The day I got my haircut from a survivor of The Killing Fields at home.

Fox Hair Design, Houston

This is a story I shared on my Personal & Blog Facebook page as soon as it happened on Saturday, October 26. It got so many responses and LIKE’s I thought I should share it on my blog as well. It’s a story that should be told and shared so I am with a few more…
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The 9/11 Memorial in photos and the thoughts I had while visiting.

9/11 Memorial

It’s been 12 years to the day of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S.A. It’s a day that for most of us that were alive and old enough to remember we will never forget. Most of us will always remember the exact moment we heard the horrible news and the feelings we had…
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Daily Travel Budget – July (2011)


One of my goals is to show everyone how affordable it is to travel. In order to do so I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to my budget. I am going to keep track of my daily expenses and make them public. The comments will be closed because this is…
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Photo Round Up – Week 20

While waiting in hour long traffic to get back into the United States a million vendors will come up to you and try to sell you anything and everything.

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week. Hope you all enjoy them. I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! Yes sadly during my 3.5 months in Central America & Mexico I went through 2 digital cameras. Now that I got home I bought a new & better one. After doing research I ended up…
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Photo Round Up – Week 19

This is me along with my best friends in the world. The 5 of us have been best friends for over 9 years and my love for them is unconditional. We call ourselves "The Incredibles" I know childish, but it's who we are...lol!!!

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week. Hope you all enjoy them. THIS WEEKS UPDATES MONDAY – 7/4/11 – Music Monday – Independence Day TUESDAY – 7/5/11 – My Best Friends Wedding!!! THURSDAY – 7/7/11 – My 7 Links: A !ook back @ a!! my scanda!s. PREVIOUS PHOTO UPDATE WEEK 18 WEEK…
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