Camping in El Chalten!!!

Sunrise on Fitz Roy, El Chalten.

I met them by chance. 2 girls were sitting next to me on the hostel computer and I could hear them planning something, but wasn’t sure what. So I asked them and come to find out we had similar plans and they too were going to El Chalten after Bariloche. I let them know I…
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Diary of a 25.5 hour bus ride through Patagonia.

Bus ride from Bariloche to El Chalten.

I had been warned of the extremely long distances between places in South America. I had also been warned of the steep prices some of these bus fares would cost me. I have done many crazy long transportation days in the past like the one in Central America, or the of the 2nd class train…
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On being recognized for the first time.

Ancud, Chiloe

There I was taking a photo of I can’t even remember the name of this beach off the coast of the island of Chiloe, Chile. When suddenly someone asked “Are you Breakaway Backpacker?” I said “Umm yes.” & couldn’t stop smiling & laughing. —The photo I took right before I was asked.— She started laughing too…
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The alleys and street art of Valparaiso in photos.

View of Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is a city I have been wanting to visit for years. I had heard that it is a city filled with colorful houses and street art everywhere. Y’all know I love both of those things so it was high on my list of places to visit during my time in South America. Lucky for…
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I finally made it to South America!!!

On the Santiago metro.

I stepped off the plane in Santiago and was filled with joy. I’m not one to tout numbers, but I was so fucking excited because I had finally made it to South America. It was now continent number 5 and country number 32 that I have visited. I know it doesn’t matter at all and…
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