Breakaway Archive

Here you have a chance to “BREAKAWAY” from the very beginning of Breakaway Backpacker!!! I have listed every post in order from the very 1st post on my blog up to the most recent. I did not include my MUSIC MONDAY or PHOTO ROUND UP posts because I do not think they are relevant for someone wanting to read my journey from the beginning. If you are interested in reading those click on the links above and you can see those from the beginning as well.

The 3 easiest way to use this archive page are:

  1. Right click on the post you want to read and select open the link in a new page and close it when done and come back and click on the next post you want to read
  2. Click on the post you want to read and when you are done click the back button and then just click on the next post you want to read.
  3. Do it however you want and enjoy it all!!!


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