Breakaway Backpacker turns 3 years old & little did I know…

Breakaway Backpacker turns 3 years old today and

little did I know…

  • Little did I know it would change my world.
  • Little did I know I would meet so many other amazing like minded people.
  • Little did I know so many of those people would become some of my greatest friends.
  • Little did I know that travel blogging could sometimes feel like high school all over again.
  • Little did I know that travel blogging could at the same time feel like being part of an amazing family.
  • Little did I know I would fall in love with doing this.
  • Little did I know I would publish over 400 blog post.
  • Little did I know I would receive over 5,000 comments.
  • Little did I know I would be doing this for this long.
  • Little did I know I would really never care about the stats of my blog.
  • Little did I know I would love to see the search terms people used and ended up on my blog.
  • Little did I know this would remind me that I will always be a procrastinator.
  • Little did I know this would also remind me that I am a horrible speller.
  • Little did I know people would actually be interested in what I think or do.
  • Little did I know people would actually be interested in me for that matter.
  • Little did I know people would like my choice in music.
  • Little did I know this would become a part of who I am.
  • Little did I know I would make a difference.
  • Little did I know I would be honest no matter what and just be me.
  • Little did I know my XXX post would sometimes get me into trouble.
  • Little did I know my drinking and driving story would help others going through similar situations.
  • Little did I know my most popular post will forever be the one about the hand job on a chicken bus.
  • Little did I know my Toe Touches would go viral.
  • Little did I know I would inspire others to follow their dreams.
  • Little did I know I would inspire others to just be happy.
  • Little did I know some of my readers would open their homes to me.
  • Little did I know people would get caught up in my love story & still care about it today.
  • Little did I know I’d hate one of my readers for sending a picture of his ass to my ex-boyfriend.
  • Little did I know more people I know read my blog than I thought.
  • Little did I know the million other things starting this blog have lead me to.

Yes 3 years ago today I hit “Publish” on my very 1st blog post about my plans to travel the world & little did I know everything that would happen because of it. Since then I have lived my dream traveled the world for two years and am now back home planning and saving for my next adventure. I just can’t believe I have been doing this for 3 years. Breakaway Backpacker is my baby and I love it so much and don’t see an end in sight. For those of you wondering what’s next for Breakaway Backpacker… honestly a lot more of the same. Even though I call it a travel blog I think it’s turned into a very personal blog and am going to continue to just be me and share my life with all of you. As always I would just like to thank each of you for reading my blog and following along this crazy adventure of mine I call life. Oh & if you ever need anything you know you can send me an email and I will help you out if I can. Hope y’all continue to follow along.

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  1. We haven’t been blogging for very long but it really is amazing what is coming our of this experience so far! We have enjoyed following your story and look forward to many more adventures. 🙂
    Lina recently posted..Why I Love Skiing in Banff

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Lina, it’s seriously an amazing journey you have when blogging. It’s so much work yet a bit easy at times and along the way you will hate it and love it, but it’s all worth it when you get an email from someone you have inspired to live their dream. That is why I keep doing it and keep being me for those emails because those are priceless. Thanks for following along.

  2. Massive congratulations being sent your way. 3 years is such a landmark and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to get to know you and call you a friend because of this exciting adventure we’re both on! Here’s to the next year of sharing your stories and inspiring people to get out there and live!
    Brock recently posted..Review of Granada Inn – Granada, Spain

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you very much Brock… it’s a huge landmark. Never thought I’d make it this far. I’m so glad we have been able to become friends over the years and FINALLY meet recently. Cheers to our next adventures… where ever they may lead us.

  3. Congratulations Jaime! I am really a big fan of your blog. Love the humor, honesty and the other kinky stuff teehee 😀 Ah, the first time I went here you were still preparing for the trip. Hope to see you real soon since I missed you when you went to the Philippines. More travels and lots of love <3
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Philippine Souvenirs to Remember

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you very much Mica for being a fan. It’s a shame our paths didn’t cross in the Philippines but I’m sure they will somewhere else in this tiny world one day.

  4. Three years – wow!! Congrats and here’s to hoping for many more years of breakaway!
    Adam recently posted..Travel Photo: Berlin’s Holi Festival of Colours

  5. congrats!
    Hogga recently posted..Honging the Kong

  6. Ohhh Jaimecito I love you and I hate you! I’m so glad we met and I know we will see each other somewhere else sometime in the near future!

    I’m so happy to have seen you on your journey and I can’t believe I was reading this shit wayyy back when! Carajo como pasa el tiempo!

    Muchos anos de viajes para ti y todos los deseos de suerte y felicidad te los mando!!

    Un abrazo!!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Bahajajajaja I love you & hate you too Mica…lol!!! I’m so glad we met and traveled together for a while and am glad I can call you my friend. It’s crazy how many of us have been following each others lives for years!!! Un abrazo y un beso… te amo cabrona!!!

  7. And here’s to many more years handsome – what a fantastic journey physically, emotionally and mentally you have had 😀
    Toni recently posted..I’m a lousy backpacker because: I like my sleep

  8. Congrats dude – stoked to see where the next adventure takes you 🙂
    Chris recently posted..Travel Photo Of The Week – Singapore Skyline Reflections

  9. I will definitely continue to follow along. I’m going to Panama for three months leaving 7 Aug 2013. It’s not as major as your trip but it’s a start and who knows what’s in store for me next year.
    Paula recently posted..Countdown (eight days and a wake up) – Figuring out what to pack

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Paula for following along and I’m excited for your adventure. It may not be as long as mine but any adventure can have just as big as an impact. It’s all about what you make of the time you have and it looks like you are going to make good use of it. Enjoy your travels.

