Random statistics from a 2 year backpacking trip around the world.

At the start of my trip around the world I told my self I would keep track of many random statistics, but after a few weeks it honestly become tedious and I stopped keeping track of most of them. The only things I did keep track during the entire trip were how many beds I slept on, how many men I kissed, how many men I had sex with and just a few other things. Now you may be wondering well how did you get the rest of these statistics? I wish I could say it was easy, but it wasn’t I got them by doing lots of research at my notes, my budget cheats, my bank accounts and going through my entire trip in my head to write them down. I’m sharing all this information because some of these are questions I have received often from family, friends and readers so I feel like it will be interesting to share with everyone so you can see my entire 2 year trip broken down in different random statistics. So here you have it some random statistics along with thoughts of mine.

Duration – 2 years

March 1, 2011 – March 1, 2013

Continents – 4

North America, Europe, Africa, Asia

I didn’t touch South America at all because I believe that it in itself requires at least a year or more to explore. I know it’s a continent I wouldn’t mind spending an entire year exploring since I speak Spanish and have always found it inriging. As for Australia if you’ve followed my blog you know that after Egypt it’s the 2nd country I can not wait to visit, but for some reason haven’t made it there yet. I plan on doing the 1 year working VISA there before I turn 30 (must do that within the next 3 years) though. It’s between these two continets that I am torn between for being my next big adventure, even though I think I already know what I will end up doing. Oh & um of course I would love to visit Antarctica one day too. 

Countries – 30

U.S.A., Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Vatican, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates

My top 5 favorite countries
  • Egypt 
  • Turkey
  • Nicaragua
  • Spain
  • Vietnam 

Cities visited during a trip around the world.

—Instead of listing them all thought I’d make an awesome photo with the names of the cities.—

Cities – 103

Of those 103 cities I spent the most time in the following cities:

  • Cairo – 175 days
  • Athens – 29 days
  • Istanbul – 28 days
  • Playa Del Carmen – 17 days
  • Barcelona -15 days 
  • Koh Tao – 15 days

Border Crossings – 39

I hate crossing borders for some reason no matter if it’s by land or air a devolped country or not I get so scared and nervous. I honestly have no clue why they scare me so much. I know I’m not doing anything iliegal so have nothing to worry about, but still would every time. Oh & of all the border crossings I was left behind by my bus at 1 of them when I was going from Malaysia to Singapore.
  • 21 by land
  • 18 by air

Kiss – 26

I didn’t think of keeping track of this at all, but after posting my first XXX escapade on my blog everyone wanted me to put a “Kiss Counter” on my side bar and since I never did that I decided to keep track of them on my own and disclose the final count at the end. The sad part is that 25 of them were within the first 11 months of my trip, but the best part is that the day I arrived in Cairo I hit 26 and well he was my last and final kiss through out the remaining 13 months.

Sex – 10

I look at this number and freaking laugh because I remember most of them and because the majority came from Central America. I know it’s a damn shame, but you know what I am human… I have sex and 9 of them are from when I was single. We all have needs and when you are on the road you know everyone is having sex too. I hate when people are like “how do you write about that” or “omg” . Truth is when I hear that in my mind I’m like “ummm shut up we are backpacking the world single of course we are having sex just no one else is writing about it”. The one thing I am proud of is that well once again as soon as I met him he was my number 10 and it stayed that way until the end. When I’m in a committed relationship I am in a committed relationship.

Love – 1

I was very scandalous until the day I met the man of my dreams and fell in love in Egypt. That is all I will say because I’ve written enough about it and said I wouldn’t write about it anymore on the last post I wrote “The last goodbye“.


Accommodation around the world.

—I remember each and every single bed in this photo collage.—

Beds – 185

When you are traveling the world on a budget you end up sleeping on everything. I have slept on beds… from a thin piece of foam on boards to a comfortable bed in a 5 star hotel, to bunks where I thought they would break from my weight. I have also slept on the floor of train stations, airports on the ground of an active volcano and under the stars in the Sahara Desert. Oh & lets not forget my worst travel habit falling asleep on buses, planes, trains and just about anything that is getting from point A to point B during transportation days. I didn’t count those though, because well those really aren’t beds.

