Kissing, skinny-dipping & being scandalous in Manuel Antonio!!!


From the beginning of my trip I was looking forward to visiting Manuel Antonio the most. The reason behind that is because I knew it was one of the few, if not the only city that is openly supportive of the gay community and welcomes us with open arms in Central America. They have exclusively gay hotels; gay bars/clubs they even have a gay beach. I knew I was going to have a great time in Manuel Antonio I just didn’t know how much of a great time.

This is the city center of Manuel Antonio. Its about 6-8 shops with the beach is in front and the behind it are a few hostels & hotels.

After spending 2 weeks in Panama even with the crazy penis story it was time for me to head back to Costa Rica. It was time for me to head to Manuel Antonio to be exact. After 5 different buses and 13 hours latter I finally made it to Manuel Antonio from David, Panama. I arrived Sunday night so I spent it just unwinding. The next morning I spent it wondering around the city getting the lay of the land. Come to find out Manuel Antonio is a pretty small town with nothing much to do but visit the beach or the national park. It’s not a big party town like I thought but thankfully I had a gay nightclub “Liquid Lounge” to go to for my entertainment at night.

My schedule for the next week was beach bum & then

After spending my days away at the beach it was finally Tuesday night I got dressed and was excited to go out. It even felt weird dressing up and doing my hair. I hadn’t tried to look cute in a while. I made it to the club and to my surprise only about 8 of us were there. I laughed and thought great what the hell is supposed to happen with just 8 of here.  Come to find out a lot can happen… So I get there and this very handsome guy is sitting there alone so I decide to go up to him and start talking. We end up talking for about 2 hours; he even bought me a beer (I’m on a budget so you know I am not passing up a free drink anywhere I go). I actually remember his name and everything we talked about, but I don’t want to disclose his information. For now I am just going to name him Tyler (I miss him a little).  So Tyler and me hit it off very well and after a few drinks he gets the nerve to invite me to his hotel to have a few more drinks. He had already mentioned he was staying at the gay hotel up the street. In my mind I thought okay that’s safe he can’t be some crazy killer… he’s legit.

So we got to the hotel and I loved it. Everything was so clean; he had an actual room with a huge bed and television and mini-fridge (that’s so sad that excites me now…lol). So we were there and we start drinking. He then asks me so what do you want to do… I was like oh we can just drink on the balcony and look at the stars (how cheesy I know… I was nervous). He said do you want to go swimming? I said sure. So we go outside to the pool and he gets naked and jumps in. I start laughing because I was going to go swimming in my trunks, he told me I had to get naked too so I did and jumped in. So there we were the two of us naked in the hotel pool with no worry in the world swimming around. He finally approached me up close and told me I was very handsome I told him that he was too and then he kissed me. So we spent the next hour kissing and frolicking naked in the pool. I was ready to take it up stairs (I know I am horrible). I noticed we were out of beer so I told him we should go upstairs and get some more.  We made our way back upstairs to his room and had our selves another beer. Before I knew it things got hot & steamy and I ended the night with a bang. We took showers and after that we just laid there on his bed talking about a million things. This guy was very interesting and very nice. I wanted to stay the night but the next morning I had to get up early to change hostels. He ended up dropping me off at my hostel (thank god because it was far away and I was not going to walk up hill that late at night).

She was freaking awesome!!! Had so much energy and knew how to work it.

The next morning I woke up and couldn’t believe what had happen. I was in a rush to change hostels I was moving to one a lot closer to the beach and one that I would get my own room for the same price as a dorm. After settling in not having much else to do I made it a beach day. I spent the day giggling and still not believing it. I mean I knew I wanted to be scandalous just didn’t think I was going to have the opportunity too. After that I knew I wanted to spend a week in Manuel Antonio I wanted to have more fun!

It was Wednesday night and I got ready to go out again. This time it was maybe about 15 of us and 8 of them were a group of friends from Chicago. It was getting late and we were all about to leave they were going to walk down hill to the beach to go swimming. I asked them if I could tag along so I didn’t have to walk to my hostel alone. I was really going to go the hostel, but when we got to the beach they asked me to join them. They were all so handsome and before I knew it they were getting naked and running into the ocean. How the hell could I pass that up I asked myself so I got naked and ran into the ocean as well. Then out of no where some guy came up and told us that we shouldn’t be swimming at night because the current is strong and something can happened to one of us. We loved that he didn’t care that we were all naked. So we all got dressed and called it a night.

