How to Get Your Banking in Order Before Travelling

We all know that I love to travel.  The excitement and adventures in the world that are waiting seem to be endless.  Think of all the countries in the world, and compare that to the time that we have to explore them.  Even if we were able to visit a country per week (how awesome would that be!), we would still be unable to have our eyes view all the wonders of the world.  Mind blowing, right?

While I’ve spent the last few years of life traveling around and enjoying something from each and every place, it’s been a learning journey as well.  I’ve learned a lot about how to travel efficiently to try to make the most out of each place I visit.  On top of that, I’m learning how to master the art of how to live out of a backpack or suitcase and am enjoying the ability to be able to slow down to enjoy the day-to-day going on around me.  Each country I visit presents itself with a new learning opportunity, each unique in its own way.  I guess you could say I’m a lifelong learner with the travel locations being my teacher.

A constant that I’m happy I learned early when beginning my travels was to ensure that I had my finances in order for each of my journeys.  It’s common knowledge that money currency can be totally different in each and every country.  Sometimes, even the conversions throw me for a loop!

Another lesson learned early?  Not all banks are created equal.  Knowing that I was going to be traveling internationally, I knew that I needed to make certain that I had access to my bank’s funds at any point in time.  This said, finding a bank that offered international banking help was key!   I need that help, that guidance and that reassurance that I was going to feel confident that I wouldn’t have any money issues when I was so far away from home.  If you are thinking of traveling internationally and are looking for some quick tips, here are a few suggestions that may help you along the way.

  1. Always let your bank know that you are going to be traveling internationally!  That way, when those charges start rolling in from your debit card, they won’t even need to stop them to question them.   You can swipe, and go.  Easy, right?   That means that you won’t have any problems with your card being declined when you are visiting another part of the world.
    Use a bank that charges lower fees!  Did you know that not all travel debit cards are created equal?  Shocking, right?
  2. Using your debit card when traveling at ATMs can have unexpected costs, but there are ways to keep those costs in check. Looking for some suggestions for some banks to consider? Give these 5 banks a look to see if they can work well for you and your travel itinerary.

Traveling should be about having fun and exploring the world around you. You shouldn’t be spending your time worrying about racking up those fees or having trouble finding a debit card or payment method that works for you and your travels.  Utilize your travel time well by planning ahead and making certain to have your accounts and debit cards in order and ready to rock and roll for your trip.  By preparing a bit in advance, it can save you from feeling stress and worried during your travels knowing that you, and your bank, are on the same page.

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