  10. I’ll always follow your adventures! My blog has been mostly personal versus travel for 2 of its 3 years, and while I don’t have the readership that you do, I still want to share my stories for the small group that still connects with me 🙂 Keep sharing <3
    Heather recently posted..Helicopter tour of the Big Island of Hawaii: Volcanoes and waterfalls

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Awwww Heather… thank you for following along. Your blog was also one of the 1st blogs I started reading and still do. I love that I have seen you go from travel to your life. It’s crazy where our lives may lead, we truly never know. I still hope our paths cross one day… cus I think you are oneo f the few I have yet to meet that I have been following since I started blogging.

  11. Congrats love. So glad we finally met. I look forward to seeing each other again soon and to another year of Breakaway Backpacker!
    Caroline Eubanks recently posted..Photo Friday: Washington DC

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Caroline and yes I am so glad we finally met!!! Can’t wait to see what comes next for me.

  12. What a great little story!!! Love who you are! Peace and tons of love and light..keep shining

  13. Congrats on 3 great years Jaime! I’m glad to have been following along the whole time. Can’t wait for breakaway #2 to start!
    Ali recently posted..How to Plan Your Own Tour

  14. Congrats! Great accomplishment and inspiring for all of us horrible spellers everywhere. Hell, not even sure spellers is a word. Frack.
    Michael Hodson recently posted..A quick view of Peru via Instagram for #coloursofperu

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG… is it a WORD??? Now I have no damn clue Michael… ugh thanks for making me question that…lol!!!

  15. Congratulations! Many happy returns (returns, why returns? anyone know where that phrase comes from please?!!)
    Kathryn recently posted..Favourite Streets of Paris: rue Montorgueil

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow Kathryn I have no idea why people say Happy Returns… maybe because we want Happy things returned to us through out time???

  16. Congratulations Jaime!! 3 year is a hige milestone for a blog! you really must love what you’re doing!
    do you think your most popular blog will always remain the famous chicken bus?? lol
    I admit it, when i stumbled upon your blog i didn’t read it!! i just noticed it a few months ago! I had read all of your blog basically, except for that..shame on me 🙂
    Never stop writing, you make so many people happy, inspired, stronger with your honest words!
    kle recently posted..Never give up on your dreams. Hard work always pays off!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’m glad to hear one of the 1st post you read on my blog was not the chicken bus post!!! I have no end in sight just yet. I hope I can write for a while more to come.

  17. We did the unthinkable, and stopped cable!!!!!! At $149 a month x 12, well, you do the math. That’s one of the benefits. You CAN do the math and get to read a lot more too. Took the almost $1800 and went to Chile and Easter Island with a friend which is another great way to save money–splitting everything 50/50. Of course, you have to like the person and travel in a similar way. Oh, and we had enough miles (60,000) for a free ticket to Santiago, so we both actually came home with money!!!!

  18. Quite the journey!! If you really think about it though, its probably just getting started! Many more great things to come for you, I’m sure!!

  19. happy anniversary!

  20. Congrats, you’ve come a LONG LONG LONG way.

    Don’t let being home get you down, it’s an energy sink of sorts.

    Store your energy so you can “breakaway” again.
    Rob recently posted..Biplane Ride Over Historic St. Augustine, Florida

    • I like the way you said that, Rob. It’s hard being home but good at the same time.

      Well, that’s coming from a girl who has only been back for about 2 weeks…

      Congrats Jaime!
      Kristin Addis recently posted..Hakkasan: Vegas’ Hottest New Nightclub

      • Jaime Davila says:

        Kristin… thanks and we can do it!!! I’ve been home over 5 months now and still having a hard time. Keep your head up… it will all go as it’s meant to go.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks so much Rob… and yes I’m trying hard to let being home get me down. I’m enjoying it and making the most of it. I am also saving to breakaway again!!!

  21. It’s so surreal to look back and think about all the things that we were able to accomplish in the past.

    It feels like it was just yesterday when we were just both planning our trips, when we reached our first 100 days on the road, our first year in blogging and so on…

    Time flies so f**** fast 🙂

    Congratulations Jaime on your third year. Seldom do I get to comment now but I’m still reading your blog posts every now and then. It’s entertaining and at the same time inspiring to read what you have gone through in the past years.

    Keep on writing and of course keep on traveling and enjoying life. 🙂

    Safe travels as always,

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hey FLIP… OMG I know right? It’s crazy how far we have come. I love that you are still on the road and still living the dream too. I’m back at home for now, but working to get back out here and hopefully will soon.

      Thanks for being apart of my crazy adventure and you too keep enjoying life.

  22. 400 posts over 3 years, that is quiet impressive! I have written maybe 110 over 2,5 years! But I must admit I’m not that great with being on top of my game 🙂
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted..Lucerne Lovely Light

  23. Thank you Jaime!
    Im planning a 70-day trip to india & SE asia .( i know its not like your 2 yr trip but this is the only time i have)
    So i was googling what to backpack, and really liked your post learned a lot from it , ex i Bought 2 pouches to keep similar things together, and never thought of such a creative thing like it before .
    Thats how i found your blog .

    Then after one / two month/s i found myself looking again for that great post i read a while ago , so i came back here , but this time was with” other benefits ” – since i went throw your blog ,and happily i enjoyed reading it altho it kept me from sleeping but thats fine.( bear in mind i still have a lot to go and read)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Anas, I am so happy you found my blog via Google. Thank you for reading it. I am so happy you enjoyed it enough to keep reading it and commenting on it too. I am still writing so hope you stick along and follow along as I continue to travel the world.

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