Glaciar Perito Moreno in photos.

Glaciar Perito Moreno

When you’re on the road for a constant period of time or have traveled a lot sometimes things become mundane. Oh another cathedral, oh another mountain, oh another waterfall and so on. Every so often though you come across something that just blows you away in a way you yourself don’t even understand. Something that…
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Camping in El Chalten!!!

Sunrise on Fitz Roy, El Chalten.

I met them by chance. 2 girls were sitting next to me on the hostel computer and I could hear them planning something, but wasn’t sure what. So I asked them and come to find out we had similar plans and they too were going to El Chalten after Bariloche. I let them know I…
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Five Fabulous Places to Send Your Parents on Holidays

With life expectancy on the rise and people remaining both active and adventurous until well into their sixties, there has never been a better moment to treat your parents to the holiday of a lifetime. But where can you send them? If you’re running short on ideas, read on to discover these helpful suggestions. Spain…
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Lose Yourself to Dance – Surviving and Enjoying a Party Holiday in Ibiza

Ibiza Nightlife

From May through October Ibiza turns into the nightclub capital of the Mediterranean, if not the world. This famous Balearic island attracts those who like to party from sunset until sunrise before spending an afternoon of shut-eye on the beach in preparation for another night of hedonism in the nightclubs. If you’re heading to Ibiza…
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Shakespeare and Company – An icon of Parisian literary history


An English bookshop is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Paris, but Shakespeare and Company is a Parisian institution. If you’re visiting Paris, you must take a trip to this famous English bookshop by the beautiful river Seine, with the banks of the river home to some of the…
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