Daily Travel Budget – August (2011)


One of my goals is to show everyone how affordable it is to travel. In order to do so I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to my budget. I am going to keep track of my daily expenses and make them public. The comments will be closed because this is…
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24hrs in Prague and mission was accomplished!

Prague Castle.

Going to Prague was in my original plans but then a few days into my Europe leg I cut it off along with a huge chunk of my plans. My original plan was way to ambitious and just unrealistic. I was okay with the decision, however during my stay in Hamburg, Caroline and Chris had…
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Photo Round Up – Week 26


5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week. Hope you all enjoy them. Before I post the 5 pictures, I can’t believe I am on WEEK 26. Ummm that is HALF A YEAR… that is insane! I know I have had my moments recently, but I am loving it. Thanks for joining me…
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