How much did it cost me to travel the world for 2 years?


“How much did it cost you to travel the world for 2 years?”

“How did you afford to travel the world for so long?”

Those are just 2 of the questions I have received over and over since I started this trip and even more so now that I have finished my trip and am back home. Well wonder no more because I’m going to disclose it all right now. I already shared some random statistics from my 2 year backpacking trip around the world and now will share the cost of my 2 year backpacking trip around the world. I’m going to try and stay focused on the overall cost instead of trying break it down into detail. The reason I say that is because I literally kept track of every single penny I spent on this trip (yes I actually kept track of all my expenses on a spreadsheet) and know I could go into detail on average per country or many other things, but for now think it would be best to focus on the bigger picture and maybe in the future break it down into more detail. So here it is:

1 person – 731 days on the road – 30 countries visited = $27, 696.21

Yes the total cost of my 2 year RTW trip was $27,696.21

Go ahead pick your jaw up from the floor. I’ll give you a moment to grasp the total… Are you back with me? I know it’s crazy it’s less than what I made in a year living at home and also an average of less than $38/day!

This total is inclusive of everything from accommodation, transportation, food/drinks, activities and anything else that came up during my trip around the world. Crazy right… how could I have possibly spent 2 years traveling the world and only spent so little??? Some of you may already know a bit about my budget, because I shared it on my Daily Travel Budget post. Here is a break down of the total cost of my RTW trip by the categories I kept track of along with my thoughts to give you a better idea of just how I did it.

Welcome Sign.


I spent 731 days on the road so that meant finding a place to sleep for 731 nights. To save on accommodation the majority of my nights were spent in dorm rooms of hostels. Contrary to popular beliefs, hostels are not all dirty and dangerous; like wise I think hostels are amazing places to meet people and some can even be a luxury experience.

Of the 731 days on the road I did not pay for accommodation for 136 nights. I never used couch-surfing,  but was able to stay with people who I had met prior on the road who were now in their home town or even with some of my readers (you know who you are & I still appreciate it so much). I would also rent an apartment if I knew I was going to be spending more than a few weeks in a place. I rented a shared apartment in Athens for a month for less than $400, a shared apartment in Cairo for 3 months for less than $90/month and when I went back again to Cairo got an apartment of my own for 2 months for less than $125/month.  I would also book long train/bus rides to be overnight or even slept at the airport to catch an early flight to save on accommodation. These are just a few things I did to save money on accommodation during my travels.

Transportation around the world.


One of the questions I have received a few times now that I am home is “How did you get from place to place all over the world?”. Easy I’d take what ever was cheapest… yup be it a plane, train, bus, chicken bus, shared taxi, tuk tuk, collectivos, ferry or the occasional hitch hike. This total includes all my airfare and any money I spent on cabs, subways or any other form of transportation to get from one place to another (even within a city).

Of this total I spent less than $5,300 of it on airfare, that includes all 32 flights I took during my entire RTW trip. No I didn’t booked a RTW ticket and wouldn’t recommend it. Seriously a RTW ticket only brings you headaches and when you plan to be on the road for a year or more you want the piece of mind that you can do whatever you want whenever you want. I had no problem finding cheap fairs to get just about anywhere in the world. My most expensive flight was $852.96 to get from Houston to Paris. I also took advantage of the many budget airlines now all over the world. Yes like RyanAir, AirAsia and many others because when you are on a budget these airlines can be your best friend. Don’t avoid them because you’ve heard horror stories, it’s actually very simple the fairs are so cheap because you have a million rules to follow. If you can only have one carry on then check in your other bag, it ask you to print your ticket before boarding then go to a cafe and print your ticket, if it says jump 10 times then jump 10 times. If you follow the damn rules and you are golden. Sometimes though it’s cheaper to take the train like the 31 hour train ride from Mumbai to Delhi I took for $8 instead of paying $90 for a plane ticket.

Eating around the world!


I think this category is self explanatory… no? I guess anyone who knows me knows I love to eat and also love trying all types of foods. No I’m not a food junkie, I rarely put thought into what I am eating and just eat. To stay on a budget I would eat street food or try and find where the locals were going to get the local price along with eating at markets. A good thing is that many hostels offer free breakfast with a nights stay the bad thing is half the time I wouldn’t wake up on time to get said free breakfast and if that was the case well I’d only eat two meals that day so it all worked out in the end. Oh & don’t get me started on all the drinking I did… lord knows I love to drink and that it was my budget breaker. Drinking is was what got me here in the 1st place and know it got me into trouble on the road a few times too. Like the night I got naked in Boracay in front of the entire hostel and I guess I’ll end this category on that note.

