What I’m packing for my trip around the world.

Aside from these 7 questions one of the other ones I get the most is “So what all are you taking with you?”.  Here you have it, a complete list of EVERYTHING I am taking with me.

Everything I am taking with me around the world!!!

Everything I am taking with me around the world!!!




6 t-shirtsI had to make sure everything matched with everything so I can make about a million outfits with the little clothes I will have (2 blue 2 purple & 2 green).




1 pair of JeansAbout every packing list I’ve read says not to bring jeans. I’m bringing them anyway.

2 pair of cargo shortsI will probably be using these the most.




2 quick dry shirtsWill use these for the many days I will spend at beaches.

2 pair of swim trunksCovering all bases and bringing two.

1 pair of sleeping shortsThese are supposed to be to work out in, but I normally use them to sleep.




6 pair of underwearRussell Performance Trunk (4-Way Stretch Micro-Fiber, Dri Power Moisture Management, Anti-Microbial).

6 pair of socksThe only type of socks I like are no-show socks all the rest bother me. I know I should bring special types of socks but these are cheap and won’t mind throwing them out if they get ugly and buying some new ones.




1 pair of shoesI love my Pumas; they are very comfortable and great for walking.

1 pair of sandalsFor showers & for when I go to the beach.




Laptop13” MacBook PRO

External Hard Drive500GB Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive.

Digital Camera800 Stylus Tough Olympus Waterproof Camera.

Memory Cards4GB Memory Cards x 3

Portable SpeakerX-Mini II (this thing is so tiny and is amazing).

Universal AdapterSo tiny & works for the entire world. I love it!!!

Electric RazorI know a lot of people are going to tell me to not take this, but I am. I hate shaving and plus it is really small and doesn’t take up much space.

Power cordsAll the power cords to my electronics.

Cases – I have purchased a case for each of my electronics, too help protect them.




DeodorantEven before the hilarious commercial I have always been an OLD SPICE MAN.

Shaving CreamEven though I hate shaving I am sure I will need it.

Cue tipsUmm dirty ears are NOT cute.

NeosporinYou have to have this it heals EVERYTHING.

SunscreenUmmm I wanna tan not get super dark.

CologneIn case I can’t shower for 25 days this will make me smell SEXY!!!

ToothbrushIn case I have to clean bathrooms I have something to use.

EarplugsI have never in my life worn them, but am sure I will start too.

CombToo keep my hair did.

Nail ClippersNothing says vomit like long dirty nails. Clip them people.

Mini Screw Driver The screw on my cute glasses gets loose every few weeks.

Nail FileAfter you clip your nails please file them to make them smooth.

FlossKeep your breath fresh longer.

Chap StickI am addict too chap stick and use it 24/7.

Mini Sewing KitJenny said I need one and she gave me one.

LotionIf it gets cold I don’t want dry skin.

Hand SanitizerSome times I have to kill germs.

Hair GelToo keep my hair did too.

ShampooToo keep my hair clean.

ToothpasteLove my COLGATE paste.

Condoms Not shown. I am single and yeah if I am going to have any sex it will be safe.

RazorsNot shown. I forgot all about them until right now.




Drawstring BagUsed to be my gym bag, but will now be used as a small day/beach bag.

Money BeltWasn’t sure if I should get one or not, but for $10 why not.

Dry Sacks A pack of 3 different size dry sacks. I am sure they will come to good use.

Wash towels 2 small wash towels; I am sure they will come to good use too.

Deck of cards I have had these forever. Yes they are pink, but it’s for breast cancer.

WrapI had this laying around & thought hell why not bring it.

1st Aid KitIt’s a small kit that holds tons of band-aids and other things.

Mini Flash LightFor when I explore the bat cave.

Travel TowelI don’t think I am going to like the material of it, but oh well it is a small towel.

LocksI think I will only need 2 but bringing 3 with me just in case.

Glue StickI forgot where I read this, but someone brought a glue stick with them so they can glue ticket stubs & small things in the personal journal they are keeping. Well I think that is a GENIOUS idea and am bringing one too.

Pen & PencilToo make fire.

Moleskin JournalThanks to my friend Laura I now have 3 of them with my name engraved on them.

NotepadWill be used to track my budget and also blog ideas.

