The Great Wall of Mumbai in photos.

The Wall Project, India

A wall is a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land. A wall can be used to divide us, create a border, constrain us or in some cases to keep us from harms way. There are many famous walls, the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the West…
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The day I got my haircut from a survivor of The Killing Fields at home.

Fox Hair Design, Houston

This is a story I shared on my Personal & Blog Facebook page as soon as it happened on Saturday, October 26. It got so many responses and LIKE’s I thought I should share it on my blog as well. It’s a story that should be told and shared so I am with a few more…
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My top 10 travel destinations.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

My plans were to explore and photograph NYC so my day pack was packed with my DSLR, NYC Subway map and book to read. As I was about to walk out the door to start my day my phone rang from an unknown number. I normally never answer unknown numbers, but my gut told me…
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The best prank in Travel Blogging history.

Get out of jail card.

After being arrested and almost going to jail in Manila my nerves were a mess. The whole ordeal didn’t end until 6am. Yes it was 6am when I finally got the nerves to bribe the cops and get them to leave me alone. After messaging my family and friends what happened I was exhausted and scared…
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The night I was arrested & almost sent to jail in Manila.

Manila Night Club

It’s been 7 months since this happened and the reason I never wrote about it on the road was because I honestly didn’t want this story to get back to my mom. I know I have written many crazy things, but I know this would have made her want me home immediately. I am finally…
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