My top 10 travel destinations.

Sahara Desert, Morocco

My plans were to explore and photograph NYC so my day pack was packed with my DSLR, NYC Subway map and book to read. As I was about to walk out the door to start my day my phone rang from an unknown number. I normally never answer unknown numbers, but my gut told me…
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Diary of a “Transportation Day”…

This is a shot of a classic "Chicken Bus" in Central America. You grow to love them a lot.

A “transportation day” is a day where I am transporting my self from one city/town to the next. Sometimes it’s a short few hour bus ride and others it’s several buses and an entire day of transportation. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you will have noticed that every few days (sometimes weeks)…
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Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua!

This is Volcano Cerro Negro the slope on the left (when looking at the screen) is the slope we slid down.

To be honest I had no clue what Volcano boarding was until recently. By recently I mean at the start of my trip when I spent two weeks traveling with Jessica and Dani. They told me that when I made it to Leon I had to go Volcano Boarding. As soon as they explained to…
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Photo Round Up – Week 8

Volcano boarding on Volcano Cerro Negro near Leon, Nicaragua. This is me goofing around a bit before actually going down and flipping over who knows how many times.

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week. Hope you all enjoy them. THIS WEEKS UPDATES MONDAY 4/18/11 – Music Monday – A Place In This World TUESDAY 4/19/11 – The “Traca Traca” in Granada!!! PREVIOUS PHOTO UPDATE WEEK 7 WEEK 6 WEEK 5


The “Traca Traca” in Granada!!!

Traca Traca toy

After spending 4 nights in Isla de Ometepe I knew I wanted to stay longer. I had an insightful conversation with a drag queen about GLBT issues in Nicaragua. I also had an amazing scandalous night on the beach under the stars. A part of me did not want to leave Isla de Ometepe, but…
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