GuidebookCentral America on a Shoestring by Lonely Planet

Book“Lies My Teacher Told Me” was a gift and never read it so will do so on the road.




Packing Cubes3 packing cubes one for shirts, one for underwear/socks and one for swim/night wear.

Toiletry BagI love my Coach toiletry bag. We have built quite an extensive relationship and am glad it can not talk.

Small Bag Red little bag is being used for my small electronics and all the wires.




LA besace Messenger Bag for Mac Book 13 I bought it on a whim by reading the reviews. This bag turned out to be just what I was looking for.




Deuter ACT Lite 40L +10L PackI love it 1) because it is RED 2) because it is small and expands 10L if needed. 3) because everything fits with it at 40L!!!


So there you have it everything I am bringing with me on my backpacking trip around the world. I will be prepared for the many hikes up volcanoes, days out on the beach, my holidays around the world, and exploring the world. Now that it is listed it seems like a lot, but really it isn’t. So what do you think? If you are planning a trip I hope this helps you see what fits in a 40L backpack. If you are or have gone on a backpacking trip am I missing anything? I appreciate any and all help.

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  1. You should consider bringing an extra pair of shoelaces. They take up almost no room and you never know when you might just need them.

    Make sure you put everything in your pack and go walk around the neighborhood for a while. I know, everyone says this and if you’re anything like me, you probably won’t (:-P), but seriously, do it! My original packing list for my last trip resembled this and it wasn’t till I had to hike up a mountain with all my gear that I realized I had seriously overpacked!

    You have a lot of duplicates on this list (like 2 pair of swim trunks and 8 shirts). Don’t be wary to cut back if need be.

    And do be aware that regardless of how much you bring, you’ll probably end up feeling like it was too much once you’ve been traveling for a while! 😛
    Aaron @ Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures recently posted..Phallus Alert- Fertility Blessings in Bhutan!

    • Aaron thanks about the extra shoelaces, I did no thin about that & its a great idea. About walking around with it pack I did the other day and I was fine. I was a bit tired later in the day, but thats because I am way out of shape. The reason I have 2 pair of swim trunks is one is a conservative pair & the other is a very liberal pair. The good thing about all this is I will be home 4 months into the trip for a wedding so I will be able to reevaluate everything. Throw stuff out or even reduce to a smaller backpack.

  2. For what it’s worth I brought jeans in my bag and they’ve been pretty useful in unexpectedly chilly situations and going out in the city. The one thing I wish I’d brought more of was underwear. I have 7 pairs and sometimes I really don’t feel like doing laundry every 7 days. Something to consider.
    Stephanie recently posted..What You Must Do in Morristown- Indiana aka Mayberry! You won’t regret it

    • Stephanie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I know so many bloggers say they wouldnt bring them I am glad you brought blue jeans and have been wearing them. As for under wear I actually bought 8 of them, but was only going to bring 6 maybe Ill bring all 8 of them. It’s not like they will take much room anyway. Thanks for the advice.

      • Underwear…. The ultimate dilemma.

        I bought 3 pairs of Exofficio Women’s Bikini Briefs. Exofficio claims… “17 countries, 6 weeks, One pair of underwear.” I machine washed them once before wearing with cold water & dried them on delicate: no issues. While traveling, I wore them once, hand-washed them & they started pilling.

        Since I didn’t have a chance to test them out before we left, I brought 3 pairs of Armani’s along just in case & I wish I had brought about 7 of them instead of anything else. They work perfect! They are great for hand washing. I would love to tell you the material they are made of, but we took all our laundry to a laundry service today since we have been in rainy/humid environs for 2 weeks where clothes don’t air dry very well.

        I will definitely be doing a blog review on Exofficio’s underwear.

  3. My favorite part of this post (other than the fact that you’ve got it all in 40L!) is the toiletries section. Your descriptions for each item made me smile 🙂 Floss, keep your ears clean, your hair did, and spray that sexy cologne!
    Heather recently posted..Australian Roadtrip- Ready- Set- Wait

  4. Travel towels do feel weird, but they dry quickly and are very compact! Don’t think I would have taken 6 shirts with me and 2 swim trunks though, it think I would have left half it at home. I agree on the extra pair of shoelaces, nothing more annoying then when they break and you can’t tie them together anymore.
    Tijmen recently posted..Minsk in 3 minutes

    • Tijmen, yeah I am bringing the travel towel along for that reason only. About the shirts & trunks for now I am going to brining them all with me and when I get home 4 months into the trip I will leave some behnd if I think its too much.