Unesco Sights around the world.


I learned early on that I couldn’t do it all and realized that I would be doing amazing things all over the world so was okay with not being able to do it all when I was in a certain city. It’s all about give and take when you are on the road for so long. So I’d figure out where all I was going in a certain country to do research and see what was something I couldn’t miss and what was something I’d be okay with missing.

Aside from visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza 3 times some of my favorite activity splurges were a Sahara Desert expedition in Morocco, 3 nights exploring the Kerala Backwaters by houseboat in India, a 5 star nile cruise exploring the ruins between Aswan and Luxor in Egypt, and exploring the untouched, unbelievable, majestic beaches of El Nido in the Philippines. Now that I think of it I guess one of the things that helped keep this total low was that I am a huge haggler, I would haggle (negotiate) for anything and everything especially when it came to the big splurge activities I did around the world. Not only that, but you can also search online for basic search terms like Cheap China Tours and see what comes up to get contacts and reach out to them.

Shopping for Souvenirs.


This total includes everything that did not fall into one of the categories above. Like my $1 haircut in India, the over 200 postcards I sent home, any souvenirs I purchased for myself or family and friends, the MacBook Pro charger I had to buy when the one I had broke. Oh & 4 digital cameras… ugh I still hate myself for this, but yes I broke 3 during my RTW trip. That alone cost me about $1000. So imagine I would have had an extra $1000 if it wasn’t for all the accidents I had with them. Now that I have a DSLR I will have to make sure I take better care of it. I also bought a Galaxy Tab as a gift for a friend, a years worth of Travel insurance (I know was on the road for 2 and only purchased for 1, but I still thank Zeus I didn’t need it when I had it or didn’t). It also included all VISA fees, credit I needed to make international calls and well the million other random cost that came up during my time on the road.

Well there you have it the total cost of my trip broken up into the 5 different categories I kept track of during my 2 year RTW trip along with my thoughts to let you know how I did it. In reality I haven’t even mentioned the most important part… the most important part of a RTW trip is your destination. It’s your destination that is going to dictate how much or how little you spend. I spent over 80% of my 2 year RTW trip in developing countries. I did that because those were some of the countries I really wanted to visit, but also because I knew what my overall budget was and knew if I wanted to be on the road 2 years that’s how it was going to have to be. I can give you a million tips on how to stay on budget or how to make the most of the budget you have, but I believe everything I have written above answers the first question of how much it cost me to travel the world for 2 years.

Now to answer the 2nd question… no I am not rich, I am not a trust fund baby and I did not win the lottery. I was able to afford to travel the world for so long, because of my hard work and the sacrifices I made to achieve my goal. I remember working like crazy and even overtime at the job I hated before this (customer service at a banking call center), I also mowed my neighbors yards and babysat for some of my friends. Along with picking up random jobs to make extra money I sold just about everything I owned including my new car. I had a goal in mind and I was set on reaching it even if that meant only going out once a week and not shopping for stuff I didn’t even need. I remember all the sacrifices I made and all the times I told my friends I wasn’t going out because I wanted to save for my trip and it’s because of that I get mad when someone says “oh you are so lucky you got to travel the world”. I get mad because no it wasn’t luck it was my determination to change my life for something I wanted and that I made happen. I know what luck is… luck is winning the lottery or hell luck is coming home from a 2 year trip around the world and getting a full time job (like happened to me). So if you are still wondering how I was able to afford it I’m not sure what else to tell you because now you know… determination.

The truth is I look at that number and am shocked that it’s less than what I made in a year living at home. What is even more shocking is that it was cheaper for me to travel the world for 2 years and visit 30 countries than to live at home for a year. I’ve been called crazy, I’ve been told I could have bought a brand new car or put a nice down payment on a house, but you know what I am a bit crazy and know I don’t want a car or a house right now. In the end I look at what it cost me to travel the world for 2 years and think I bought my self over a million memories made all over the world with people from every corner of the world that no one can take away from me. In reality it’s priceless because it’s only the memories we make on this beautiful planet that any of us can take with us when we leave anyway.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about everything written on this post. Please don’t hold back! Also please keep in mind that no 2 travel budgets are the same so as much as I know this will be helpful for people planning a RTW trip please note that it can cost a lot more or a lot less to travel for any given period of time. It all depends on your travel habits. Oh & remember if you have any other questions let me know in the comments because I will be doing an ASK ME ANYTHING post very soon and will answer any question(s) you have about my 2 year backpacking trip around the world.