Flights – 32

I didn’t plan on flying so much, but once you are on the road you find out that  in some places it is just more conivinient and cheaper to fly than take another mode of transportation.

  • My shortest flight was Barcelona – Ibiza (45 minutes)
  • My longest flight was Dubai – Houston (17 hours)

Airports – 31  


Of the 31 airports I visited I did spend the night at 3 of them because of an early flight and to save on accommodation.

Books Read – 15

White Tiger, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Banksy the Man Behind the Wall, First They Killed My Father, A Long Way Gone, Stones into Schools, Survival in the Killing Fields, Marching Powder, Children of the Alley, Khan al Khalili, Yacoubian Building

The truth is I’ve never really been much of a reader and during my 1st year on the road didn’t read any books. I didn’t start reading until I got to India where WiFi was limited and honestly had more free time (what not having WiFi does to a blogger). Since then I actually started reading a lot and in the span of my last year on the road read 15 books. That’s impressive… no? Some made me horny, some made me cry, some made me question religion, some taught me about random things and some were for pure entertainment. I’d love to say so much more, but know that at some point I will write a full post about all the books I read so will leave it for then.

Photos Taken – 26,024

This is an understatement I honestly think I took well over 35,000 photos. The reason I don’t know the exact number is because the number you see above is the number of photos still on my computer from my 2 years around the world. I know it’s a lot, but that doesn’t include all the photos I deleted to make space on my laptop and it was tons of them. If you want to see some of my favorite and best check out my Photo Round Ups and In Photos series. 

Postcards from around the world.

—I loved shopping for postcards and visiting random post offices.—

Post Cards Sent Home – 200+ 

Yes you read right I sent over 200 postcards home. I wish I had kept track of every single postcard I sent home, but didn’t. So I found my self going through my notes and know I sent postcards home  from 12 different countries. I also know I would normally send out at least 20 postcards or more each time so know for sure I must have sent home more than 200 postcards. Seems like so many now, but I’m happy I sent postcards home because I know people really appreciated them and well it’s also nice to get something else in the mail than just bills. I won’t lie though now that I’m home I love that I see them on my family and friends refrigerators.

Packages Sent Home – 4

One of the things I’m  happy I did during my trip around the world was ship small souvenirs home along with a few gifts for my family and friends.  When you are on the road you want to buy everything, but it is hard to buy anything because once you buy it you must carry it around with you until you ship home. Now that I am home I love my magnet collection and my travel shelf filled with things from around the world. I shipped home four times from the following places: 

  • Cairo, Egypt 
  • Darjeeling, India 
  • Mumbai, India 
  • Istanbul, Turkey

ATMs Used – 146

It was a bit of a pain to go through 2 years of bank statements to get this figure, but it was one I was curious to know. I’m also happy that my ATM card was never lost, stolen or stuck in a machine. Also of the 146 ATMs I used I received $0 in FEES because the bank I bank with doesn’t charge me a fee for using any ATM around the world and refunds me the fee the ATM charges me for using their ATM and not being a customer. Oh yes Charles Schwab rocks… if you are a US citizen you should check them out. 

Travel Bloggers Met – 42

Globetrotter Girls, Never Ending Voyage, Vagabond Quest, Expert Vagabond, Superxicana Travel Adventures, Over Yonderlust, Wandering Earl, 1 Dad 1 Kid, Val Bromann, Ali’s Adventures, Grounded Traveler, Where’s Waldner, Travels of Adam, Cheryl Howard, Where is Jenny, Get Up & Globe, Bacon is Magic, Travel Reportage, Wonderlust Project, No Vacation Required, Travel This Earth, Globo Treks, Am I Nearly There Yet, Two Bad Tourist, Backpacker Becki, Travel Theatrics

I love that I was able to meet this many travel bloggers. I have a post coming out later with photos of every one I was able to get a photo with. Oh and  the post will include who I hated, who I loved, who was not like they are on their blog, who does nothing but drink, who said what about who, who really does nothing all day, who lies on their blog and so many more thoughts. Yes I’m gonna spill all the dirty secrets… LOL… I’M JUST KIDDING, but no I really do have a post I want to do about every one I met, because seriously it was always nice to meet up with another travel blogger on the road… we just understand each other.