      • Although you are traveling to a tropical climate for the 1st 4 months, don’t forget it can get chilly in the evening or on rainy days. I am not sure if those shirts above are short or long sleeved, but I would recommend reducing your shirts to 3-4 short and 1-2 long max…

        In reality, I could easily get by with 3 short sleeved & 1 long (maybe even 2 short).

        Definitely bring a travel towel, but make sure it is long enough to cover your bum. Many hostels have towels, but many don’t. Some “shared” showers do not have enough space to get dressed afterward. So, if your towel doesn’t cover you completely, you will be doing a lot of the wet-shower-dressing-hop or hoping no one is around when you find a secure place to get dressed.

        Also, the full-sized towel comes in handy for the beach. We have the XL REI Multi-Towel Lite & it serves both purposes very well.

  5. I’m so glad Kelly made the cut! That is such a hot photo too, back from her more appealing days of the 2005/2006 hotness era 😉 hahaha, aren’t you glad I know these things!
    Lynda recently posted..What Have You Got to Lose

    • EEEeeee that is why I LOVE YOU LYNDA!!! I can look at a Kelly Clarkson picture and also know what era/album/year it was from. That is so sad, but I can…lol!!! I am so glad I have someone like you to share my obsession of her with.

  6. Crazy, isnt it? 14 days to go!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Navigate Focus Live Inspire

  7. Pen & Pencil – to make fire (HAHA!) You crack me up!

    So glad you made a list like this to share, and help other people get a feel for what they should carry on their own rtw trips. Let us know as you go along if you’re discarding or changing anything… it would be interesting to see how much your pack changes as you go on your trip (which is ALMOST HERE!) 🙂
    Patricia GW recently posted..Chai Tea and Pillowmellows

    • Patricia, oh yeah I plan on keeping track of what I dont need and what I may have forgot about and needed. I love reading packing list and how it changes over the course of the trip.

      Oh & yeah my pen & pencil will make fire.

  8. whoooaaaa…. you’re all set togo… mybag is deuter too 40L grey orange… love them… very sturdy… the glue stick idea makes, sense, ill bring one too…

    time flies so fast…

    take care bud… happy valentines day btw
    flip recently posted..Meet the Nomads- Keith Savage

    • YAY for being part of the 40L club!!! Glad to hear Deuter is sturdy. About the glue stick, I really do think its a GENIUS idea. It will come to good use.

      Thanks for the V-Day wishes and like wise.

  9. Wow – just seen your countdown.Not long to go now. Looking forward to your blogs of when you are on the road.
    Natalie recently posted..Photo Essay – The Killer Lure of Turgutreis

  10. I love that you can make something as boring as a packing list hilarious! I already own a 50L bag & a 30L bag. I feel like the 50L is too big & I really don’t want to buy another backpack so I think I might try to make the 30L work. Scares me but we’ll see!
    Ali recently posted..Tangier Tourist Trap

    • Ali, I wanted to make my packing list a bit different then the rest. So why not have so fun??? Yes I think 50L is HUGE, i would try hard for sure to go with the 30L bag. If you think you can’t then sell them both and use that money to find one that is perfect for you. I hope that when I get back home for the wedding I can maybe go down a size.

      • I’ll have a smaller bag as well, a girl’s gotta have her purse. But I’m actually having my mom make me a bag, something a little bigger than a purse but smaller than a typical messanger bag. In theory it will be big enough for my laptop, camera and a few other small things.
        Ali recently posted..Tangier Tourist Trap

        • Oh thats smart. Yeah I can’t wait to get my messenger bag. Hope its what I am looking for.

        • I am seriously struggling with my backpack Sitch… Since the custom pack from Kamiliun was not ready in time, I brought the Osprey Atmos 50L (which is far from full) & the Tenba Laptop Messenger Backpack for the SLR & MacBook Pro.

