around the world, there is a lot people who are in need of help and we are bless or lucky if you will to have a family, home and friends to love us. I am sorry I may have gone out of subject but Ive been wanting to give up everything to be a christian missionary to go help around the world.

    Finally, I don’t really know you very much by the way you carry yourself, you seemed like a very intelligent person, and one of the things that comes to mind when I read your blog through ruby is a quote from Albert a That says “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expect different results”.

    Good luck and your trips!


    • Yes Mario I remember you, damn man that was ages ago. Glad you are doing okay and thanks for reading my blog. As for your dream of leaving it behond and being a christian missionary I say go for it. I mean why not? It may be hard work to set everything up to make happen but at the end its going to be worth. If you can dream it you can do it so go for it.

  24. Have fun on your trip! You must be so psyched that it’s finally here 🙂
    LeslieTravel recently posted..Stephen King’s scary clown inspires NYC street art photo of the week

  25. so happy for you bud… enjoy 🙂 see you on the road…
    flip recently posted..Meet the Nomads- Johnny Ward

  26. Hey Jaime! I’m a week late in saying this but just wanted to say congrats on the trip! I bet you’re having a blast and can’t wait to follow your travels. As a fellow Texan I really am excited you’re doing this. I don’t know if you got much of this where you’re from, but out in West Texas my open-ended travel plans for later this year are more often than not met with a “What?” and a “Why would you ever want to do that?”
    So have a blast! Looking forward to reading.
    Katie recently posted..Dream bigger- please Make magic

  27. amazing … we are planning to sail around the med in two 6 month jaunts. The first – May 1st 2015! Dream it, see it, feel it, BE it, and it will happen.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh that sounds like it’s gonna be amazing & exactly… “Dream it, see it, feel it, BE it, and it will happen.”.

  28. I found myself pouring over your Pre Trip posts today! I have read EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. 🙂 Today we reached the double digit phase of our countdown. 99 days until we leave for our RTW trip!!!!! We are so excited and can’t believe we are making this a reality too! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts and the pre planning process with us!
    Lina recently posted..TO DO LIST: 99 Days and Counting!

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