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  1. You’re a freaking insprition! I always say I want to travel but know I can’t get there til I’m mid 40′s or something. But nope. I didn’t know about hostels!! Now I know :) Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Hi Jaime! How long did you save up to travel the world?

  3. Tiffany K says:

    You’re actually amazing! I would love to do this, I’m so bad at making sacrifices. But I am moving back home with my parents now so I can save more money to do something like this. Did you find it cheaper to do things spur of the moment or plan everything?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Tiffany, I hope you make plans to make this happen. It’s a lot of sacrifices, but it’s so worth it. The more you save the longer you are on the road. As for planning you want to have a general idea of what you want to do, but be flexible to move and do whatever you want. You can always contact me and I will help you out.

  4. What an awesome post – I especially love the ranty part at the end!! Thanks for being an inspiration to your fellow travellers :)

  5. Hi Jaime,

    Thanks so much for this inspirational and informative piece.

    I am also a world traveller, and wish to live abroad again, so your breakdown of costs is very handy.

    What really struck me most, was your answer to the second question. Long term travel is affordable if you want it bad enough. Hard work does pay off, and you are absolutely right, the millions of memories you have are priceless! I, too, have saved (not much of a material girl here) and been able to take several leaves from my work to pursue my love of travel. There was no luck involved, just calculated planning and great passion :)

    Not to sure if you’ll be heading out again (I know I will be), but you might want to also consider airbnb.com for cheap accommodations. I stayed with a lovely lady in Athens who ended up being my tour guide!

    Let me know if you’ll be travelling again … maybe we can meet up on the road!

    Cheers … and thanks again for a great post!


    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post Deoborah. I had to share all this because I honestly wanted to show people how affordable it is to travel and how you can make it happen if you really want it. As for AirBNB I actually used it once to book an apartment in Athens no less. That’s funny. It was a great experience.

  6. I’ve done similar trips myself (though not for as long), and your numbers make perfect sense to me, but it is still exciting to be reminded of just how possible it is to travel. You only have to make the choice to make it the priority, and magic can happen. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Robb, I love seeing other peoples budgets. It’s a great reminder that a lot is possible even with a small budget. Make something your priority and you can make it happen.

  7. That’s impressive and it should be encouraging for many other who want to travel, thanks for sharing!
    I’m curious to check how much we will spend at the end of our trip, 16 months and we are still on the road :)
    Franca recently posted..Five Tips and Pics for Berlin

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Your welcome Franca. Are y’all keeping track of y’alls budget? It’s always interesting to see the final amount. Congrats on still being on the road.

  8. Hi Jaime!
    I stumbled upon your site and I’m glad I did! Very cool hearing how cheap you were able to travel! My boyfriend and I are leaving at the end of January for an indefinite amount of time, starting in India and making our way to Southeast Asia. So I know it’ll be cheap! Thanks for being an inspiration for me and so many others!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Anne, so happy you found my blog and I hope it will help you plan your RTW trip. I am shocked that y’all are starting in India… such a hard country to travel in, but at least you will have the hardest out of the way 1st lol. Let me know if y’all need any help or tips. You can email me anytime and I’ll be happy to help.

  9. Wow. This is an epic budget post. I love these types of posts. You really managed to make a tight budget work well. You have good friends to get 100+ nights of accommodation with friends! (I realize over 2 years but still those are nice friends!).
    Kathryn recently posted..First Time Florence, Italy – 6 Tips

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Kathryn and oh man I never thought about it like that but youre right I do have some amazing friends since I was able to get 100+ nights free. That is actually a lot of nights of free accommodation even over the span of 2 years.

  10. Very happy I found your blog tonight. I traveled a lot growing up (49 states in 11 years). I miss traveling! I am planning a long trip starting in 3 1/2 years. Long time from now I know. Thank you for sharing the budget. I love seeing budgets and getting ideas.

