I’m Not Alone

This is my “Links” page and I have named it “I’m Not Alone”. I want everyone to know that I am not the only one out there that is doing what I am doing. These are travel blogs that I read regularly & enjoy a lot. Want some inspiration read away.

AARON’S WORLDWIDE ADVENTURES – Aaron is a relatively recent college grad with a hefty dose of wanderlust.

ADVENTURES WITH DAN – Dan is a comdey genius who quit his 9-5 job in Wales, UK and moved to Australia on a working VISA and once that expires is going to explore more of the world has to offer.

ALI’S ADVENTURES – Ali is an eternal travel junkie & travel blogger. She’s been to all 7 continents before her 30th birthday & is always dreaming of her next travel adventure.

AM I NEARLY THERE YET? – Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple travelling the globe long term since 2011! They share our travel adventures through photography, humour, stories and advice!

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 JOBS – Fed up with bogus online information about jobs abroad, Turner sets out traveling the world doing different jobs, from harvesting agave at a tequila farm to street hustling tour sales in Rome, Turner shows you how to find work overseas and entertains you with his interesting tales.

AUSSIE ON THE ROAD – Chris has made it a mission in life to drink, love, explore, and fumble his way around the world in a quest to avoid ever having to lead an ordinary existence.

BACKPACK ME – Travel duo Ashray (from India) and Zara (from Portugal) quit their jobs in Dubai to travel the world. They’ve been doing so since 2011 and aim to share stories, videos and photography to inspire anyone else to follow their calling too!

BACKPACKING TRAVEL BLOG – Samuel and Audrey met one fateful day in Itaewon. He regaled her with stories from Rajasthan while she indulged him with tales from Mumbai. Over the span of the afternoon they discovered their mutual desire to pursue a life of travel and now share it together through their blog.

BACON IS MAGIC – Ayngelina left behind a boyfriend & a great job to pursue her dream to see the world. She is currently 18 months into her “Round-The-World” trip &  is doing it all by herself.

BE MY TRAVEL MUSE – Kristin is a former investment banker who sold everything she owned in favor of becoming a solo nomad in Asia, seeking off-the-beaten path adventures and experiences.

BEST FAMILY TRAVEL ADVISE – The name says it all. This site has everything that you need to know about travelling with children, written by a family man that loves to travel the world.

BITTEN BY THE TRAVEL BUG – Nicole was Bitten by the Travel Bug in 2010 and remained fairly stagnent until July 2011, but its full steam ahead now. Her blog will bring you useful information on visas, country and city guides as well as some of the best stories from the road.

BOARDING GATE 101 – This travel blog is a joint effort between Kin and Arvy. It provides a snapshot of their travels around the Philippines and to other countries, either jointly and/or separately.

BOB AND JANETTE’S TRAVELS – Bob and Janette’s personal travel site sharing real experiences from real travellers.

BOHEMIAN TRAILS – Bohemian Trails is an online travel magazine run by travel blogger, Megan Eileen McDonough. Bohemian Trails aims to feature must-see places around the world, paying special attention to the underground art, music and fashion scenes that make each country unique.

CAMPERVAN TRIPS – a travel blog focusing on all things campervan’, detailing trips around the world and giving readers ideas for places to visit.

CANADIAN YOUR WORLD – is a world travel blog, inspired by Canadians, run by an Englishman. It’s quirky like that.

CHARTERED LIBERTINE – Harvey loves travel and uses his site as a powerful communication tool to meet people who also share the same passion for travel.

CURB FREE WITH CORY LEE – Cory is sharing the world from a wheelchair user’s perspective, hoping to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and start rolling around the world.

DANIK THE EXPLORER – Danik shares the world his experiences on backpacking Europe intensely and now reaching out to the big wide world. Great for advice on transportation around Europe and an Baltic country expert who helps others plan their trips to the region.

DON’T EVER LOOK BACK – Amy & Kieron are two Australian travelers currently planning a long term travel adventure, beginning in North America in mid-2011.

