Naked Night in Boracay!

What travel really is about!

—One of the best groups of strangers (now friends) from all over the world I have ever hung out with during my travels.—

I opened my eyes… and thought “Ugh it’s so fucking early” then I felt the cool breeze of the fan hit my penis… and thought “Umm why am I naked?”. I quickly saw that the 4 bed male dorm was full and quickly covered myself with the blanket. I searched for my sleeping shorts and put them on. I felt so embarrassed, but went back to sleep and didn’t think much about it.

I finally woke up got fully dressed and made my way to the hostel’s eating and lounging area. When I got there the few people there looked at me strange and asked how I was feeling… I let them know I was actually not hungover and just felt exhausted. Then they asked if I remembered what happened last night… I answered well I know we started drinking at 2pm at the beach and that’s about it. Then one of them mentioned “well you got naked infront of the entire hostel last night.” I said “what??? no fucking way…” and a few others laughed and nodded yes you did. I was laughing from shock and kept repeating “no fucking way… y’all are fucking with me” and then someone mentioned oh I think people have photos… I couldn’t believe this. I honestly just couldn’t.

I know I have done some crazy shit during my travels but getting naked infront of the entire hostel is something I had never done and never thought I would. As more people gathered I realized I wasn’t the only one who blacked out but quite a few of us did and that I must have really gotten naked because a few of them who didn’t black out remember me hanging out naked in the hostel…like nothing. Finally a friend of mine who took photos that night arrived and was laughing so hard at me… I didn’t care I wanted to see the photos. So I did and holy shit… yup there I was in all my glory naked wearing a cowboy hat (a fucking cowboy hat that NO ONE knows where I got from or what happened to it) and holding a piece of paper over my precious (a photo I now have, but will NEVER share… so don’t ask).

I busted out laughing I still couldn’t believe it and kept saying “WTF… I mean really WTF happened last night”? They let me know that I just out of no where appeared naked and was hanging out like nothing. I was laughing so hard… everyone was, but then we learned more about the night we all found it to be a very strange night indeed.

When everyone finally got up from our group of friends we decided to go out and eat some fattening greasy food, because none of us were feeling great. We all sat there talking and trying to figure out what all happened the night before and just kept laughing at all the stupid shit everyone did. Then later we were out at the beach still trying to figure it all out again. It felt like we were living the HANGOVER, but in Boracay… trying to figure everything out thinking this all can’t be true, when in reality it was. We concluded that we had started drinking around 2pm on the beach and each had about a bottle of Rum then from there arrived at the hostel and it was happy hour with a live singer and continued drinking through out the night while all the crazy shit happened including me being naked infront of everyone.

We decided to call that night NAKED NIGHT and from that moment on referred to it as that. The day after NAKED NIGHT none of us drank a single drop of liquor or beer and the following day we were all still scared to drink, but did. That time though we all stopped when we were buzzing and I stuck to beer…I was scared of the Rum. We all got some great laughs from it… I mean really how could you not? Everything else that happened that night is still a blur for most of us and was just too crazy… no nothing involved sex, but others did crazy shit too. I was also happy to hear I wasn’t the only one who woke up naked. One guy woke up naked on his balcony, because his girlfriend couldn’t get him in bed. Another girl woke up naked as well and almost missed her flight out of Boracay. But yeah none of them were naked infront of the ENTIRE hostel… so yeah I take that honor and well thought I should share this photo with y’all because I love y’all and even though it’s crazy it’s not that bad.

Naked Night in Boracay

Yup that is me standing naked as if nothing is going on while others have conversations. Yes I’m so tan now that my ass is so white… so fucking white it looks like I’m wearing my white tiny swim trunks, but nope I’m not. I look at that photo and crack the fuck up every time. I think about that night & what I did and I crack up every time… as well. A part of me feels like I should be ashamed, but for some reason I’m not. Okay I lie I am a bit embarrassed, but what the fuck can I do about it now? Nothing… so now I & everyone from that night have one more crazy story to share about our travels. I will always be the guy who got naked in front of the entire hostel for most of them and well yeah… I will never forget NAKED NIGHT even though I don’t remember much of it.

A few days later we were at the market and I took a look at the bottles of Rum we had been drinking and discovered some shocking details. We had been drinking the cheapest shit that is not RUM but RHUM and that was also 80% PROOF. I was in shock… I couldn’t believe it. I told them we could have fucking died… we each had over a bottle of this within a few hours. The crazy thing is it doesn’t even fucking taste that strong. Anywho after NAKED NIGHT though I am now scared to get drunk again and since then I haven’t. You would think I’d learned my lesson from drinking cheap Rum in Caye Caulker & also waking up naked, but nope.


I feel like what I did is one of the craziest things anyone has ever done at a hostel. So now I’d like to hear from you what’s the craziest thing you’ve done or seen at a hostel? Oh and sex in the dorm doesn’t count everyone does that & sees that. It’s not everyday though someone gets naked infront of the entire hostel… or is it?


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  1. Hahah, well sounds like a crazy story! I once went to a house party in Tel Aviv where shortly after arriving, half the people started taking off their clothes. Most of the people in the house were nudists, I guess, but it was kind of shocking (at first) to be sitting next to some naked chick while eating shakshuka!
    Adam recently posted..Boston Charlesmark Hotel review: Little bit of luxury in the Back Bay

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh lord Adam yes it’s a crazy story… that I still can’t believe. As for what you experienced… I have no clue how I would have reacted. Iw ould have felt so uncomfortable. How long were you there for?