  11. Great blog. It’s nice to know how inexpensive and possible it is to travel. I have been entertaining the idea of traveling the world for at least one year … that’s how I stumbled across your blog. Question. Did you find a lot of women traveling alone? Any thoughts or tips on what to avoid?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Diane, I’m happy you stumbled across my blog and that it’s helping you. As for your questions. Yes I found MANY women traveling alone and I actually was able to befriend many of them. I make friends with women much faster than I make friends with men…lol. As to what to avoid oh man that depends on the city or place. All I can say is do your research before you arrive and you should be friend. If you need anything else email me and I’ll be happy to help you further.

  12. Megan Johnstone says:

    I loved this blog I’m only 15 but I’ve dreamed of travelling since about the age of 12 and have already earned 5000 through a few Saturday and after school jobs. As I’m still young and im school i won’t be travelling for a while but I was just wondering if you knew what would be the best age for me to set of as I’m a girl travelling alone I don’t want to be too young and get very frightened and homesick. I also read another blog saying they found it cheaper to travel in separate periods for example Europe then America what are your thoughts on this do you believe it will be a less expensive way to travel?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Megan, thank you so much. I am happy to hear you are loving my blog. Yes you are still young, but you are NEVER too young to follow your dreams. So you are doing the right thing… continue saving. Save, save… SAVE. That’s the most important thing you can do so when you are older and ready you can BREAKAWAY!!! As for what age you should set off at that is up to you, I can’t give you that answer. You will know it when you are ready. I would at least say 18 so that way you are of age just about everywhere around the world. As for where to go and when for the cheapest, I mean you just have to do research, but for now you shouldn’t worry about that because things will change a few years from now. So SAVE on… and when you are ready get on the road. You can always email me if you have any other questions!

  13. Great post! What an inspiration! I’m planning mine 3 weeks to 6 weeks for now coz i will need some savings for rtw. Wish me luck! :-)

  14. Jaime you are my new hero mate, thank you so much for this blog. i’m in the UK and i’m 26 and for 10 years I’ve been wanting to travel the world but haven’t because i haven’t any money (just finished uni) but after reading this it has given me the drive and I’ve decided to save as much as i can over 2 years and just pack up and leave for as long as possible. i’m gonna stop buying silly things i don’t really need and JUST DO IT

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Karl, glad I was able to help you see that you just have to DO IT to make it happen. Make it your priority & you can make it happen. If you need help with anything along the way let me know and if I can help I will help.

  15. Just stumbled upon your website and it’s so inspirational. Thank you for sharing! I’m at a time of so much change and I feel so stuck in my ways sometimes, but I have this urge to sell everything and leave. You just made me feel like it’s possible! So thank you!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Cibelle. it is very much possible. You can do it if you really want to make it happen. Just set some goals and start reachign them. If you need help be sure to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

  16. You broke an SLR three times! Gosh I feel for you!
    This has been a really helpful post, I’m hoping to save up to £10,000, that’s about 16,000 dollars and was going to aim to go for about a year going to as many places as possible (probably in reality maybe fifteen countries). I was wondering whether you thought that was enough?
    I was also interested in if you pre-planned all the places you were going to and how you were to get there? There are some continental plane tickets by a company called Airtreks that I was thinking about using but really wanted to know how other people have done it first
    Brilliant Blog!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG no Lois, not an SLR. I broke 3 point & shoots. Had I broken an SLR I would have never bought a 2nd one…lol. $16,000 is enough for a year of travel for sure. It all depends though on what parts of the world you want to see. All I can recommend is find out what places you really want to visit and make an tentative plan of it all so you can make a route to each that does not back track. So for example I did Central America and Mexico then went off to Europe and from there the Middle East then India and then SE Asia. So you see how I kept it going in that direction? So anyway it’s all up to you and well as for airfares I never book anything far in advance. I used Skyscanner.com the most, but just search search search. Let me know if you need anything else and well I’m happy you enjoy my blog.

  17. this is amazing. I just got the travel bug and have decided to save for year and leave to travel the world for a year.reading stories like your own just make me so excited to leave. I would love to get some insight on amazing places places to stay or see, things like that if you can email me!? thanks for the amazing story.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Amanda, I am happy you found my blog and it’s making you excited to leave again. I know your feeling all to well and well is what I am going through right now. As for where to visit that is completely up to you. Send me an email and I will help you out with what I can. I’m always happy to help people.

