A look back at my first year on Instagram!

I vowed I’d never join Instagram because for some reason I didn’t like it. I felt like I already had enough social media to deal with with, because  you know Facebook and Twitter alone can be time consuming. It’s something I also couldn’t do anyway because I didn’t own a cell phone or a mobile…
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Saigon, Vietnam – a city to eat, drink & be merry!

I spent 18 days in Vietnam and of those 18 days I spent 8 of them in Saigon (yes I am just going to call it Saigon even though it’s Ho Chi Minh City). Honestly that wasn’t the plan, but after the 1st two days there I fell in love. I had already fallen in…
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The delicious Steamboat experience in the Cameron Highlands.

I spent a week in the Cameron Highlands… I visited the largest tea plantation in SouthEast Asia the eerie Mosy Forest and did a few hikes when it wasn’t raining. I loved the atmosphere and was happy I found a place I could really just rest and relax after some crazy times in the Philippines and…
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Popping my Italian Gelato cherry.

Ahhhh Italian Gelato… it’s one of the things people dream of having one day in Italy. Yes all over the world you see Gelato shops that say they are Italian and you try them and yeah they are good, but in the back of your mind you wonder… “Hmmm was this really Italian?”. Well I…
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A date with myself at the Hard Rock Cafe Madrid.

I had actually been having a great week in Madrid… I attended Occupy Madrid (quite the experience) went to my 1st Corrida de Toros (still not sure how I feel about it). It felt great to have found my groove back after almost calling it quits. I was in love with Madrid it was a…
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What do Moroccans eat?

I’ll be honest before I got to Morocco I had no clue what Moroccans ate. I had never heard of Moroccan cuisine. Back at home in Houston we have restaurants from all over the world and I cannot recall ever seeing one for Moroccan food. Even though I am sure if I Googled it I…
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