Jeans – 4 pair

No I didn’t travel with 4 pair of jeans… I went through 4 pair of jeans. I know it’s the most controversial item in a backpackers packing list, but I’ve said it before and will say it again: “JEANS are the most important thing I have in my backpack (I keep my laptop in my daypack so it doesn’t count). Don’t listen to ANYONE who tells you that they are heavy, a bitch to wash or anything else they may say to sway you not to bring them. Jeans are a UNIVERSAL clothing item… just about anywhere you go in the world people are wearing jeans.” I used my jeans more than any other piece of clothing I had and would always get holes in the ass after a few months. That is why I went through 4 pair, plus it was fun to do some shopping on the road here and there. 

Haircuts around the world.

—Do you see the cow?—

Hair Cuts – 16

One of the greatest adventures you will ever take in your life is getting your hair cut in a foreign country. Yes that is a fact, because most of the time you don’t even speak the same language and explaining to them how you want your hair is well yup an adventure. For some reason I remember most of my hair cuts and I think it’s because a hair cut is personal, I mean someone is cutting YOUR hair. My 3 most memorable hair cuts are: Dahab, Egypt because after he was done cutting my hair he threaded my eyebrows, forehead and ears… I was in so much pain and had never had that done to me in my life. My $1 haircut in India is one I will never forget because we couldn’t understand each other, kept arguing because I wanted it shorter and a cow walked by like nothing. I also will never forget the free haircut I got from my friend Jason on the roof top of our hostel in Istanbul, Turkey. I’m not sure why I kept track of this, these are all the places I got a haircut at:

  • Granada, Nicaragua
  • Merida, Mexico
  • Houston, TX
  • Valencia, Spain 
  • Essaoura, Morocco 
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Athens, Greece
  • Dahab, Egypt
  • Khajuraho, India
  • Mumbai, India
  • Cairo, Egypt
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Boracay, Philippines
  • Melaka, Malaysia
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Cairo, Egypt

Held at Gunpoint – 1

Yes I was held at gunpoint exactly one month into my 2 year trip around the world. I remember crying and crying and almost going home too, but am glad I didn’t because if not I would have missed out on some awesome hair cuts. I wrote all about it so you can check it out here (Held at gunpoint in Monteverde.).

Arrested – 1 

I didn’t go to jail, but yes I was arrested once. It was a crazy fucking night in Manila, Philippines and a night I will never forget. I jumped off the motorcycle taking me to jail and was able to bribe the cops in the end.  I would say more, but no joke this post is saved in my drafts. I didn’t post it while I was on the road because I didn’t want the news to get to my mom, but now that I have told her and nearly killed her with the story I will publish it very soon. I have now written about it: The night I was arrested and almost sent to jail in Manila.

Injured – 1

Thank Zeus I didn’t get seriously injured through out my 2 years on the road, but the one time I got close was the time I rolled down a volcano in Leon, Nicaragua and could have died. Other than that I had a few cuts here and there, but nothing serious.

Diarrhea – 1

Their were times where yes I did have to use the toilet more than often, but only once did I actually get diarrhea and had a stomach virus from something I ate. It of course happened in India where I was sick for 7 days and the worst toilet experience of my life.

Cost of a 2 year backpacking trip around the world – ???

This is the question I get asked most along with how did I do it. The good thing is I did keep track of my budget and every penny I spent and am working on a blog post that will disclose it all. I didn’t realize how time consuming these post are so will post that one next week. For now hope you enjoyed the statistics above.


Well there you have it some very random and interesting statistics from my 2 year backpacking trip around the world. I wish I could have shared more, but I didn’t keep track of many and these are the only ones I can think of for now and can figure out with what I have available. It’s kind of crazy looking at my trip through numbers, I am happy I was able to do everything I did with the budget I had.