Local drag queen performing "Bad Romance"!

To not drag this along and incriminate myself too much I am going to wrap it up by saying the rest of the week was a damn blast. I spent my days at the beach and nights being scandalous. My kiss count has now gone up to 5, my skinny-dipping count has stayed at 2 and as for the other counts I will keep those to myself. The sad thing is I only remember the name of the first guy as for the rest of them I have no clue. Saturday was even more fun since a local drag queen was retiring. It was crazy crowded in the club and for a second I felt like I was at home. I felt so free and just loved the fact that the gay community is amazing everywhere. For me traveling is to get to know other cultures. I believe the GLBT community makes up a small portion of a countries culture and it should also be explored. I know in a lot of countries I will not have the opportunity to explore it so open, because not all of them allow it to be as open. So I am going to take advantage of it where I can.

They are so damn adorable. They would just sit there and pose for us... I love them!

I mentioned that one the other things to do in Manuel Antonio was to visit the National Park… well finally after almost 10 days here I did make my way to it. I had been putting  it off because I was spending my mornings sleeping in from getting to crazy the nights before. I must admit it was worth putting it off because I ended my stay here witnessing an amazing rainforest and tons of monkeys everywhere. My time is up in Manuel Antonio thought. I loved it so much and am going to miss it, but I have to move on and explore other parts of Central America. I know I could spend another week here lounging on the beach and partying at night, but that is not why I am on the trip. So I am leaving tomorrow morning (Wednesday) and am making my way to Monteverde. Going to spend a few days there before heading on to Nicaragua.

P.S. Yes I was safe & hell no I did not tell any of them about my blog (I don’t need stalkers).

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  1. QueenBrain12 says:

    i love it!!!!! Bien escandalosa!!!!!! Eeeee

    • QueenBrain12 says:

      Thanks for always being so real with us! I keep reading your post because I feel your excitement through your words.

      Keep doing what you do!


      • Jajaja ESCANDALOSA… voy ser todo el tiempo cuando pueda!!!

        Thanks for continuing to read my blog & supporting me & also putting up with me now through skype jajajaja!!!! I LOVE YOU~

        • QueenBrain12 says:

          I’m just proud that you are putting yourself out there. I know I always tried getting you to be more flirtatious and blunt but I guess you found your mojo in CR!!! Keep living life so I can keep hearing about it! lol

          I’m already building plans for your “brand”!!! NO lie.

          Can you believe you can call me at anytime and we can talk? it’s ridic, but thank God for technology especially Iphone!!!

          I love you and I hope you arrive safely to your next destination.


          • Okay I have found my MOJO…in CR!!! Oh & trust I am keeping it~

            I love that I can call you now like whenever its so damn crazy!!!

  2. Talk about adventures! Hahaha. You should totally put the kiss count as a sidebar widget!

    Good to see you’re having a great time mate!
    Kieron recently posted..8 Reasons Why CouchSurfing Works for Me

  3. Scandalous indeed! good job man!
    Erica recently posted..Departure

  4. Ooooh, what a delicious few nights! Who would have thought Costa Rica would offer so much excitement!

  5. Scandalous and blogging about it. Love it! But seriously, glad you had a great time 😉

  6. *Grins*

    Awesome. Purely awesome. You sir are much better at the whole approaching guys than I am. I’m still as awkward as they come. I’m shocked I managed to get up to 5 considering how much of a wallflower I am.

    I hope you have many many more scandalous stories. My stories are never that scandalous(except the one with the bar in Foz do Iguacu). I sadly cannot put that on my blog as I know my grandma and parents read it. Maybe I’ll give you a little story through email.

    It sounds like an absolutely amazing city though. Really chill and relaxed. And I agree, there is a gay community everywhere. While there will always be the same types of cliques and such, I find it fascinating to see what being gay is like in different cultures. That’s actually one of the things I find fascinating when chatting with these guys at the bar. You learn exactly what it’s like. And more often than not, you’re surprised at either how much more difficult it is or easier it is. Definite eye opener at how good we have it in Canada/America.