  18. I haven’t read through your blog yet, but I was wondering if you planned out all of your destinations or just winged it. Very cool trip and amazing that you were able to travel so inexpensively.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Stefanie, the only thing I planned was a tentative route. So I knew I wanted to do Central America and Mexico needed to be home for a wedding then go to Europe and make my way to the Middle East than India and finally SEAsia. So if you have the general route you wanna take and what countries you must see you will be good. You end up making def plans once you are on the road. If you have any other questions you can email me any time.

  19. Rodolfo Paneque says:

    Me encanta tu blog! Gracias por compartir con nosotros tus aventuras en esos dos años!

  20. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing! I can’t imagine any idiot stating that ‘you could have bought a car or house.’ Nothing can take the place of this opportunity you gave yourself. You are an inspiration! You look young (First time I’ve read your blog) and you are probably more well rounded and educated than many men twice your age because of this experience! Go You!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Exactly Beth… this is all mine and for ever mine! No one can ever take it away and that’s why it’s priceless. Glad you enjoyed it and welcome to my blog. Hope you enjoy some of my other crazy stories.

  21. Could you please let me know how you got a full time job after traveling for two years? that is what I am worried about, the after effects lol please let me know!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Vee, I honestly got lucky. I got home and where my sister works they needed a temp receptionist because the one there was going on vacation for two weeks. So I took it and after that the boss decided to keep me and well now I’ve been here almost 10 months. I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. When you get back things will fall into place and everything will work out. Of course it will be on the back of your mind but don’t let that stop you from taking the trip of your dreams. Seriously when you get home NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED.

  22. Jenny Williams says:

    I envy you, Jaime. How I wish I could do that, 2 years! Indeed, the experience… it’s priceless!

  23. Hi Jaime

    Really great article, thanks so much.

    I’m planning to do the same thing, any tips on extra jobs to do (preferrably higher paying ones) that I can do to earn some extra cash?

    I work in an office 9-5pm Monday Friday, looking for ideas for weeknights and weekends.

    Thanks Heaps!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Youre welcome Sean, I am glad this could help you and also motivate you to keep saving. To save money for my RTW I did a lot of random things to make more money. I baby sat, i mowed lawns, sold just about everything I owned and just anything else to make extra cahs on the side.

  24. I was randomly looking this topic up and came across your blog. It was an interesting read. One day I plan to travel around the world and from what I’ve come up with it will take about a year. I am not going to developing countries as you did, but I am spending

    • (continued…) a few days each in the cities I visit. Some may only even be day trips. I know I still have time to plan for my trip. I really need to see the entire list of countries, which is over thirty at the moment, and decide which I really want to go to. I am definitely making use of hostels and whatnot. Being only twenty-three, I know I have time to save for it. Once I finish grad school and get a full time job I’ll start saving (and start paying off pesky student loans). I like reading about your travels around the world as it is ignites the wanderlust spirit again and again.

      • Jaime Davila says:

        No right way or wrong way to do a trip around the world. You see what you want & do what you want. It’s all about you and that’s the best part. So start saving cus that’s the best thing you can do right now. Save save SAVE!!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment Nadia. I hope you do plan a trip around the world and do it one day. If you ever need help let me know!

  25. What an amazing and a truly inspirational post. Your calculations are very realistic and quite informative. I am 31 years old, recently got married, work for a United Nations agency in Pakistan, traveled to 20 countries so far and I have a set target to travel 100 countries. I would like to take a mini retirement from my work( means resignation from my current job) and travel for one complete year.

    Don’t know whether my target is realistic or not after getting married :) would love to take my wife but she says that I will just travel to few countries and that too for few days. Which means I have to go alone for one year.

    What do you think about my plan? My target of saving money is up to 30,000 USD. Also I would love to get in touch with you to know your experiences and working on the travel route that I need to opt for my travel.

    Thanks again for your lovely post.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Abid, happy you found my site and I am glad you were inspired. I am for some reason more interested in what you are doing in Pakistan for the UN? Wow I’d love to visit Pakistan one day. As for your plans I mean honestly there is no right way or wrong way in doing a trip around the world. For now my biggest recommendation is save. Save as much money as you can, because in the end that is what you will need most on the road. If you save $30,000 you are def. fine for a year of travel and can do it very comfortably. Hope you do get in touch with me with any other questions you may have or need help with. Would be nice to talk with you. Just contact me via the contact form and I will reply when I get a chance. Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Elaine (Stokesy) says:

    Thanks SO much!!! Reading your blog is the kick up the arse i’ve been needing!! It’s not impossible and you’ve made that clear!! I’m in my 40′s and have f****d up many times but am now back at college and am on track. I finish my course in Complementary Therapies in June. Reading your blog has totally inspired me, thank you so much for sharing!! Life is for living and that’s what i’m going to do!!! Thanks again!! Elaine xxxxx

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Elaine, so happy I could be the kick in your arse you needed!!! I am happy I can inspire you to follow your dream! Remember no dream is impossible and age is just a number so get on it and make it happen. If you need any help or have any questions please contact me via my contact page. Hope you are on the road soon!!!

