5 Must Visit Tourist Places in Hyderabad

Are you planning a trip to Hyderabad anytime soon? If you are, then you surely are in for an incredible treat. Well known as the ‘pearl capital’ of India, Hyderabad is a culturally vibrant city. The capital of two states namely Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, it is also well connected by air to most parts of the country. It is regarded as a highly popular tourist spot thanks to its mouth-watering cuisines, care-free lifestyle, famous spots and much more.

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Here are a few must visit tourist spots in Hyderabad!



Treat your eyes to an architectural masterpiece by visiting the Charminar. Several myths surround the Charminar and the reason for its construction. In fact, a replica of the same monument was also erected in Pakistan a few years back. While you are here, don’t forget to visit the thriving jewelry market, a great place to buy a set of authentic pearl jewelry.

Why Visit? It is one of the finest examples of the Qutab Shahi architecture

Where? Located in the heart of the old city

What to see? The graceful and intricate minarets (towers) offer a beautiful view of the surrounding areas. The mosque at the topmost storey of the Charminar faces Mecca, the holy pilgrimage of the Muslims. It is located amidst lively bazaars, interesting shops and is frequented by shopaholics.

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If you are looking for a spiritual solace, then be sure to visit the Jagannath Temple. It is an imitation of the original temple in Puri. The temple caters to the large Oriya community present in Hyderabad. The temple was built with 600 tons of sandstone from Orissa. Another popular tourist place, KBR National Park is also located close by.

Why Visit? A popular destination amongst devotees, its captivating architecture also attracts several art lovers.

Where? Located in the Banjara Hills

What to see? Five small temples each dedicated to one God. Aesthetically designed interiors, Shikra or the top of the temple, the temple’s exterior has carvings of men and women on its walls.

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Get connected with India’s past by visiting this museum. It houses a rare collection of manuscripts, paintings, textiles and ceramics of an era long gone. In fact, a large part of the museum’s artifacts is from the Royal Salar Jung family, which had also ruled the city of Hyderabad for two centuries.

Why Visit? The third largest museum in the country and considered as the only museum that has the largest compilation of personally collected artifacts from across the world.

Where? Situated on the southern bank of the Musi River.

What to see? Antique pieces and artifacts from nearly all stages of history. The museum has 38 galleries spread over two floors, and each gallery had its specialty. Some galleries also house the Nizam’s personal belongings. Other galleries include – paintings, musical instruments, Kashmiri furniture and several other valued historical relics.

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Constructed in the 1600’s, it was the home to a vault which kept the famous ‘Hope’ and ‘Kohinoor’ diamonds, as well as The Regent Diamond, Darya-e Nur, and the Nur-Ul-Ain Diamond. The fort has also been mentioned in a famous Russian ballad. It was Founded in the 12th Century by the Kakatiya Kings. The name of the fort has been derived from the Telugu words “Golla” and “Konda” which together means ‘Shepherd’s Hill.’

Why Visit? It is an outstanding example of brilliant engineering and stunning architecture. The Fort is also one of the most popular and supreme monuments of the city.

Where? Situated 11 km west of Hyderabad.

What to see? Water supply system, the famous ‘Rahban’ cannon and ‘Ramdas’ prison. Sound and light show (done in three languages namely English, Hindi and Telugu – with a voice over of Bollywood living legend Amitabh Bachchan).

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Once the property of the Nizam’s royal family, the Palace is a blend of the Italian and Tudor styles. The palace represents the glamor of Nizam era. It is also one of the architectural wonders of the 19th century and is often referred as “mirror of the sky.” Its many Venetian chandeliers’ exquisite beauty and large size attract every visitor. The Palace was taken over by Taj Group and operates as a 5-star hotel since 2010.

Why Visit? The Palace will take you back to Nizam Era, and to the glamor and luxurious living style of the Nizam.

Where? Located 5 km from Charminar, at engine Bowli in Falaknuma.

What to see? The carefully designed architecture, a rich collection of souvenirs collected by the Nizam from places around the world.

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Besides this, the city has several other famous tourist spots. We suggest making travel plans as soon as possible to visit this magnificent jewel of a town, which truly portrays the rich culture, heritage, and past of India.

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