Tapas, Tapas & more Tapas in Spain!!!

I’ll be honest I had always heard of Tapas and knew they were a spanish dish, but was never sure what they really were. Now that I spent over a week in Spain I know exactly what they are. Tapas are like mini appetizers that you share with everyone at the table. Tapas come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Here I will show you a variety of Tapas I had during my time in Valencia and Granada.


Even though we didn’t do much in Valencia we did manage to eat tapas a few times. Here we have the basic bread & cheese tapas.

We also ordered chorizo and bread tapas. 

For dinner one of the nights my tapa was cheese & pepperoni. 


Those were some of the ones that I had in Valencia. Now Granada was a game changer. In Granada they take pride in the variety of Tapas they offer and they also take pride in being one of the only places in Spain that have kept the tradition alive of when you order a drink you get a free tapa. Yes you read right you order a 1-3euro drink & you receive a free Tapa. The good thing is the more drinks you order the better the tapas get. You can go Tapas hoping around the city or sometimes hang out at a certain tapas bar and havea  few drinks to get better things. Here are some of the amazing tapas I had in Granada.

This is a menu of a Tapas bar. As you can see for 2euros you get a beer and your choice of the above tapas.

The 1st night in Granda we went to this bar and got this. Sometimes you pick, but most of the time you don’t. This was a basic ham & cheese sandwich with fries.

Later that night we attend a flamenco show and I ordered a tuna with strawberryjam on bread tapa. At 1st I was like how the hell does that taste, but had to try so I did. The verdict it tast so damn good. Now I wanna mix my tuna and strawberry jam…lol!!!

After a long day at the Alhambra Gaby & I were craving asian food. So we visited a asian tapas bar. We ordered a 2euro drink and I choose spring rolls.

I ordered a 2nd drink and the 2nd time around I choose noodles with vegetables. 

Later that night a group from the hostel decided to visit a seafood tapas bar. We were only going to order one and then hit another one, but loved it so much we ordered 3 dirnks each so we could see what else we would get. With our 1st drink we got octopus legs with olives and salad. It was so damn good. 

With our 2nd order of drinks we got sardines with potatoes. 

Then our 3 order of drinks we got fresh shrimp with fish patties along with potato salad. It was like a mini surprise of unkown each time we would order a drink. All 3 of them tasted so good. We could have stayed here for ever but we wanted to visit another tapas bar. 

We got to the other Tapas bar ordered our drinks!!! Ahhh I love beer… it’s so good. Only 2euro of course.

With our 1st order of drinks we got some mini sandwiches with I have no clue in them, but they were good. 

Then we were all just about full, but thought we should order one more drink before calling it a night. We ordered a 2nd drink there and received beef with fries & bread tapas.


Eating all these tapas reminded me of the time I went Pupusa mania in El Salvador. Unlike Pupusas I loved the fact that you have a choice of so many different types of Tapas to choose from. I only spent 2 nights in Granada and knew I could have easly spent a week there not only exploring the amazing town that it is, but going to all the different types of Tapas bars that they have. It was so cheap to eat there because hello I am a beer drinker and normaly do spend 2-3euro on a beer so if I could do the same and get a free meal on it why not? I’m looking forward to coming back to Spain and try so more types of Tapas. So have you ever tried Tapas? Did you know what Tapas were? It’s okay because I had no clue either. After seeing these photos… don’t you want come to Spain and eat your heart away?

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  1. Oh man, that has made me so hungry! CHEESE! Looking at pictures of cheese is like torture! I can’t find it ANYWHERE in Asia!

    Oh, i wish I was in Spain right now! Hahahaha.
    Lauren recently posted..Two Months of Travel – Summary and Statistics

    • Oh wow I would have never thought that. Is it really hard to get cheese out there? Oh man that must be hard… sorry Lauren. You could always come to Spain…lol!

  2. Wow, so much “free” food! Even tuna and jam tastes good when it’s free, eh? 🙂
    I love the chorizo in red wine sauce, it’s one of my faves even here in the UK.
    Julia recently posted..Weighting Time

  3. Okay wait til you get to Barcelona. There are some amazing Tapa’s bars there. Go to Sagardi in El Born district…. it is the best and busiest in Barcelona. They have plates and plates of the most amazing Tapas on top of the bar and you just ask for an empty plate and take what you want, then they count the number of toothpicks on your plate and charge you accordingly. By far the best Tapas I have had in all of Spain!

  4. AMAZING. I need to go to Granada now!

  5. Ahhhh Spanish cuisine is the BEST! I’m sooo jealous!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Review: LottyB Mustique

  6. I needed this post before we went to Spain. I never knew what to order when it came to tapas and missed out on delicious food. I am so hungry right now, heading out the door to gorge myself and dream of Tapas in Spain!

    • Deb sometimes I still dont know… the good thing about Granada they just come out with your drink it is amazing. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast or lunch.

  7. Smart way to eat/drink. I don’t know about those octopus legs 🙂
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..NVR 101 – Visiting Africa

  8. I can’t wait to get back to Granada. I was there 11 years ago and I really want to see the Alhambra again, and this free tapas situation just looks amazing. Andy and I will get there eventually….
    Ali recently posted..Adjusting to Germany

  9. I felt like Homer from the Simpson’s watching the pics of beer and food, drool dripping down my face and all, lol… just kidding ….but seriously yummmmmmmmm!!! omg, i love tapas. did anything taste bad from your tapas experience cuz it all looked so good, even the fried sardines.
    Toni recently posted..Austin City Limits – 2011

  10. Tapas are something super delicious especially in Spain.

  11. We spent every night in Spain searching out new and innovative tapas. Not a bad pursuit!
    Erik recently posted..Photo of the Day- Rock Hyrax, Israel


    I was a fan of the jamon and so we ordered it every time we went out. And fried sardines. YUM.
    Erica recently posted..Myths of Scuba Diving

  13. Wow, this food looks AMAZING!! Especially the octopus legs 😀
    Patricia GW recently posted..Food in Paris – Part I

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