So what do you think? Shocked at how low my SEX count is? Not so shocked at how long I spent in Cairo? Disgusted by the thought of sleeping on 185 different beds in 2 years? Do you agree with my top 5 favorite countries? Impressed by the number of books I read? Share any of the thoughts you have below… I wanna hear it all. Oh & if you have any other questions let me know in the comments because I will be doing an ASK ME ANYTHING post very soon and will answer any question(s) you have about my 2 year backpacking trip around the world.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to calculate all your statistics. Great post.

    I’m dying to know the story of what happened in Manila. So what’s your plan now? Are you going to (gasp) stay in one city in the US for an extended period of time?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Your welcome Karl. I wanted to do more, but I’ve been working on this post for a week and if I didn’t publish it now it would have never come out…lol! Oh and don’t worry I will share the ARREST story soon. As for my plans now… work save money and go for it again. Right now I’m in Houston (home) and will be here a while. It’s not the same as being on the road, but I’m happy to be home for now with friends family and not worry about where I’m sleeping tomorrow or how to get from one place another or the million exhausting things that come with backpacking.

  2. I love your random facts, we plan on keeping track of stats too but I can see how they are time consuming! But I can’t imagine all the work to go back through and find it out! Your top 5 countries look great, we are REALLY looking forward to Nicaragua Adam thinks we are going to buy a house there and move there and we haven’t even ever been! Turkey is on our must for Europe! And we really hope Egypt is safe to go to when we make it over there!

    Love that you sent post cards, I think we are going to do that too! Any hassles there? Also was it super pricy to mail package to states? We typically collect beer openers, can you guess who’s idea that was!!!

    We too have the Charles Schwab account! SOOOO glad to hear you didn’t have any issues on the road! We actually got 2 checking account, and we each have a card. So just in case we have an issue with one account we can just move money over to the other! Did you ever have to fight them on ATM refunds, and provide receipts? Did you do your web banking on a computer or app? I am nervous of accessing that information while traveling, was going to have my mom always make sure we have a set amount of money.

    Only sick 1x, you sound like us! We too don’t get sick easy! Hope we have the same record as you!!!!

    Cant wait to see you final dollar figure, and the jail story! Good thing you waited until you were home, my mom would go ballistic too! And my dad, he’s a police officer!

    Not sure if I am surprised about your sex figure, I don’t know you well enough. But I agree with you, everyone is doing it anyways and you just happen to talk about it!

    Your the best! Hope to see you at TBEX and have a crazy night, that’s post worthy!!!
    Hannah @ Getting Stamped recently posted..Meet a Traveler- Interview with Over Yonderlust

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you like them Hannah, and I’m so excited to hear you will keep track of some stats too. It’s not so much time consuming it’s more of just tedious having to remember to write it down or what not, but good luck cus in the end it’s cool to look back at numbers. Oh y’all are going to love Nicaragua… it was amazing and dirt cheap. As for Egypt don’t let the news deter you from going it’s hands down the most amazing country I visited. Egypt really has it all the Sahara, the Red Sea, the ruins, the pyramids, the nile, the city life, the village life. Ugh I miss it so much.

      Anyway so about your questions… You should definitely send post cards home get the addresses before you leave and then mail away. Don’t tell them when you send them they will get so shocked when they get it randomly through out your travels. Send home from the cheap countries and it won’t break the budget at all. Yes the CS account is perfect never had a problem with them and they automatically refunded all the fees. I accessed the account through my laptop and never had any problems either. I did get sick a few time but it was like a cough here or there and nothing serious. I’m so lucky to have a body that tolerates a lot of things. Good answer about the sex figure jaja… love it! So yes I will be sharing the total cost next week and the arrest story soon. I hope I make it to TBEX because if I do we’ll have to have a drink together.

      Thanks for the comment and well let me know if you need anything else or have any other questions!

  3. Sorry for the Manila incident 😐 If i remember it right, we were supposed to meet that day too. I was a bit busy and Malate is quite far from my place. I rarely move around Manila (I’m lazy when in big cities lol). I’m just glad you’re safe… even if it meant you had to bribe 😐 I’m sorry about it 😐

    at least you had fun times in El Nido and Boracay, right? 😀
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Zoobic Safari – The Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG Mica, no don’t apologize seriously it is not your fault at all. This could have happened anywhere in the world and well it just so happened to happen to me in Manila. The story has so many more details, so don’t worry. In the end I still love the Philippines and omg had some of my best memories made in Boracay and El Nido.