          I am not sure there is a perfect solution…

          Here is my dilemma: The Laptop & SLR “fit” in the Osprey Atmos, but “fitting” is not the most important thing for such items. The most important question is, are they secure in the pack? Given the shape of the curved internal frame of the Atmos, a secure fit is unlikely (unless you have a hard case for both the laptop & SLR). The other issues include checking luggage versus carry-on. Some planes are large enough for the Atmos as carry-on, some aren’t. So, what is one to do when they demand you check your luggage? The other issue is the daypack aspect.

          I will write a post delving into this further, but since I am carrying Hard Drives, USB Drives, Cords, etc for 2 peeps, I really can’t use the Atmos as my only pack. I have had to carry Linda’s netbook in the Tenba also in rainy weather (talk about heavy).

  11. Coming from the chronic overpackers association, seeing you only pack 8 shirts and 3 bottoms gave me anxiety! LOL! I immediately was like “omg…how could I narrow it down? What about all my jewelry?! What about my cardigans? My 6 inch platform stillettos! Then I’d need a pair of cute flats…. All my dresses! Ahhhhhhhh!” Seeing everything laid out like this definitely lets me know I’m a hot ass mess when it comes to packing. I need to get it together!!!!

    and SO EXCITED! 14 days!!!!
    Sheryll recently posted..Photos of the Week – Duomo di Milano

    • Oh Sheryll, I know how you feel. When I was first planning my trip I thought the same damn thing. I thought how am I going to fit everything I am used to having in a backpack. Well I have worked hard to realize that I really don’t need all that stuff. I have read so many packing list and decided this is what I will need/use. If i missed anything I will pick it up along the way & if I dont need something I will donate it along the way.

    • You should connect with my travel partner Linda. She too felt exactly like you prior to departing 2 weeks ago. However, ask her now & she regrets most of what she brought. She even bought the mini-hair straightener & hasn’t used it once.

  12. It seems like you’re ready to go!! Wish we could pack everything in a 40L backpack, we have way too many things. What we’ve been using most in Central America: our Swiss army knife. It’s small but it has scissors, a cork screw, bottle opener and knife to cut fresh fruit all in one thing. Hope that it works out to meet up when you get to Costa Rica – do you have any idea where you’ll go to after San Jose?
    Globetrottergirls recently posted..Hotel Tip of the Week- Entre Piedras- El Salvador

    • Hey chikas, why do yall have so many things? Have yall thought about getting rid of stuff you are not using? The Swiss Army knife is not a bad idea. I will have to see if I have one laying around. As for Costa Rica I arrive at San Jose on March 1st and I plan on spending a few days there then head off to Tortugerro on the Caribbean side of CR. Then from there head south to Panama then back up north through the Pacific side of Costa Rica.

  13. wow look at you. All organized.

  14. I have a 65L that suits me, but I’m also staying in one place for longer. My daypack is a Jansport I’ve owned for a million years that is currently safety pinned together. I brought jeans to Australia, but not on my road trip to Melbourne and I’ve been freezing my ass off for days. Jeans are a must have for me.
    Caroline in the City recently posted..Observations from a Couch Surfing Virgin

  15. Well I have to say that is one damn good list! I like to take some duct tape with me too — just wrap a little around your shaving cream bottle. Comes in handy every now and then when shit breaks…:>)

    Safe travels!
    manonthelam recently posted..Paris Love Locks

  16. This looks like a really solid list! Very Svelte!

    I hate shaving and brought a trimmer too. If you care, Wahl sells one that is half the size (called the half pint 😉 ) and is battery operated so there are no cords. I think I got mine for like $15 on amazon.

    You’re off to a great start!!

    • Thanks Brooks, I am glad I am not the only one who hates shaving. I’ll have to check out the one you recommended, but for now I am going to stick with this one.

  17. seems you are set to go, pen and pencil to start fires unless you are James Bond i would love to see you do that

  18. I think you’ve got too much clothes:) Three or four t-shirts will be more than enough. I’m telling you know that you will end up wearing the same two-three of them all the time 🙂
    As for jeans, I think it’s better to take cargo pants. They are lighter and thiner. You won’t use jeans too much in warmer climates and I understand this is where you are going.
    You haven’t got a fleece or something similar. Do get one. In some places the AC on the buses can get really really cold. In some places evenings can get cool.
    Get a light rain jacket or better small umbrella. It can be really useful to have.

