My thoughts on the bombing in Cairo, the Egyptian Revolution turning 3 and The Square.


Last night I went to sleep with the news of another bombing happening in Downtown Cairo streaming through my Twitter feed. Sadly bombings in Cairo have now become common place and of course any time I hear about a bombing in Cairo my first thought is to hope my Ex Boyfriend is okay along with…
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A collection of photos of Manshiyat Naser (Garbage City) in Cairo.

Garbage City, Cairo

It’s strange the things and moments you end up talking about most at home once you have returned from traveling. At the time I didn’t think I would talk much about visiting Manshiyat Naser (Garbage City) in Cairo, but little did I know it would actually have a deeper impact on me than I thought. I…
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The evolution of Cairo’s Street Art.

Cairo Street Art

When we visit a city during a vacation or a trip around the world we are usually there for a moment in time. We usually spend a few days maybe a week or two if we like the place and then leave and say “one day we’ll come back”. The reality of a trip around…
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My top 10 travel destinations.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

My plans were to explore and photograph NYC so my day pack was packed with my DSLR, NYC Subway map and book to read. As I was about to walk out the door to start my day my phone rang from an unknown number. I normally never answer unknown numbers, but my gut told me…
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The last goodbye.

Gay Cairo

Goodbye…  a word that when I backpacked around the world become all too common in my vocabulary. Saying goodbye was something that with time I got used to saying, because the circumstances backpacking the world put me in. I met people from all over the world and knew that at some point I would have to say goodbye to them. Some were people I met for a moment in…
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