    But it’s always nice being the cute foreigner. Keep it up man! But don’t get too far ahead!

    I wonder what the winner gets at the end?

    Corey W. recently posted..Day 111- Iguaçu Falls

    • PS. I totally started the Kiss Count competition!

      Though, admittedly, I stole it from Brook and Claire from the previous season of The Amazing Race.

      • Oh trust I am still shy it’s just sometimes I am not… it all depends on the atmosphere and whats going on. I also hope I have a lot more scandalous stories. Sucks your family and parents read your blog (at least they red it). I know my family knows about my blog but don’t think they read it. I know my parents for sure don’t read cus noone has told them about it and I don’t plan on it any time soon. They would flip if they did, but if they did find out oh well I am me and living life!!!

        I also find it very fascinating to see how gay people live around the world. Some have it easier and some not as much. It’s nice to talk with them though and get to know what issues they have to go through in their country. I must admit we are very lucky, but am glad we are both seeing the other end of things. I hope I get the chance to meet more gay people along my trip!

        P.S. LOL yes you did start the kiss count and I have no clue what the winner gets. Looser buys winner drinks for a night whenever it is we finally meet.
        Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 4

  7. Skott and Shawna says:

    Dirty, dirty boy!!! Ha! You are hilarious…I agree with Kieron…a kiss counter widget, and maybe even a skinny dip counter are definitely in order….

    Well done Jaime…

  8. First off I have to tell you I am a skinny dipping enthusiast (especially when drunk) so I say right on!

    Also I really love your honesty. I’ve always thought that a travel blog that actually talked about romance and hook-ups would be really popular but I don’t know anyone who has the guts to share that stuff (including myself). I’m pretty sure most backpackers are doing it but nobody talks about it so way to go!

    • Oh why don’t we hear about those stories on your blog??? I would to hear a good skinny-dipping story from you. Skinny-dipping is so much fun!!!

      Thanks for loving my honest… I am going to continue to be honest and if along my travels I am scandalous again I will be sure to write about it. I don’t feel a need to hold back and like you said all backpackers are doing it so why not talk about it.

  9. I agree with Kieron, add a kiss counter widget! I love that you used your car’s name as the first guy’s alias. I’m glad you had lots of fun there, but I’m also glad you decided to move on because your trip is about more than hooking up with hot guys. Although I’m sure we’re all happy to read updates on hook-ups as your travels continue 🙂
    Ali recently posted..Adventures in Flight Booking

    • Ahhh I am glad someone picked up on my cars name. I wasn’t going to link back but thought what the hell. I am still going to think about adding a kiss counter… not sure yet. As for moving on yes I had too… I could do this for a while but I know that is not why I am doing this. Plus I am sure I will come along a few more hook ups before my trip is over!

  10. WORK IT!!!!! bowchicawowow! I love it. Love the honesty. I’m all about exploring sexuality, so as long as you are safe, do it to it!!!!
    Sheryll recently posted..So Happy I Could Die

    • Okay Sheryll, I sure am working it!!! I still remember your great post about sex and travel blogs and how no one is talking about it… I put I would be honest about mine & well here you have it…lol (didn’t think it would be this soon but it was).

  11. Woah…when did your kiss count go to 5? Last I heard you were at 1…

    Aaron @ Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures recently posted..Say What Travel Photo- Bhutan Toilet Etiquette

  12. Como diría USHER… OMG!!!


    I’m glad you’re havin’ a BLAST! Keep on going!!!!!

    I WANT DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

    • Oye tienes SKYPE??? Deverias consiguer uno es gratis. Cuando lo hagas me agregas jaimedavila86 asi podemos hablar bien.

      Y si como dice USHER is right OMG….jajajajaja!!!

      Los vemos en Cancun!!!

  13. This is great! Sounds like you had quite the lovely time in Manuel Antonio. 😉

    We feel most comfortable in places that have a large LGBTQ community (and we almost exclusively dance at gay clubs), so I’m excited to see what we discover as we travel abroad. Probably nothing this exciting, though, lol.
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..5 Quirky Reasons We’ve Fallen in Love with Austin

    • Hey Christy I love how you ue the term “lovely” jajaja I really did.