    • Thanks Maga for the advice. As for the clothes I think I will end up only wearing a few of them and if that is the case when I get home before heading off to Europe I will leave some behind. As for cargo pants, I am not a fan of them at all. I think they look so ugly… that is the old fashion diva coming out of me. Thanks for the tips on a light jacket and rain jacket. I didn’t think of that so I will be sure to get those.

    • There is no way I could have ever have survived with that few t-shirts – tropical countries are HOT and I get sweaty, I had to change t-shirts at least once a day, so that few and i’d have spent half my life washing things. I had 7 and it was perfect. Also, don’t listen to the Jeans haters, they are great for freezing cold bus journeys and nights out in cities. But deifnitely another vote for a fleece – once again, they are perfect for freezing cold latin american bus journeys (why do they have to always turn the aircon up so high?) and for using as a pillow sometimes too.
      Geoff recently posted..Nicaragua in Pictures- Gorgeous Granada

      • Okay glad I am not alone on the # of shirts I am taking. I think 6 will be fine and as for the fleece damn it. I guess I will go head and get one…lol!!!

  19. I too have heard that the buses will freeze you out unless you have a fleece or something. Just sayin’ 😛

    You are taking more things than I am. I am so lucky that I’m super low maintenance. <3 I would say cut the shirts in half but you will be coming back and can ditch them. 🙂
    Erica recently posted..Frustrations and Planning

    • Erica, yeah I had heard about that about busses and forgot all about it. Ill be sure to find something. So I am taking more things than you… damn now I feel bad, because I honestly thought I was not taking a lot. We’ll see how it goes and when I come back home Ill ditch a lot.

  20. Dude, I bet that is exciting to pack it all up! I mean, you will figure out what you need along the way. .I can tell you not not only will i be bringing two jeans, I’m probably bringing my fav camo pants, I can’t imagine wearing anything but jeans out at night at bars and whatnot. Have you considered the pants that turn into shorts? I have a couple pairs and found it to be really convenient!
    Scott recently posted..UNESCO Says Screw It- Names Everything A World Heritage Site

    • Hey Scott, hell yeah it is exciting to pack it all up. Its funny how all that really fits in my 40L bag, seems like so much. I have considered those pants you are talking about but for some reason I just dont like them. I just dont think they look good…lol so yeah I am not bringing any with me. I’ll see how everything works out on the road.

  21. Pero si vas bien preparado!!! ME encantó el commen de los condones jajajajajajaja… Oye!!! No vas a llevar sleeping bag? What if… you have to sleep in a train station… or a park? U never know…

    Te acuerdas que te dije que te compré algo? EL VIERNES TE LO DOY!!!!!! 😀 Te digo que es? O que sea sorpresa???

    OMG faltan 14 días!!! que emociooooooooooooooooon!!

    OTRA COSA!!! I’m gonna tell u where you’ll watch you tv shows online… 🙂 recuerdamelo el weekend…

    nos vemos pronto!

    • Pa que veas R que no stoy bromiando…jajaja!!! Sobre la sleeping bag muchos lleban una y nunca la usan so yo no voy llevar una. Se me olvido que me compraste algo, mejor que sea sorpresa. Ya merro llegas so los vemos este fin.

  22. Loved this post…wondering why you aren’t bringing a light jacket? Won’t it get cold, or use as a blanket on buses?

    • Lisa, yeah a few other people pointed that out. I am going to look into getting one soon.

      • Maybe not the best suggestion for Central America, but for when you get to cooler/wetter climates North Face Apex Bionic jackets are the bomb. They aren’t entirely waterproof, but are thin/warm/water resistant/windproof & pack well. Also, They are very hard to get dirty… Linda was poo-ed on 2x by birds in Oaxaca & you would never know it!

  23. That’s so exciting! Makes me think what a girl’s backpack would look like in comparison….

  24. We’re twinsies sometimes. We think the same.

    1. I LOVE your tshirts. They’re so cute. I want you to shop for me sometime.

    2. I’m on board with the jeans. I take jeans with me everywhere. The only place I didn’t wear them was in India, but I was wearing long traveler style pants there. Shorts are great for Europe/Central America but if you head to the Middle East or SE Asia you’ll need something to cover your legs if you want to see certain temples, etc. A sarong works, but if you don’t have the figure to rock a wrap, pants are a must.