  4. This is great, Jaime! I’m impressed by your precision at record keeping (I’m a total nerd like that, so this is the kind of thing I’d do too!) That’s awesome you got to meet so many other travel bloggers; I’m really looking forward to reading more about that on your blog. Also, I think your attitude towards writing about your sex life on the blog is really great: “ummm shut up we are backpacking the world single of course we are having sex just no one else is writing about it”! So true!
    Sam recently posted..Finding Beauty in…Bahía Blanca

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Sam. Most of these I had to go back and look through my notes, photos, other things and memory to get these numbers. I’m so happy I was able to meet up with so many other bloggers it was so unexpected but loved all of them. Glad you like my attitude about talking about sex on my blog, because sometimes people just don’t get it and well like I said we are human we all do it…lol!!!

  5. Wow I am so impressed with how much you kept track of! I can’t even keep track of stuff on a weekend trip!!! 30 countries is SO amazing!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Cayman Islands: Day 2 (Part 3)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Andi, I’d love to see some of your stats you travel so much. I’m so happy I was able to visit 30 countries… that’s a lot of countries to visit in one chunk. Ah the world is amazing and I so wanna see more!!!

  6. LOVE this, Jaime! I kept track of my stats in Australia, but they weren’t as exciting, more like “beers sampled” and “books read.” Hope to finally meet this year! Maybe at TBEX Toronto?
    Caroline Eubanks recently posted..The Best Study Abroad Resources

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Carolin, glad you enjoyed it. I need to check out your stats post on Australia… I’ll be living there one day. I honestly think stats post are the best and funnest to read cus they are just so random and you get to see a journey in numbers. Oh & I may be going to TBEX so it would be awesome to finally meet.

  7. A very interesting read. I’m keeping a tab on all my expenses and income (well, I have to do that for tax reasons) but that’s about it. I mean, I know exactly how many people I’ve kissed and slept with – but it has only been 3 months :p
    David @ That Gay Backpacker recently posted..Stuff you can buy at Luang Prabang’s awesome night market.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Keep track of everything David, you will laugh later at some of the things. I’m curious to see your kiss & sex count at the end…lol!!!

  8. Herroooooooo omg I love this! Please I can’t even keep track of yesterday forget about keeping track of all of that so congrats for all that research!
    Just so you know, my main bloggie now is 🙂 Can you switch me up? Pretty please?

    I forgot you went to Athens- will be hitting you up later about that since we are going there later on this year 🙂
    Mica recently posted..Five Fantastic Reasons to Visit Lanzarote in March

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jajaja glad you loved it Mica, I know it was a pain to do all the research but worth it. I knew yours was different, but wasn’t sure. I just changed it so should be good now! Oh & yeah I lived in an Apt for a month in Athens… it’s a crappy city, but interesting at the same time. Hit me up and I will tell you more about it.

  9. Amazing how you wrote it so easy to read. Congratulations! I love it!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks BR yup I made sure I wrote it for people to be able to read it easy. I didn’t just wanna throw numbers up there. Glad you enjoyed it!

  10. Love it!! And I’m happy that we got to meet twice! You know, I was actually thinking of a stats blog post and I wanted to do one Facebook update where I would rank countries based on the haircut quality I got… Turkey being by far the best and Belize the worst!!

    I’m keeping track of a few of those things too. I have one stat that might shock you, but it hasn’t happened yet. 😉

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ja glad you loved it and hell yes I’m happy we got to meet up twice. You should def do a stats post… I think they are so interesting to read so do it for sure. I love your idea of rating countries based on haircut quality never thought of that…lol. I am now curious though to know what is that mystery thing you are tracking???