  27. hi,hey, is it advisable for a girl to travel alone ? RTW TRIP. and one more thing how do you plan you itinerary? and i love your blog by the way.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Aeny, yes it is advisable and it is possible to travel alone as a women. Click on the page above that says I’m Not Alone and you will find links to several female bloggers who travel alone. Glad you enjoy my blog. Send me an email if you have any other questions.

  28. Hey Jamie,

    Are you going to London any time soon? If so, you can use my website which I just launched called mygaylondon.co.uk It’s about gay life in London – best bars, clubs, saunas, etc. Or you can get in touch with me and I’ll show you around. :-)


  29. Hi, probably a dumb question! but how did you start? Did you just pack your bag and leave or did you pre plan everything? I’m finishing university soon and the plan is to travel for 2 years I’ve been saving every penny I’ve earned to do it, so got a decent amount but don’t know where or how to start!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Josh, no it’s not a dumb question. You can check my PRE-trip section because there i have most post about why I was doing what I was doing. As for where to start & how… it’s so up to you. No right or wrong way to do a RTW trip. Check out my blog and if you have any other questions email me directly via the contact form. I’m always more than happy to help anyone achieve their dream.

  30. Hi Jaime.

    Good for you!! Isn’t wanderlust a beautiful thing? Brother, you couldn’t nail me down if you tried. I am almost 56 years old, and I am planning my retirement backpacking trip for when I am 60. I am doing two small trips this year, Newfoundland and Havana, and then I have to cool my jets for at least four years. I have a big trip planned for two or more years, but I have to save like a dog. I want to take the bus around the world, just for fun. I will only fly if I have no other choice. Cool eh? I hope I can do it for as cheap as you did. That was incredible. I could sell my house and get money that way, but I really don’t want to do that. My son is going to stay in it and look after it for me. Thanks for the inspiration, Jaime. People think I am nuts, but I know better. Isn’t El Nido fabulous? The Philippines is my favorite. I was there for a month, and I didn’t want to come home!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh Mary, yes wenderlust is a beautiful thing. I feel just like you and now I am smiling ear to ear reading that you are about to retire and are planning a trip around the world. As for the home yeah I wouldn’t sell it. Why not rent it out and make some money from it while you are gone? Anyway yes El Nido is just out of this world. It’s so damn amazing it’s just jaw-dropping.

  31. Hi Jamie,
    So happy to have just come across your blog, I’m going to take my time to go through all the other blogs you provided on your links list too! Ive been wanting to do this for so long & finally I am planning on leaving UK for a two year world trip next year 2015. I am currently just researching countries so not too clearly planned yet, start with India which I have already traveled to and around. I love that you say you just winged it which is what I want to do the only thing worrying me slightly about that is I have heard some countries wont let you in unless you have an onward or return ticket, did you have any experience being turned away at immigration at all because you didn’t have an onward or return ticket ? Thanks Hazel.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Hazel, I am so happy you stumbled across my blog and are enjoying it. I am excited to hear you are planning a RTW trip of your own. Remember planning it is half the fun. I did wing it once I was in said country, but before I left I did have an idea of what parts of the world I wanted to visit and make sure I didn’t backtrack much. So I went from Central America to Europe to Middle East to India and then Southeast Asia. So my advice is just have an idea of the regions you want to visit and take it from there. As for onward tickets some countries require for those I ended up having to plan a bit more in advance. Like Thailand gives US 30 day Visa, but must have onward so I planned to spend all 30 days there and booked a flight from BKK to Manila and knew I could only have 3 weeks in Philipinnes cus that is the VISA limit unless you extend so I booked a flight to KL in Malaysia. So you will figure it out when you are on the road. It’s so scary when you are planning but in relaity it’s so easy. I’m freaking out again as I do some of the planning for my next RTW. If you have any questions you can contact me via my contact page & I will always be willing to help and will reply when I can. xo

  32. just loved you’r Blog jaimie ,
    i am 52 , find myself itching to travel , planning and saving like mad , i been lucky been to thailand & , north africa , but long to travel for a couple of years , maybe more , find my spiritual home .Does that sound mad !