    3. A picture of your undies is scandalous.

    4. Your toiletries section reads like a sassy Ms. Manners column on personal hygiene. Preach.

    5. I don’t leave home without my cologne either. I use Acqua de Parma Arancia and that bottle (well, 2 bottles) has seen the world just like I have.

    Just a few more days. Have fun!!!!

    • Jaja love it David, TWINSIES… thats my new word!!!!
      1) Thanks about the shirts. I will shop for you anytime, as long as you pay.
      2) Glad you are on board with the jeans. Didn’t think about my figure in a sarong but I will be in shape by the time I get too the Middle East… I will ROCK my SARONG!
      3) They are SCANDALOUS and HOT…lol!!!
      4) I have too, some things bug me.
      5) Yeah the cologne was a gift and Im bringing it with me.

      Yes just a few more days!

  25. Skott and Shawna says:

    “A liberal pair of swimming trunks”?? Ha – I love it!

    Duct tape, earplugs, and dental floss are things you already have on there, that we have been told are ‘must haves’.

    What about one of those mini-water filters (forget exactly what they are called), an e-reader, and a sleep sheet. Those are three things that you don’t have on the list that we will very likely be taking…

    • Skott & Shawana, YES a pair of “LIBERAL” swimming trunks…lol!!! They are kinda short and a bit scandalous so I wont be wearing them everywhere.

      Good idea about the mini-water filters, I will look into them.

  26. You’re scaring me – I packed for my RTW trip literally the day before I left! They all thought I was nuts there in Anaconda (Aussie outdoor supply store) buying my backpack and telling everyone I was leaving the next day! Yeah, whatever, I’m insane. Ended up turfing half the shit I took with me as I went, sending stuff home, etc, and buying totally new gear as I realised I need it – most important purchase was an extra pack of underwear. Don’t worry about everything else… There’s always a way to find the shit you need.

    • Oh wow RISHE, I could NEVER do that. I am so picky & such an organization freak. So yeah I could never do that. YEah for now I think I will be fine, we’ll see how things go on the road.

  27. Pretty extensive packing list. I see some have told you you have too many shirts. I personally like to keep some variety on my looks, so 6 t-shirts are more than fine. I laughed a lot with your item comments…

    Make sure you take a fleece for cold bus rides, and a pillow case to throw your clothes in and make a pillow with it. 🙂

    Ahh! So exciting!! 😀
    Norbert recently posted..How to Use Couchsurfing to Travel the World

    • Norbert, thanks for letting me know its okay to have 6 t-shirts. Finally someone who is okay with me having 6 shirts. About the fleece I am going to to find one since everyone has told me about it. Good idea about the pillow case, never thought of that.

  28. Wow! That’s a lot of shirts and shorts. I’d swap some of them in for a decent layer. If you’re going up mountains, it can get bloody freezing up there: pack a waterproof and a warm shirt.

    I’m with you on jeans. If you’re motorbiking anywhere, jeans have a degree of skid protection — about 2.8 seconds worth — that’s well worth it. They’re also international and don’t make you look like a tourist.

    Bear in mind you can buy T-shirts and shorts wherever you go. Though shoes can be hard if you have big feet.

    I’ll be interested to hear if you end up using the travel cubes. We started out with rolldown bags to carry layers we weren’t immediately using, but they got junked about a week in. Sometimes it’s just easier to shove everything into the pack and go.

    Is your pack toploading? It’s really useful to have the ability to see what you’re packing, all the time…
    Theodora recently posted..From the Bowels of the Beast- The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

    • Thanks Theodora, for a ll the advice. As for now I think Im gonna go with this and see how it works out. I will be coming home 4 months into the trip & and then I can reevaluate everything. About the packing cubes I think I am going ot love them. I am such an organization freak…and yes that will make me feel better…lol!!!

  29. i would get some climing boots and some spare insoles

  30. Brilliant Mate.

    I absolutely love packing posts, they get me pretty god damn excited – haha.

