Amsterdam Street Art in photos.

“IN PHOTOS” is a series I use to share many of the hundreds of photos I have taken during my travels. It is a series I started after visiting Chefchaouen, Morocco and thought the best way to share my experience there was “IN PHOTOS”. “IN PHOTOS” will be a post with several photos with no limit. The…
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Daily Travel Budget – August (2011)

One of my goals is to show everyone how affordable it is to travel. In order to do so I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to my budget. I am going to keep track of my daily expenses and make them public. The comments will be closed because this is…
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Photo Round Up – Week 24

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week. Hope you all enjoy them. THIS WEEKS UPDATES MONDAY 8/08/11 – Music Monday – Libertad TUESDAY 8/09/11 – Segway Tour of Amsterdam!!! THURSDAY 8/11/11 – Shrooms, Pride & Good Times in Amsterdam!!! PREVIOUS PHOTO UPDATE WEEK 23 WEEK 22 WEEK 21


Shrooms, Pride & Good Times in Amsterdam!!!

So before I even get started on what happened the 5 nights I was in Amsterdam I will admit now sadly nothing scandalous happened (like I had hoped) while I was there. However I did manage to think I can live in Amsterdam and will tell you why. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam I…
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Segway tour of Amsterdam!!!

Recently Brandon from BestDam Segway Tours approached me on Twitter to take a segway tour of my choice for free during my stay in Amsterdam. Me being me (cheap) of course couldn’t pass up that offer. I knew I was going to be traveling with Corey from Where’s Waldner so I immediately asked if he…
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