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Martin. Well you know you are never too old to travel… so I say go for it and travel the world. You won’t regret it that is for sure.

  33. Sarah Krupovich says:

    Hi Jaime! Thanks so much for the information. Saving up for my world trip at the moment…. was looking at your cost breakdown… of the research I have done (Lonely Planet, internet, etc), hostels seem to be anywhere from $8-15 where I’m going (Africa, India… even cheaper in SA). How did you find hostels for $3-4 in India? I want to make sure I know where I am staying and that it is legit/safe. Any tips? Thanks :)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Sarah, glad this information is helping you as you prepare for your RTW. You are going to be shocked at how cheap some places in India are. I was able to spend that much on accommodation there, because I was traveling with someone so we would split the cost. In India you are actually not going to find many hostels. You will find lots of Guest Houses and cheap hotels to stay at. We traveled through India with the LonelyPlanet and found it very very useful. What we would do is look at a few places to stay at and when we would arrive there we would go there and if we didn’t like their was just about always another few hotels around so had options. You will realize that just about all cities have their budget accomidation near each other so you can easily walk to a few and look around. ALWAYS LOOK AT THE ROOM AND BATHROOM BEFORE PAYING AND ACCEPTING. Seriously always… you will get the swing of things early on and know when to stay and when not and always trust your gut. Email me if you have any other questions. Oh India… is amazing. It’s a hot ass mess, but ahh you are going to hate it and love it all at the same time. I wrote a ton about India.

  34. Thank you for this very interesting post ! As a French girl, living in South Korea for one year, after having lived in Berlin and London, I understand SO WELL what you say about passion ! Traveling is really something you cannot explain, but it’s a real obsession :D
    As for the budget, I’m really impressed, but not shocked. For a 2 months South East Asia trip (Thailand/Laos/Cambodia/Vietnam) I spent under 1000euros. Same tips: cheap hostels, lots of street foods and nights spent in local buses.
    I know I will find any moment and seize any opportunity to get back on the road again, and I will for sure wait to read your experiences ;)
    Good luck for your next trip !

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m glad you found this post interesting Maya. Yes it’s amazing how cheap you can travel and see so many amazing places. I hope you fine the moment to get back on the road!!! I know I can’t wait for my next trip and can’t wait to share my experiences with everyone.

  35. who took your pictures

  36. Mike Maz says:

    I am glad to have found some info on this subject. I am now 34 and have travelled several countries over the years but never for more than a two week period. I have talked about traveling for an extended period of time and it is nice to know that I can do so for not a lot of money. I thought it would cost me way more. I have been sacrificing diligently for years and have several hundred thousand dollars saved for a round the world trip so I should be good for a while! Did you get a ton of vaccinations beforehand? Did you get visass for any country before you left America or was it pretty easy to get them as you were traveling? Any issues with theft?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh yes looks like you are set for a while Mike… I am glad you are going to give it a go soon. It’s something you will never regret. As for VISAs it’s pretty easy to get them as you go. Just be sure you read the regulations to see what all you need to do and get it done in time. Some take a week or longer to get so you just have to stay put in a city long enough that has an embassy for the VISA you need.

  37. Do it again, with me! Haha amazing I really would love to do what you have done, I’d be just so scared to do it alone.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I love traveling solo Ashlee, but if our path cross it would be awesome to travel together for a bit.

  38. I’m 64 and would love to do this do you think I can

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jimmy I don’t think you are ever to old to travel. As long as you are healthy and capable of moving about you should be good to go!

  39. Matt Meshey says:

    This information was very helpful for my wife & I. We are planning on packing our bags and traveling around the world starting early next year. Our goal is to maybe even travel to every country and do humanitarian work as we travel. We plan on being gone for a minimum of 1 year but hopefully 2+. Your breakdown of expenses was very helpful and informative. I plan on reading more about your trip as we prepare.
    Thanks for the information & inspiration! Hope to see you on the road..

  40. Miguel De La Mora says:

    Good thing I don’t drink lol, this is so awesome brother. How is the night life in the Middle East, Europe and Asia???