EARTH TORCH – Is full of tips and ideas to help you travel responsibly and environmentally consciously. Yet being a green traveller does not mean limiting yourself to travelling locally, so we give you ideas about the best places to go all over the world.

EROHISMS – In February 2013 Rob and Lina quit their Silicon Valley jobs and started their journey from well-employed to well-traveled. Follow their adventures as they explore the world on $1000/pp/month.

EVASER – Evaser is a lifestyle site and blog about long term around the world travel.

THE EXPERT VAGABOND – Matt quit his job to travel around the globe solo. He is traveling on a budget and sharing all his amazing stories with us.

FIRST CLASS BACKPACKER – Satoshi is a web designer from Tokyo. He is taking a full year sabbatical and traveling all around the world. He flies first class between destinations that require flight (hence the name).

FLIP NOMAD – Flip is an ordinary and a typical guy who started traveling when he was a kid. His blog is a compilation of his travel experiences around the Philippines other countries.

GET UP AND GLOBE – Skott & Shawna are a recently married couple, that are leaving the prairies of Saskatchewan to explore this incredible globe, beginning in June 2011.

GETTING STAMPED – Hannah & Adam had the “American dream” but something was missing…. They decided to leave it all behind and backpack around the world for 15 months on a budget in pursuit of a simpler/happier life.

GLOBE-TREKKING – This site is directly related to a pastime which Daniel has become completely in love with and is very passionate about . . . travel.

GLOBE TROTTER GIRLS – Jessica & Dani are a couple who have an extensive history of travel and recently decided to start traveling indefinitely. They have been on the road over 10 months now.

GO POWERKICK – Mike is a Bay Area California native currently calling Southeast Asia home. He traded in a corporate America job and life for a life of adventure, teaching, traveling, volunteering and exploring…. He’s not looking back!

HOLIDAY BACKPACK – is a group of world-weary travelers from different countries came together with a single unique concept – to create the world’s first truly multilingual travel blog. They want to share the sights, sounds, images and experiences they’ve had in the hopes of giving you the inspiration and information you need to have a truly unforgettable holiday experience.

HOPSCOTCH THE WORLD – Kristen is addicted to traveling and helping people is her passion. She believes that by working together, having compassion and developing an understanding for every living being, we can change the world!

IDEAS FOR TRAVELING – A travel blog covering any kind of travel news. It provides travel tips and ideas and give suggestions for places to visit, hotels to stay and things to do.

INDEFINITE ADVENTURE – Sam and Zab have been a couple since 2005 but have never really lived together. In January 2013, they flew to Buenos Aires on one-way tickets to start travelling full time together. Hopefully they don’t end up killing each other and manage to make it as digital nomads.

JOURNEYING JAMES – Is an adventurer, backpacker & runner.  He’s been traveling the Philippines & SEA since 2003 mostly on a budget. He wants to encourage fellow Filipinos to discover the world even with minimal resources.

LIVING IF – LivingIF helps people discover new destinations and costs to travel based on Erica and Matt’s three-year trip around the world that has visited over 30 countries on all seven continents.  Following LivingIF to find new places to go, learn about outdoors activities, and how to get around on a tight budget.

MAI TRAVEL SITE – Federico is a world traveler and backpacking enthusiast. He created this site to share his adventures, connect with travelers and motivate readers like you who dream about exploring our planet to get out there and explore.

MY FUNKY TRAVELS – Advice and tips to help plan your Backpacking trip.

MZUNGU VOLUNTEERS – Travel blog with tips and information about volunteer opportunities and backpacking, all with a focus on the majestic continent of Africa.

NEVER ENDING VOYAGE – Simon & Erin are a couple who have sold everything to travel the world indefinitely. Always great adventures along with tips to help everyone.

NO PLACE TO BE – Poi & Kristy are an English couple in their early 20’s that have just set off on their “Round-the-World” journey.  Follow along as they start in China and go all over from there!

