Playing the Game of Saving.

As you have probably read I have a lot of savings to do. Thankfully I have always been careful with my money, kept a budget & tried to stay out of debt. I think I have done well doing that, however I have never really been much of a saver. I’ll save for a big purchase or a vacation coming up but never just because. Now that I have something to save for I am trying to squeeze every penny out of my paychecks and play the game of saving.

Here is a list of 6 things I am doing to save money.

  1. I’m taking my lunch to work! I know I’m a grown man but thankfully my mom lives down the street from me and is still willing to make my lunch. I love her so much and am so thankful that she is willing to do this. This alone saves me about $20/week and in the end will save me about $1040 this year.


  2. No more Gym Membership! I used to pay a monthly fee of $35. I canceled it last month because it will save me $420 this year. I hardly ever used it and if I do need to work out I have a dusty bike in the garage, dusty weights in my closet or a park across the street that I can use.

    Sorry, but its over.

  3. I took a loan out against my 401k to pay the remaining balance on my car and credit card. I knew they had to be paid off before I left so I decided instead of paying my credit union the amount owed plus interest I would take a loan out and pay myself back with interest. Doing this will save me a couple hundred dollars in interest this year and will be paid off in 10 months.


  4. I’m kicking my CD buying addiction to the curb. I buy CDs for a few reasons. I love music and love listening to an entire album. I also believe in supporting the artist so I actually go out and buy the CD (I think I’m a dying breed).  I also like to have new music to listen too in my car. On average I think I buy anywhere from 20-30 CDs a year but not anymore. Between now and take off I am giving myself a limit of 5 purchases. I’ll have to think wisely before buying a new CD.

    A few of my favorite CDs!

  5. I have stopped drinking and going out as much. This actually happened for two reasons. One I’ll explain later and the other one is obvious to save for this. We all know that drinking and going out cost money, whether it’s to a bar, club, restaurant or movie. I am now trying to keep it to a very minimum and only go out when it is necessary like a birthday, special function or occasion.


  6. No more shopping. I used to shop for new clothes all the time when I did I would make sure it was on sale, clearance or had a coupon. Well now my goal is to not buy any new clothes at all for a whole year. I think I have more than enough to get by without needing to buy new clothes. My friends will have to forgive me if I wear something a few times throughout the year but I am sure they will understand.

    This is all mine & I have already gotten rid of alot of it.

I know I could list more but these are just a few things I’m doing to save for my Round-the-World trip. Once you start making cut backs and seeing the returns you start wanting to save more and more every paycheck. In a way it turns into a game. It’s the game of saving. It’s you against your savings account and the more you put in it the more you win.

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  1. Great list, a lot of the same things that I have cut out or need to.

    I have a bit of a business book fetish, I’m cutting way back on that. Which is ok, thats just more stuff that I have to get rid of. Amazon will have to deal with their dip in sales.

  2. I love the pic of your closet! LoL! All color coordinated…that’s so you Jaime! Hahaha! Oh I’m thankful your mom makes you lunch too because I’ve been able to eat before too lol!

  3. @Nick yeah at first its hard to cut back but once you do it you get good at it and enjoy it. Also about cutting back on books thats how I feel about the music industry they will have to just deal with it.
    @Cynthia LMAO yes it is all color coordinated and it use to be alot more but I have gotten rid of ALOT of my clothes. Oh and I love when I can share food with yall.

  4. QueenBrain12 says:

    NERD! LOL I love what you are doing, but honestly save your money and get the free album copy from Wev.(I saw that on an earlier post)

    What else besides the will to travel helps you save? I always figure if I don’t buy what I want now, I may never have it.


  5. OMG the shopping thing.. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND.. i go shopping all the time, and its a habit I will never end HAHAH and im with Cynthia ur closet rocks

  6. Great ideas!

    I’m getting out of debt myself, as you already know, so I can’t wait to be free!

    It’s kind of like working out and eating healthy… once you start seeing how easy and fast it works, you just sort of fall into that lifestyle. This is a good thing!

  7. LOL…this is like going to one of those Dave Ramsey classes on how to get outta debt and save money!

  8. @QB12 what you say is true but maybe you dont need the things you want to buy now.
    @michelle kicking the shopping habit will help you save so much money. Pull out the clothes you havent used in a few years in use it. Thanks about the closet. My shoes are also color coordinated.
    @jorge Ummm you know how i feel about eating healthy…lmao, i wouldn’t compare them but you are right they are kinda the same.
    @Scott Dave better watch out cus Im gonna make this happen and I may go after his jobe when I get back!!!

  9. JAIMEEEE I WILL NEVER STOP SHOPPING hahah even if it ruins me! :] hehe we must go shopping soon HAHAH let me be a bad influence!

  10. @Michelle you are not going to break me!!! I have a goal and I must meet it.

  11. I hate saving! I found not buying CD’s the hardest thing as I use to buy loads! Luckily I’ve never been a fashion king so that didn’t come so hard.

    I’ve just realised I wrote that in past tense, saving is pretty much over now with a week to go, then it’s budgeting instead…..the joys of travel!

  12. car wash is the anwer or get santos and mia to sell you chochlate around he block lmao

  13. If you need extra you can always babysit =)

    Good Luck!!!

  14. Yeah great ideas!! Yeah its hard to give up the cds!! I know i found very hard a few years back when i stopped!! lol Glad to see you have Tim McGraw there!! I have most of his but not the ones from the last few years!! lol Good luck with the saving!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh I love me some Tim. Bernie I used to buy so much music. I still buy some now but every once in a while and it must be an artist I really like. Now that I’m back home it gets hard not to spend it on crap I don’t need, but I remember it’s about the bigger picture.

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