  11. Whoa! Amazing how you were able to keep track! Saw your tweets while you’re in Manila and I was kinda glum I wasn’t in my country then. Would be awesome to meet you. Can’t wait to hear about that arrest.
    Gaye @ Pinay Travel Junkie recently posted..We’re not running away, we’re running towards adventure!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Gaye, it really would have been awesome to meet you too. Our paths will cross at some point at least I hope. Oh & I will share the story soon.

  12. Awesome post Jamie! Absolutely loved it and so interesting to read all those stats. So happy to have met you in Melaka:)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Keara and am glad you loved it. I am also happy to have met you and I still remember how crazy it was to find out you were a blogger too. We are such a rare bread…lol!!! Hope to see you in TBEX if I make it.

  13. Jamie, you surprised me. I can’t believe you managed to keep track of all of these stats!! We were doing that on our trip until months 2 and got way too lazy after that 🙂
    jill recently posted..Miracle of the Year: Getting Scuba Certified in Hawaii

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Jill well I only kept track of a few on the road… I had to go back through lots of things to figure out the rest. I too got tired of keeping track of it after a few weeks.

  14. This is an awesome resource Jaime! Love that you kept track of so many details. I didn’t necessarily keep a counter but I wrote in my diary so regularly while traveling I have a record of a lot of the same info…I’m just not nearly as organized as you!!

    Your comments about all the travel bloggers you met made me LOL!
    Adam recently posted..Well-designed hotels with a sense of style—all the rage or rage-inducing?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Adam, yeah I was tired of keeping track of it on the road but am happy I was able to gather all this info using all the resources I had. Oh & I’d love to write a post like that, but know I don’t have the balls to do it…lol. Plus I really did like everyone so not much to say…lol.

  15. Holy Hannah that’s a lot of stats! I’m dying to hear the arrest story btw…DYING!!

  16. I can’t believe you only got sick once. Very lucky!
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Grazing at The Herbfarm

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I know I really am Kent. I mean I got a cough here and there, but like sick sick was just that time.

  17. I love these stats. I think when I go abroad I will start tracking some of these things from the beginning so I don’t have to go back and calculate them later. The best thing about a trip like this is you still have so many untold stories to share.
    Scott – Quirky Travel Guy recently posted..Visiting the Westboro Baptist Church and the Rainbow House across the street

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you like the stats Scott and hope you are able to keep track of them as well. Oh & yes I still have tons of untold stories so I will keep them coming while I’m at home.

  18. I’m amazed you’ve kept travel of it all. I get to a point where I feel I don’t care any more and just want rid of all that paperwork! I feel I should up my game! I can’t even remember all of the people I’ve kissed while traveling, let alone their names (if I knew them to start with) and it’s much less than 26! Thanks for the ongoing entertainment – your stuff always brings a smile to my face.
    Joshua @ Engineer on the Road recently posted..London: I hate you. I love you.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Im the same way Joshua, I got to a point where I didn’t care too and well now paid the price cus it was very tedious to go back through everything to get the count. Oh and yeah I can’t remember everyones name I kissed or hell even had sex with. It’s quite sad actually…lol! Glad my blog brings ya smiles.

  19. I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, but thanks for all the interesting stats and tidbits. Lots of interesting stories that I’ll have to go back and read! I’m planning on doing some travels, but haven’t been able to yet this year because I’ve been stuck with lots of work for classes :-\

    I’m a bit obsessive with lists and spreadsheets and I’m wondering what I should start keeping track of!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Chewy and welcome to my blog. I’ve got plenty of interesting stories to keep you busy for a while so I really hope you enjoy them. If you need anything planning your trip be sure to let me know and I’d be more than happy to help you out. Oh & good luck tracking statistics it’s so fun to loo at at the end of a trip.

  20. Great post as always! I love that you were able to compile all of these numbers!

    Your favorite country is Egypt? Shocker 🙂
    Erik recently posted..The Tombs of the Patriarchs, Hebron

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Erik & yeah I don’t think anyone who has ever read my blog would be shocked that Egypt is my favorite country.

  21. Nice post. I enjoyed your stats. I am glad to see that you shared your 2 years experience with us. This information can help others. Thanks for writing this stuff. 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Peter, yes I hope this helps others realize that it is possible to breakaway and live life on your terms.