    Just go for it, part of the great thing is discovering things by yourself then you can blog on them anyway!

    Best of luck for the big departure. Will be following!!
    Garreth Lodge recently posted..Making Rough Travel Plans – 18 Weeks Out!

  31. Very thorough. I will be checking back in the next few weeks for tips on what I should get. Although, I’m only really travelling to Europe and other 1st-World destinations… I think the packing list is mostly the same.
    Ian [EagerExistence] recently posted..Where Have You Been

  32. I am finally at the stage where I need to think about my packing list, and my friend, I got to tell you, yours may be the most comprehensive one I have found….I ‘ll make a couple of switches, but all in all, it looks pretty good…a few months in, is there any thing on the list you wish you would have left at home? Is there anything you wish you would have added?
    Skott – Get Up and Globe recently posted..What A Bunch Of Little Pricks!

    • I will be 100% honest. I have used everything in backpack and have been fine with everything I have packed. If anything I would pack a small jacket (it does get cold in some cities) & and a cheap extension cord. Sometimes the hostel dorm room only has one outlet and its on the other side of the room. If i had an extension cord I could extend it to my bed and a few other people could plug up as well.

      The thing I have used the most is my drawstring bag. It is perfect for beach/river days to hold the few things you need or when you go on volcano hikes for the day. Also I have not had a single problem using my small electric razor if you wanna bring one. Oh I also LOVE my jean. Bring jeans it will help for when you go to clubs/bars or anywhere where you may need to dress up.

      I plan on writing a review of everything when I get home in a month before I leave to europe.

      Let me know if you have any questions I will be more than happy to answer them!

  33. I was excited/relieved to hear that a fellow traveler fit it all in a 40L!

    • It all fits… and I love it. It is just perfect… 9 months into my trip and can’t complain. Sometimes I wish I could go smaller, but 40L is just right.

  34. Yay, this is really useful! Even though it’s still a couple months away, I’m already thinking about what I should pack for my next trip to South East Asia… Excited much?

    I was wondering though, have you had any regrets bringing your Macbook Pro?
    I just started blogging and I want to keep doing that while on the road, I can’t decide whether I should just bring my Mac or buy a smaller netbook cause the Macbook’s pretty heavy. Curious to hear your thoughts about it!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh yes Michelle, it helps to start buying things early on and lil by lil that way you don’t see it as a huge expense and just starting get it all together for the big trip. Glad this post was useful for you. As for the Macbook Pro I love love love it… it’s so damn functional and fast. Yes it’s a bit heavy and that I do hate about it, but still happy I brought this. Maybe you can get the Air if you are gonna buy a new one. I’ve seen many people traveling with those and I get a bit jealous cus they are so damn tiny.

      • Ohhh I know, those Air’s are so sexy! But so horribly expensive too… Thanks for answering my question Jaime, I think I’ll just bring my Pro. I’m in love with this thing so I might as well bring it along for the ride!
        Michelle recently posted..5 Dutch Festivals That Are Worth The Hangover

        • Jaime Davila says:

          Agree with you Michelle they are so damn expensive. Yeah if you have a pro now just go ahead and take it with you. It’s a bit heavy but so worth it. Let me know if you need anything else.

  35. This is great! I’m only planning on traveling Southeast Asia for 3-4 months but your blog has been a great guideline in my planning. I was just wondering, do you think bringing a head pillow would be too much? Just like the semi-circle ones that they give on airplanes for your neck.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks for commenting Jackie and I’m happy to hear my blog is helping you out in your planning stage. As for the travel pillow I wouldn’t bring one like that. If anything I’d recommend a pillow like the one i shared on my worst travel habit post. It was a small pillow with a head band that was amazing… like I mean fuck it was amazing.

      Thanks again for commenting and if you have any other questions please contact me and I will reply when I get a chance.

  36. Jaime, I would love a recap of what stuff came in handy on your trip, and what you won’t be bringing withb you on your next RTW. And yes, i’m one of those don’t-bring-jeans-people, but hey, we all have different travel styles!

  37. I’d be packing more socks than 3 pair for a round the world trip, but that’s just me 🙂 You never know when you’re gunna need an extra pair of socks! Thanks for posting, and good luck with future travels.

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