Celebrate the Season’s Change at One of These Spectacular Harvest Festivals.


The celebration of harvest isn’t just an American tradition known as Thanksgiving or Oktoberfest. Around the world and across almost every culture, celebrations of summer’s bounty and the success of another growing season are commonplace as people come together to bask in one more festival in preparation for winter’s lean, dark months. Fall has always…
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Niagara’s Other Waters: 7 Watery Fun Attractions That Have Nothing to do With the Falls

Any vacation should have its share of sightseeing, eating, learning and relaxation, but the primary aim of almost any pleasure-seeking get-away has got to be having fun. From the honeymooning couple to the young Midwestern family, Niagara Falls offers a wealth of fun-filled opportunities in addition to the stunning falls that draw over 22 million…
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EEEEEeeeee I got my travel mojo back!!!

La Catredal of Mexico City

Last night I got back to the hostel from one of the most amazing day trips ever. That wasn’t why I got my travel mojo back but it sure did help. I’ll share that story soon I promise, because I can’t believe I did what I did & no it wasn’t XXX.  Anyway after an…
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New York City: A Goldmine for Nighttime Photography

New York City from Top of the Rock

The gentle interplay of a streetlight, splayed out against the backdrop of a silent park at midnight, is just one of the many opportunities to capture the quintessential New York City experience, far from the neon glare of Times Square.  Nighttime photography affords the neophyte, and seasoned shutterbug alike, the unique opportunity to capture those…
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The small moments that make you realize how fortunate you really are.


There I was walking down the streets of Guanajuato with a cup of fruit in my hand when a little kid comes up to me & ask “Sir, can I please have the cup of fruit? I’m hungry.” I look at him, my heart sinks & just hand it to him. As I walk away tears…
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