  22. Love this post! Random stuff is always cool in my mind. When you count the kisses, is it one session per person or one encounter in general (which could span several days or so). Just wondering… 🙂
    Lisa @chickybus recently posted..Trippy #Travel #Photo Game 24: Guess what, guess where! #ttot #photography

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jaja never thought to mention that Lisa, but good question. That is the # of men I kissed… not the number of kisses I had. So my bf & I kissed like a million times… I didn’t include those, I just included him as 1 and same for everyone else.

  23. Hold up… You traveled around the world for TWO YEARS and only got diarrhea ONCE?? Boy do I envy you! I think I average twice per 6 weeks when I’m traveling! 😛

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yup Aaron that is true. Of course here there I’d have to go a bit more than often, but actual diarrhea where i thought i was going to die only once in India and it was bad…lol!

  24. I love this post, Jaime! I love that you kept track of all these random statistics – it’s little things like getting a haircut though that make a place memorable isn’t it? I had to laugh about your threading experience – I let a little girl in Cambodia convince me that my legs were too hairy and her mom would thread them for me. Most painful experience of my life, and it went on forever. Please publish the post about your arrest soon – I mean, we know most of it but there are still some things we don’t know. Can’t believe your told your mom!!! 😉
    Dani recently posted..Struck by a wave of charm in Valdivia

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you loved it Dani. I agree getting your haircut somewhere really makes it way more memorable, it’s something you don’t do often and very personal so you remember it. Oh & yeah NEVER will I ever do threading again… I can’t believe you got your legs done. I would have cried.

      Ahh & yes I will publish the post… I’m slowly catching up to everything I wanna post before I share that story. I can’t believe I told my mom either, she nearly died.

  25. You met 42 travel bloggers? I am jealous! I can’t wait for the day I meet a fellow blogger on the road!
    Emma Spires recently posted..Apr 13, Backpacker’s Guide To WWOOFING

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh you will Emma, we are all over the world. Just keep an eye out to peoples tweets and if you know they are near you try and make a meet up possible.

  26. Wow, where to start. As I am on my second RTW, although I am stopped permanently in Asia, I have some experience with this. The stats I find most interesting: 1) keeping track of all of the beds you slept in; 2) the patience to send all of those postcards; 3) ATMs used – I could not imagine trying to find my number. Also, I try not to travel with jeans, particularly in hot destinations like Asia and Central America, but there are times that I miss them. They were a must in South America and Europe though! congrats on surviving the 2 years!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahh you are on your 2nd RTW… You are my idol Amber… I don’t wanna travel full time, but love RTW’s. I’m saving for my 2nd one as we speak. I like that you like some of my statistics, but oh man I have to travel with jeans… I don’t know what I’d do with out them, but I guess it does depend on where you go cu yup I remember being mostly in shorts in Central America and some of SEA.

  27. This is one of my favorite blog posts from anywhere in the blogesphere….

  28. This is a fun list! I also keep stats of my big trips. Otherwise it can be so hard to explain a trip like that to people back home. They can’t understand most of what you felt, but they can understand when you say “Here are the ten weirdest things I ate”.
    Robb recently posted..Step #3 To Becoming Awesome: Assess Your Situation

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Exactly Robb, it’s so much easier to explain a trip of this size in random stats like this. It’s easier for people to grasp.

  29. Very interesting stats, thanks for sharing

  30. I just discovered your blog and I am absolutely in love with your spirit! I appreciate your thoroughness and brute honesty in the way you write. You had me at hand job on a chicken bus! The world needs more beautiful, adventurous souls out there in the world! Keep doing brilliant things with you life. Can’t wait to read what’s next!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG Hayli… I loved your comment. I love that I had you at that post. LOL still can’t believe I did that and that I wrote about it. I am so happy to hear you love my spirit and blog. This is me… I am me and tell it how it is. I don’t see why we shouldn’t share what really happens on the road… all the good and bad. Yeah it’s not always pretty and hello most of us are having lots of sex on the road too. SO yeah whatever. Anyway thanks for following along and like I tell anyone if you ever need anything let me know and I will help you if I can. I have plenty of post coming.

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