      I love meeting couple who are comfortable enough to hang out at gay clubs. They are fun so I understand why… I hope on the road you are able to find some as well. Right now I’ve only been to two.

  14. Wow – someone is wasting NO time in the “have a blast” category. Next time we Skype, we want the full scoop.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..Priceline Isn’t Perfect

    • LOL I think I may start a “SCANDALOUS” section but am not sure yet…jajaja!!!

      Oh & yes um we need a SKPYE date soon. I miss y’all. Hope all is great in Prague!

  15. Whoo, look at you go! I am in love with your honesty, Jaime — seriously! It sounds like you’re having a blast, and, clearly we’re all enjoying reading about it.
    Amanda recently posted..Best Blogs of the Week &amp What in the World

  16. You are a hoot! Love your honesty, it keeps me coming back to read more and more!

  17. Ha! Sounds like you had a great time! I must admit, that huge warning at the top had me worried at first 😛

    • I thought hard if I should put it or not & well I think it was needed. Give full warning and disclosure of whats to come when you read one of my post!!!

  18. You had a great time so well done. Other readers are suggesting a kiss counter. What else have I missed?
    Natalie recently posted..Turkish Women – Meet A Mother Called Hatica

    • Looks like you didn’t miss anything. Like I mentioned above I am going to think long and hard about adding a kiss counter… not sure yet!!!

  19. I’m flagging this site for pornographic content.

    • jajajjajajajaja PINCHE WEV… QUE GACHA (in Mia’s voice)!!!! You should go for it… if you do that means I have made it…lol jk. You should so come. On Saturday i saw a lot of cute girls I know you would have fun with jajaja!!!!

  20. Haha Jaime I love the disclaimer at the top! Don’t want to sound like a conformist or anything but;

    a.) Your honesty is simply brilliant.
    b.) A kiss counter as a sidebar widget would be a great addition indeed!

    Stay mischievous and safe and most of all have fun 🙂
    Anthony recently posted..10 Signs it’s time to leave your city

    • Anthony yeah I had to put the disclaimer to make sure… I didnt want to offend anyone. As for the kiss counter I am still thinking of it!

  21. Amazing honesty Jamie I love it and keep going – Enjoy yourself man!
    Poi recently posted..Lessons of the Road 3 – When God says No!

  22. Ahhhh what an amazing post!! I love hearing your SCANDALOUS stories, and hope you’ll have lots more to tell very soon!!

    We need a kiss counter!!!
    Lauren recently posted..4 Months Until My Round-The-World Trip

  23. Jaime, I wish we would have been in Manuel Antonio with you, we would’ve had so much fun there together!! Well, but, you certainly did not need us to have fun 😉 Glad you had such a good time there – it will be a long time until you get to another place that is so welcoming to LGBT travelers XO

    P.S. I have an idea for a Music Monday song which will remind you of your time in Manuel Antonio for sure. Remind me to tell you on Skype 🙂
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Leon’s no gem – that’s what we love about it

    • Hey Dani… I MISS YOU!!! Oh I wish we would have done Manuel Antonio together as well. I know it would have been a blast. I sure did enjoy it a lot and I know this fun will last me a good while, so I am fine with this being the last GLBT friendly city in a while.

      Oh yes I would love to take idea for Music Monday so next time we skype I will ask you!

  24. Jaimie you hussy! ha ha
    Dan Collins recently posted..Chiang Mai – Arrival!

  25. Woohoo! Looks like someone’s having fun! Stay safe and keep at it! Oh, and I love the kiss counter widget idea!
    This is exactly why I blocked my mom’s computer from accessing my website…
    Val recently posted..Care bear stare

  26. So many things to be jealous of in this post!

    When I was younger I always wanted to travel the world and experience the romance of travel with someone. Those movies you see where strangers meet and connect for a night and drift off in the night. That’s not an option in my life now.

