On turning 30.

Hey y’all, I’m still here. I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated, but I’ve just been living & enjoying life on the road. I told myself when I left Europe I wouldn’t blog during my time in Asia and I haven’t done so. The last 5 months in Asia have been a crazy…
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900 days into my “BREAKAWAY” & even though I am home the timer keeps ticking!

Yup it’s been 900 days since I took off on my trip around the world & yes even though I am home now the timer keeps ticking!!! I remember when I first took off I wondered if I would stop the timer when I got home? At first I thought I would, but it wasn’t…
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Breakaway Backpacker turns 3 years old & little did I know…

Breakaway Backpacker turns 3 years old today and little did I know… — Little did I know it would change my world. Little did I know I would meet so many other amazing like minded people. Little did I know so many of those people would become some of my greatest friends. Little did I know…
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2 years into my “BREAKAWAY” & I’m going home, but it’s not over.

I’ve been starring at this blank screen for a while now… and have no idea what to write. I thought I did, but honestly… I just don’t and what’s crazy is you may be reading this while I am on my flight home or already home… who knows. Anyway I’m currently in Dubai Airport and…
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700 days into my “BREAKAWAY” & I share my worst travel habit.

EEEEeeee… today is my 700th day on the road!!! I know I say it every time “I can’t believe it”, but honestly I can’t and this time it’s very strange because I have my ticket home and will be heading home very soon. I haven’t written about that because for some reason I haven’t felt…
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600 days into my “BREAKAWAY” & I couldn’t be happier!!!

Today is my 600th day on the road… 600th!!! As I lay here writing this my mind can’t grasp it… I mean I really just can’t believe it. When I pause to think about what I have seen & done in the last 600 days I freak the fuck out because it’s just insane, but…
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