NO VACATION REQUIRED – Caanan & Kent aim to live a “no vacation required” life, where every day is pretty awesome and something to look forward to. For now, that means working virtually so that they can travel deliriously and live deliberately all the time.

NOMADIC SAMUEL – Samuel story starts off a little different than what you´ll most likely read on your typical travel blog.  He does´t really in particular have an ´escape from the cubicle tale’s. He’s been in Asia working as an expat English teacher, model, photographer, freelance writer and – of course – as a wandering nomadic soul.

ON A JUNKET – A collection of travel stories, adventures and misadventures written by travelers.

ON MY WALKABOUT – Nick was lucky enough to travel all over the US as a kid with his Dad. As he got older that love fueled international travel, extreme adventures, and cultural experiences of a lifetime.

ORDINARY TRAVELER – Christy & Scott two ordinary people inspiring others to travel. It’s more than just a vacation for them. It’s about learning new languages, exploring different cultures, & opening their minds to all that is out there.

OUR OYSTER – Jade blogs about budget travel, overland travel, family travel and about her own journey and where ever that may take her.

OUTSTANDING PLACES: Ultimate list of outstanding places in the world!

OVER YONDERLUST – Shaun & Erica currently live in Austin, TX and are planning to take a RTW trip starting in March. They will start the journey in Central America and then go wherever they desire.

PAUSE THE MOMENT – Ryan & Liz are a couple of travel obsessed twenty-somethings that  hit the road with whatever fit in their backpacks on June 5th, 2010 and said goodbye to the wonderful world as they knew it.

PHILIPPINE TRAVEL FORUM – Flip created the Philippine Travel forum to provide a discussion venue for people who are interested to travel within the Philippines

PLUS SIZE BACKPACKER – Blog that wants to bring solutions & answers to the challenges faced by plus-size backpackers & travelers.

POOR TRAVEL BLOGGER – Shawn is going on a Round The World (RTW) trip but on a micro-budget. He is going to try and do all of this for less than $25 a day. If it means sleeping under the stars, then by golly I guess he’ll have to.

QUEER TRIP – Gay owned & operated travel agency specializing in gay cruises, vacation packages, honeymoons, pride events, and more. At Queertrip, it’s the way you travel.

QUIRKY TRAVEL GUY – Scott left his job in 2009 to set off on a 4 month solo van trip across the USA. His blog focuses on budget-conscious travel within the United States along with being an outlet about his quirky travels.

RONI WEISS BLOG – Roni has a passion for travel and has been to over 70 countries in the world. He shares his story on his blog.

RTW BACKPACKERS – Follow along as 7 backpackers/bloggers from the UK share some of the craziest travel stories and tips from all over the world. They aren’t holding anything back so should be interesting.

THE RUNAWAY GUIDE – Leif ran away from home at 16 and explored much of the world without a dime. Although he’s got a bit more change these days, he still knows how to keep it cheap. If your interested in dumpster diving, train jumping, off the books jobs abroad, and seriously cheap travel advice, definitely check out his blog.

THE SECRET TRAVELLER – Our award winning travel-writer has gone incognito to share some of his best kept secrets and travel tips.

SEE THE WORLD IN MY EYES – Dennis Kopp is not only the author of what you will read on his blog, but also the eyes in which you will see the world that is portrait on this website. He left his job as an Architect in September of 2009 to travel the world.

SO MANY PLACES – Kim & Brian are planing a Round The World (RTW) trip, their departure date is not until January 2012! In the mean time you can read about how they prepare for their big trip.

THAT BACKPACKER – Audrey blogs about life in Korea and her travels around the globe.

THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE OZ – Heather is taking a career break and has relocated to Australia to live, travel, and work.

TOURIST 2 TOWNIE – Gareth is a Marketing Director turned Dream Chaser currently Traveling Deeper in South America to see what it takes to go from Tourist to Townie.