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Miguel, yeah I’m going to try and drink less this time around. The night life is different in each region… just depends what you are looking for. You can normally find anything and everything in all major cities.

  41. Hi, Im from India and i plan to take a RTW trip around the world as soon as ive saved up enough. There dont seem to be many RTW travel blogs from Indians, I guess because we need a VISA to go pretty much anywhere. I found your travel blog quite intriguing! I’m sure I couldn’t manage it in as low as you did but I’d like to try to save as much as i can. One thing I was really surprised about the budget was accommodation. How does one find cheap apartments and hostels like those? Most of the websites are pretty ridiculously expensive. I really want to spend a month or more each in Barcelona( or maybe a cheaper city in the south of france), Cairo, Giza and Sydney. Could u advise how to find cheap apartments ? Also how do you manage access to your savings on the move ? Anything we should set up with our bank? :D

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Aakash, I honestly can’t think of any Indian travel bloggers. I’m sure someones got to be doing it. For booking hostels and apartments I use http://www.hostelworld.com they have a great collection of hostels from just about anywhere in the world. I did rent an apartment in Cairo and was paying about $150 a month. You can find cheap apartments but in cheap countries to live in. I know living in Australia is expensive so an apt in Sydney would be well over $1000 a month. So you have to figure out where you really wanna go and for how long. If you don’t have that much money you will be able to stay on the road longer by visiting cheaper countries. As for my savings I have a Charles Schwab acct that allows for FREE ATM w/d anywhere in the world. So you need to look for a bank in Inida that has the best deals or something similar.

  42. hiya Jaime mate loving your posts. i’m Karl and i’m from England. i’m planning an ATW trip i really want to travel to central America however i’m completely scared of spiders and i’m just wondering if you’ve had any experiences with them? and what should I expect? it’s central america so i know i’ll be seeing them but will i wake up one day in my hostel and a huge tarantula is sitting on my bed LOL x

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hey Karl, you have nothing to worry about. Central America yes has lots of spiders but you rarely see them. I can’t even remember one time when I had a prblem with any spiders. I did though have a roach visit me in El Salvador and that was hilarious. Oh & a rat crawled on me in India. You will be fine seriously… don’t let that hold you back from traveling the world.

  43. Lynette says:

    I am – I guess, I am in the grey nomad category (but can’t quite see myself just exploring oz in a camp van) and today – I had a rethink on this whole gypsy lifestyle I have been living for past 10 yrs. I thought “why not” tick off loads of places that remain on the bucket list by picking up a RTW ticket – and heading off for 12 months. Then I started to think budget. I have some idea on Asian budget/ destinations – but pretty much out of the loop on Europe. And up popped your blog — USEFUL thanks Ciao Lynette

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you found my blog useful Lynette. Hope you are able to see the world. If you have any questions or need help be sure to let me know!

  44. I nearly have my associates degree and am considering traveling around the world for about 2 years as you have done. If I do this however, I would want to try and get a job of sorts in the places that I stay longer in. Such as teaching English in China. At the end I think I would try and find a longer lasting career somewhere in Europe. You have any recommendations for me?

  45. what you have written is inspiring for many people as well for me i am 22 year old trying make money and save money for my tour Love your blog <3

  46. Hello, I loved reading about the expenses you funded through out your trip. I have been saving for a couple years in order to travel the world. You are truly an inspiration! When I was reading this I thought, “this guy has got to write a book about his travels so that others can replicate it!” Seriously, I believe people would pay for a written itinerary of your travels to replicate them. It would help SO many individuals seeking an inexpensive, so to speak, means of traveling the world and gaining a cultural outlook of the world. I would love to follow in your footsteps and many others would as well. If you would ever consider something like that, I would be the first person to want to know about it! If I could email you directly I would.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you Savannah, I am glad you enjoyed it. I have actually thought about writing a book and plan on doing so but no clue when just yet. It’s amazing how much you can do with such little money. People don’t realize it’s not so expensive to travel. You can do it on a budget and still have a grand time. You can alway email me by sending me a message through my contact form in my contact me page.

  47. Mate, this is brilliant. Cudos to you for doing it so well and being able to be so thrifty and determined. Inspiring, as I also wish to do what you have done, though I know I’m a little weaker when it comes to the sacrifice.

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  49. Every traveller will say the same thing – its worth every cent.

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