  2. OMG I’m just glad you survived!!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      ME TOO ANDI. For real… I mean when I realaized how much I had drank of what I was actually drinking I got so scared.

  3. You took the “Take your Dick Out” chant literally!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jajajajaja yes Emele I think that is what was stuck in my head the entire fucking night so is why I did it…lol!!!

  4. You forgot to add that time you drank Indian beer and got into bed naked with me…you need to stop getting naked when drunk!
    Val recently posted..i’ve been to the zoo.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG YES I DID FORGET ABOUT THAT NIGHT… jajajaja damn you Val for remembering. I’m sorry about that night too…lol. Yes I need to stop getting naked when I’m drunk…lol!

  5. hahahaha! i can’t just imagine u walk around showing ur manhood to everyone in the hostel. LOL! i love TANDUAY…

  6. INSANE! Had a handful of rowdy moments involving Tanduay… But never really blacked out. At least it wasn’t a thong tan line you had goin’ on. But that would be more hilarious!
    GayE @ Pinay Travel Junkie recently posted..St. Mary’s Cathedral, Madurai, India: That Eve We Lost An iPhone

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jajaja yeah Tanduay is dangerous… and lord knows I must stop drinking it, but just can’t. Oh I love my tan… I wish I could even it all out.

  7. Funny I searched on Google “Naked Boracay” and I found your blog HAHAHA such a FUN story and experience! Love your tan line and white butt. Blame Tanduay!

    You’ll never forget this such experience and I’m happy that this happened in Boracay!!

  8. HAHAHA you really become hot and wild Jaime! I’ve tried tanduay before and kicks me hard.. and the hangover wasn’t so great but no regrets, had a great night with my friends though! And also Boracay is so beautiful!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahh yes it kicks everyone hard… it’s so damn strong… it’s crazy!!! But yeah no regrets… enjoying life & loving it. Oh yes Boracay is breathtaking.

  9. You are RIDICULOUS!! 🙂 So hilarious that you got naked in front of the entire hostel. I’ve definitely never done anything like that. And I can’t believe you posted the picture of your pasty white ass! Only you, Jaime!
    Ali recently posted..Obtaining Visas as a US Citizen

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jaja trust me I know I am ridiculous… I still can’t fucking believe it. I don;t think ANYONE has ever done anything like this…lol!!! I love that you used the word PASTY cus jaja yes it is so damn pasty!!! I know I couldn’t post the other one though… lol!!!

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know what drinks I’m going to be plying you with if you make it to TBEX Toronto. Naked in front of the travel blogging community? You know that would be all OVER the internet.

    This story is brilliant and I love how you’re casually hanging out as if you’re not butt naked in front of a room of fully clothed people!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      NO IF I GO TO TBEX… I CAN NOT GET DRUNK… I CAN”T NOT GET CRAZY… TOM!!! I mean it…lol!!! I still can’t believe it & yeah I ws just casually hanging out…lol!!! Hot mess for sure.

  11. This made me giggle. Don’t be embarrassed, I would far rather a life when I looked back and wondered wtf was I thinking, than a boring one where I regretted nothing.
    Ayngelina recently posted..A lesson in organics

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Exactly Ayngelina… I’d rather a life like this than a boring one. Lord knows I have plenty of stories to share for the ages.

  12. hahaha good skills bro!
    I’ve never done too many crazy things in a hostel (except maybe the ones I was working at!) but I did get so skint in Oz I ended up in a nudist movie for cash!hahaha!

    nakedness is the way forward!
    Chris recently posted..Top Tips and To Do’s In Cairo

  13. This is why I love you so much! You make me feel like I’m not the only one who ends up doing crazy shit like this!

  14. Hilarious experience this was Jaime 🙂 Great you ended up well and though embarrassed, lets just let it slip and call, yes, it is your naked night 🙂

  15. reader says:

    I am so mad you are standing there talking like you have clothes on. *tears*
    Do you ever worry about employers etc. seeing all of this on your blog?
    Its a great read, by the way.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Why are you mad…lol??? As for worrying… I have thought about it, but in all honesty don’t worry about it. I am who I am on my blog & well if someone doesn’t like that nothing I can do. I’ve lived a big portion of my life not being who I really am that now I will not hide who I am again.

      • Reader says:

        Ha! Sorry, my friends and I say “I am so mad that X” when we are laughing about something ridiculous. Not literal, I don’t really know where it comes from actually.
        Thanks for the laugh though. Great blog and good for you for expressing yourself.

  16. I love the picture. Everyone is dressed and you’re standing there in the nude. It looks like modern feminist interpretation of Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’herb.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh gosh Shari… that photo is a hot mess…lol! I can’t believe it at all… I mean like seriously WTF happened? I still don’t know!

  17. Hilarious! Hahahahaa! I was laughing hard you got crazy in my country! Found your site coz im planning to go around europe next year! Good job on keeping your RTW on budget! Now i gotta work my ass to plan and try one myself! 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad I can make you laugh. I will never forget this night. Well hope you work hard and save as much as you can to be on the road for a long time.

  18. Hanoi backpackers hostel – there’s always someone getting naked every night, whether it’s the tour guides or backpackers. One of the tour guides also went to the bar across the road n just took his pants off n drinking pretty casually on the stools – everything hanging out!

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