8 Essential Travel Tips Before You Go on Holiday

Going on a holiday? We all want to achieve a hassle-free trip, but this is easier said than done. A lot of hard work goes into planning for the perfect vacation. Also, if you aren’t prepared, you can easily forget even the most basic and essential items.   Taking care of your airfare, sorting out…
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How to Choose your Backpack for a Trip around the World

A trip around the world is no laughing matter. To pull it off you need stamina, a great plan, and quality gear well-suited to your specific needs and destinations. The most critical decision you make could be your pack. Choose the wrong one, and you will be uncomfortable for a long time, or be forced…
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Traveling in 2017? Make Sure Your Smartphone Packs These Features

If you’re traveling in 2017, you should start thinking about the smartphone you’re going to take with you. Are you the type of person who prefers to take lots of pictures? Or is it more important having enough memory space to store your favorite shows? Maybe you like large displays to watch movies or a…
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What I am packing for my 2nd trip around the world.

I leave for my second trip around the world on July 1, 2014 and I’m ready to go. One of the questions I am frequently asked is “What do you pack for a trip around the world?” and always leave people in shock with the very little that I travel with. I have shared what…
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A review of eBook – Packing Made Simple: a simple guide to packing light.

Love it or loathe it packing is something that has to be done before every trip. It’s also something that most people normally agonize about and in the end over pack. When I’m asked for travel advice and tips one of the first things I always mention is to pack light. I tell people nothing…
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The Jeans vs Travel Pants debate may finally have an answer.

One of the greatest packing debates for just about every traveler is the “Jeans” vs “Travel Pants” debate and for me the answer has always been jeans, until now that I actually found great travel pants and want both.  If you have read any of my backpacking packing list you know I loathe travel pants and…
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