The colorful town of Burano, Italy in photos.

Burano, Italy in photos.

I still remember hearing about it. A group of backpackers I met told me I must visit this city named Burano near Venice where no two houses are the same color. I was like no way and looked it up and started giggling. I thought this is where Willy Wonka must live, because it’s so…
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Athens Street Art in photos.

Street Art in Athens!

I spent a month living in Athens and even though that was the case I only wrote one post about it. The post I did write about it was about how I did a whole lot of nothing in Athens. The truth is I did do nothing, but I also did a lot of searching…
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My top 10 travel destinations.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

My plans were to explore and photograph NYC so my day pack was packed with my DSLR, NYC Subway map and book to read. As I was about to walk out the door to start my day my phone rang from an unknown number. I normally never answer unknown numbers, but my gut told me…
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Amsterdam Street Art in photos.

Amsterdam Street Art.

“IN PHOTOS” is a series I use to share many of the hundreds of photos I have taken during my travels. It is a series I started after visiting Chefchaouen, Morocco and thought the best way to share my experience there was “IN PHOTOS”. “IN PHOTOS” will be a post with several photos with no limit. The…
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Daily Travel Budget – December (2011)


I know it’s been a long while since I posted my budget, but I am finally going to catch up. Expect them all up to the current month to come out soon. I know the comments are closed, but if you have any questions or comments you can always contact me. One of my goals…
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