TRAVEL ON INSPIRATION – Travel, see and experience more of this awesome world.

TRAVELBLLGR – A kiwi and a pom with a passion for budget travel. We spend every spare minute of our time exploring new places and sharing our adventures, travel tips and inspiration on our travel blog

THE TRAVEL CHICA – Stephanie is on a sabbatical from everything. You can follow along on her adventure as she explores Central & South America.

TRAVEL FREAK – Jeremy left his career and life in Boston in 2010 in search of something slightly more interesting. A six month journey to Australia took much longer than that, and now, years later, finds himself exploring other countries.

THE TRAVEL HACK – Monica is a travel addict follow along as she goes just about everywhere before heading home and pretends to be a grown up again.

TRAVEL PHILOSOPHY – Goody is a traveller as well as blogger who loves being up-to-date on everything dealing with travel: from travel website, to the best destinations and attractions and all kinds of useful tips and travel ideas.

TRAVEL REPORTAGE – Giulia is Italian by birth, but found her home in Egypt. She spent 9 months in Egypt and is now back in Italy. She writes about her thoughts and love for Egypt along with all things travel.

TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR FREE – Through extensive guides and stories you will find everything you need to know about  how to travel the world for free. It is designed to prepare, empower and inspire you to travel. No matter what the budget, travel is possible. No longer can money be used as an excuse

TRAVEL THIS EARTH – Mica is a thirty-something feisty latina who is passionate about all things Peruvian. She studied journalism and photography and has been backpacking since 2005.

TRAVEL WEEKLY – Travel Weekly is blog covering travelling destination around the world.

TRAVEL WORLD HERITAGE – Julio has been obsessed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is now on a mission to see as many as possible.

TRAVELED EARTH – Follow Mike & Ashley as they prepare for a trip around the world. They should be departing sometime July 2011.

TRAVELING BLOGGER – Travelling Blogger was started by Kar in 2012 and quickly snowballed into a team of two travelling enthusiasts updating the site on a daily basis. Since, it has grown into a a top rising travel site for fun and quirky travel stories around the globe.

TRUE NOMADS – Justin sold all of his things and left home. he traded his possessions for dreams.. Dreams of traveling the world, getting lost, and living life free, and to the fullest.

TWO BAD TOURIST – At TwoBadTourists they encourage new travel experiences without the pressure of old tourism expectations. You can find peer-to-peer travel tips and follow their personal adventures while they travel around the world.”

TWO YUPPIES AND A PASSPORT – This blog is a result of Marc & Lyndsi’s shared passion for traveling and desire to share their experiences with others. They hope they will inspire you to leave town and experience something new.

VAGABOND QUEST – Ryan & Dina are a married couple who have been backpacking around the world since April 2009. They are loving it and do not plan on stopping anytime soon.

WANDERING TRADER’S TRAVELS – Marcello plans on showing everyone how living and moving overseas can be on your own terms and with American conveniences. While doing so he writes about all his travel adventures in his blogs.

WHERE IS JENNY – Jenny is a fellow Houstonian and uses her blog as a diary of her travels along with information & resources for around the world travel, backpacking, & location independent working!

WHERE’S WALDNER – Follow Corey as he backpacks around the world. He is currently on month 8 and has about 10 more to go. He’s got some funny stories and writes from a great perspective!

WILL WORK 4 TRAVEL – Cheryl and Lisa quit jobs, sold almost all their possessions and started traveling in 2007.  Returning to the states in 2010, they were hopelessly hooked on travel!  They hit the road again in 2012 to work their way around the world.  Their blog provides resources for those interested in long-term travel as well as accounts of their adventures along the way!

THE WRONG WAY HOME – Over her past 2.5 years of travel Izy Berry has been stabbed, met thousands of amazing people, hugged an elephant at night time, spent New Years in Ha Long Bay and lived in the Czech Republic. She is trying to find a balance between travel, love and become a permanent nomad. Follow her adventure here.