    Incidentally, since I have a boyfriend a lot of people give me crazy looks when I mention that for the most part, I travel alone. Everyone seems to think I’m jetting off around the world and cheating on Zach with every guy who throws me a smile. Not my style! Plus it’s not as easy as they think (and you make it look!), they should keep in mind that I’m also in perhaps the 2nd worst shape of my life, so convincing hot strangers to get into bed with me might be a bit difficult. Plus I’m always in Asia and thats not exactly my crowd. They should worry when I hit up London in June! haha j/k

    Also, skinny dipping. A dream of mine that I’m guessing will never come true. I’m just wayyyyyyy to sensitive about my body. You could offer me a million dollars to take off all my clothes in front of people and I’d have to politely ask if you could give me a few days to think about it. I absolutely love being in water though.

    Anywho, keep it up and keep having fun!

    David recently posted..Not Dead Yet!

    • Ah David you make me laugh because when I was little I wanted to do the same and look at my slutty ass now….jajajajaja I am doing it and loving it!!!

      Sometimes its not easy to travel with your partner but in the end that is something that you two discuss and shouldnt be a problem if you trust each other. It sounds like you do so looks like it should always be fine!!! Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend to share everything with. Dont get me wrong I love being single but its not the same. Well I guess I share stuff with my readers… awww yall keep me company (what a horirble analogy how the fuck is a blog like a boyfriend jajaja I have issues).

      Anyway as for skinny dipping umm I thought I would have the problem but apparently I do not. I am semi secure of my body… i just hate my small belly everything else I am fine with…lol!!!I think I am loosing wieght though but am not sure… I guess Ill find out when I see my fam in a few months they will let me know for sure.

  27. So I really want to know why you told those couple stories then all of a sudden decided you didnt want to incriminate yourself. WTF? DETAILS amigo, spill them 🙂
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Epic Road Trip 2011- The Long Haul

    • Because I didnt want to make it a long post jajaja. It was already too long… maybe I will do a part too and disclose all details of the rest…

  28. Wow, look at all of the comments I love it! YOU MUST ADD A KISS COUNTER WIDGET! Felicidades y buena suerte con mas besos jajajajaja.

  29. Your kiss count is already at 5, Central America is being so good to you! Me, wasnt so much but I still love the place.
    ayngelina recently posted..My first tornado is a little devil

  30. Woot it’s getting hot in here! I love your honesty in your post and i am craving for more updates from yah 😛 Kiss counter, please! 😀 have fun 😀
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Red Alert- London Bus- Telephone Box and Post Box

  31. Sounds like my kind of adventure! Glad you’re having a great time and meeting some handsome and exciting people along the way.
    Elle recently posted..This Years Travel Plans

  32. Haha, great stories so far. Really looking forward to reading more posts of your adventures down there. And yeah, I would also vote in favor of the kiss counter 😛
    Tijmen recently posted..Tips for the First Time Visitor to West Africa

  33. Thanks Tijmen and like i said above I am thinking of a way to do it…lol!!! I really have no choice now!

  34. START THE KISS COUNT! I’d totally do a kiss count if my mother didn’t read my blog… My most recent post will be enough to give her a slight panic attack for the time being. Haha I’d love to have a kissing and shagging my way around the world blog, that would be hysterical! Love that you’re letting loose and having fun and love how honest you’re writing is! Good for you!
    Lynda recently posted..Crazy Sht I’ve Done While Travelling…

    • I am going to do it. I think i know exactly how…

      I know I am not going to be able to keep it from them forever so when they find out its going to be interesting! I loved your latest post!!!

      • Thanks! I wish I could be fully open on there though. I also love that it’s not just me who makes out with a bunch of boys while traveling without feeling like a whore haha xo

  35. OMG I can’t believe how many comments you’ve gotten about the Kiss Counter. I say go for it too! Maybe you can find a way to monetize it. But it’d have to be in a tasteful way. Don’t want the boys to think you’re taking advantage of them just so you could afford another round of drinks. Stay sweet and innocent Jaime!
    david recently posted..I Love My Underpants!

    • David… I KNOW… I cant believe it either… its like i really have no choice… but you are right I have to make it tasteful. It will be a while before I put it up but I am sure I will.

  36. OMG!!! I waited for this post and then I missed out on reading the chisme!! You go!! So happy that you’re having a great time and thats the whole point of traveling!! I mean-well, you know what I mean. Life is a big adventure!
    Dale pa ‘lante!
    Mica recently posted..Jamaican Bread Pudding

  37. Wow! Sounds like you had a blast!!!!

    *subscribes* lol

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