Witnessing the slaughter of a cow in the countryside of Paraguay.

Slaughter of a cow in Paraguay.

I have already shared my thoughts on what it’s like living the simple life on the country side of Paraguay. This entry though is directly from my journal. I literally copied it word from word. I wrote it a few hours after I witnessed the slaughter of a cow in the countryside of Paraguay and…
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Living the simple life on the country side of Paraguay.

Monte Alto, Paraguay

As I write this I’m lying in a hammock that’s hanging from a mango tree. The mango tree is in the front yard of a tiny bright pink house. The house is two bedroom with a small kitchen and bathroom/shower next to that. The door to the bathroom is a curtain. In this house lives…
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Dying in Rio.

Christ of Redeemer

I rolled out of bed and looked at my clock it was 3am. I felt exhausted and weak. I needed to go pee though really bad. I sat there a moment and finally found the energy to get up and walk to the toilet down the hall from my dorm. I went in and instead…
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Dealing with a stolen debit card and enjoying a fling in Brazil.

Paraty, Brasil

There I stood at the ATM and my card was not working. I had already tried at 4 different ATMs. I was upset and running out of cash and really needed to get cash out. I planned to enjoy some relaxing time in a small town and instead spent it with a bank. I went…
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Making the most of bad circumstances on Ilha Grande, Brazil.

Isla Grande, Brasil

I try to never make actual plans because they always change for one reason or another. I had heard about this amazing island between Paraty & Rio de Janeiro called Isla Grande. I had heard that it had amazing beaches all over and to get to most of them you must hike to them. I…
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