Tapas, Tapas & more Tapas in Spain!!!

I’ll be honest I had always heard of Tapas and knew they were a spanish dish, but was never sure what they really were. Now that I spent over a week in Spain I know exactly what they are. Tapas are like mini appetizers that you share with everyone at the table. Tapas come in all shapes,…
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What does Paris taste like?

Ahhh Paris… the city of lights and the city of some great foods! Everyone knows I love to eat and I will give just about anything a try. I went Pupusa mania in El Salvador and ate bugs in Oaxaca. I spent 8 nights in Paris and managed to eat some very delicious foods. Some…
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Eating bugs in Oaxaca, Mexico!

I am currently home (Houston, TX), but as I mentioned I would be writing about things going on here along with a few post I had left to write about my adventures in Central America & Mexico. This is one I couldn’t complete on the road because it would never allow me to load the…
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Best Carne Asada Concept Ever in Oaxaca!

After spending about 2 weeks in Guatemala and over two month in the rest of Central America I was excited to finally get to Mexico. Even though I was visiting places I had never visited before I was excited to be back in a country I had been to many times in my life growing…
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Pupusa mania in El Salvador!!!

I had been told that when and if I visit El Salvador I have to binge on Pupusas, because they are good and very cheap. I had no clue what Pupusas were but “good & cheap” sounded good to me. Since I spent over a week in El Salvador I can tell you that now…
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