Shrooms, Pride & Good Times in Amsterdam!!!

So before I even get started on what happened the 5 nights I was in Amsterdam I will admit now sadly nothing scandalous happened (like I had hoped) while I was there. However I did manage to think I can live in Amsterdam and will tell you why. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam I will describe it in one word “BICYCLE”. Seriously bikes run this place. Every single way you look you will find bikes and not just one or two but tons of bikes EVERYWHERE.

This picture captures the essence of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city filled with bikes, canals, boats, trees and beautiful homes lined all along. I love this picture a lot.

The way the city is designed is just amazing; you can literally get anywhere in the city by bike. I loved it, but did think that bikes where going to be the death of me while I was there. As you wander around the town you have to remember that bikes are everywhere and watch out for them and stay out of their lane. The other thing I loved was even though it’s a city you will find so much nature everywhere. It seemed as though at every few blocks a public park was there and all the canals and streets were lined up with trees. All in all it is a beautiful gorgeous city, but now let me get to the details of the 5 great nights in Amsterdam!

I had been planning my stay in Amsterdam for months because I wanted to be there for gay pride. Corey from Where’s Waldner also wanted to be there for gay pride so we planned accordingly to make sure it happened & well it did. After a mini-melt down in Antwerp and few days of doing nothing I was ready to have a good time in Amsterdam! We both arrived at the city around the same time and waited for each other at the train station from there we made our way to the apartment we rented for 5 nights. As soon as we got there we knew we were in heaven. The apartment turned out to be amazing and just what we needed with a kitchen, hot water and even a washer! After settling in we decided it was time to wonder around the city and get a feel for it. Right away we knew we were going to love it. To not bore you with all the details I will give you the highlights.


This is the bag of shrooms I bought at a store to take.

Yes you read that right “SHROOMS” (mushrooms) from the moment I knew I was going to be visiting Amsterdam I knew I was going to give them a try. For some reason “shrooms” has always been a drug I have wanted to try at least once in my life. So on our first day there one of the gay bars we visited was across the street from a store that sold mushrooms so I though “ah why not?”. When we walked in we saw we had so many drugs at our disposal, but I knew what I was looking for. I asked the guy there what I was looking for; let him know it was going to be my 1st time and helped me pick out just the right one. He picked out “Mexicana” for me the description was

“Are you ready for a Fiesta del Color? A nice visual trip to the sunny side of life.

Feels like a tropical holiday!”

He gave me instructions to only take about 60% of them be sure to chew them well and have not eaten for two hours. The next day I followed his instructions and even though I was nervous did it anyway. The result was an amazing “TRIP” (what they call when you are on shrooms). I took them and spent the afternoon in a daze at a local public park. It was such a weird feeling, I had all my senses, but felt dazed and out of it. What I loved is that it made every single color I was seeing so vivid. I was seeing the world as it should be bright and amazing. In the end I must say I am glad I did it, it wasn’t that bad at all (aside from the taste). Now I can say I’ve done it, enjoyed it and will never do it again (drugs are not my thing).


One of the many floats during the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam GLBT Pride Parade is known to be one of the largest and most extravagant GLBT parades in the world. It was finally Saturday the day of the parade. We woke up a bit hung over from parting the night before, but were ready to tackle the task of finding a great spot along the route to watch the parade. We ened up finding the perfect spot. While walking around we noticed the tons and tons of people just every where all along the canal that hosted the parade. Finally the parade started and it did not let us down at all. It lasted 3 hours and had some amazing floats and they made the crowds go wild and be so energetic. One of the floats that stood out to me the most was a float with a banner that said “10 years of gay marriage”. Moments later I had to hold tears back… I couldn’t believe I was standing in a country where for 10 years people like me had the right already to marry and be happy. I thought wow at home “Land of the Free” we are still fighting for our rights. In the end we just wanna be happy… but I guess people don’t understand that. Finally after the parade was over we made our way to a local bar for a drink but were exhausted so after one went home and ended up staying the night at home. The parade was amazing and lived up to my expectations.


A shot of the crowd at one of the Gay Pride events.

Along with the above Corey and I managed to have some good times in Amsterdam. We went out a few nights in the city. One of which we both managed to end up drunk at a McDonalds… with footage that will NEVER see the light of day (lets just say we were a hot mess). We also were able to attend many of the GLBT event that were held around the city for PRIDE weekend, attend the Van Gogh Museum and even take a Segway Tour around Amsterdam. However the 2 memories I will cherish for ever are a few hours I spent talking to two guys who were making street art. I’m posting a picture of it tomorrow on my Photo Round Up and one day will write a post on it. The other was that Corey made dinner every single night we were in Amsterdam (I washed the dishes… that’s fair). I seriously can’t cook for shit and when I told him that he laughed and said it’s okay. So every night we would go to the grocery store think of something to cook and then try to find the right ingredients by reading the dutch labels.

Corey & I infront of the I amsterdam sign!!!

All in all Amsterdam was amazing and would definitely consider living there some day if I could. So have you ever been to Amsterdam? What are your thoughts on this amazing city? Did you take part in any of the drugs that are legal here? Have you ever been to GLBT Pride here?

Oh & yes I forgot to mention one night I was flicked off by a few prostitutes for trying to take a picture of them. I know I wasn’t supposed to, but had to try and well I got a few good shots that I wont post.

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  1. It was such an amazing time. I’m so glad I buckled down and ignored my budget for those days. You were a wonderful roommate man! Thanks for letting me cook and stretch my creative culinary skills. Everything I made was completely on the whim. Most I had no idea would turn out. So yes, you were my guinea pig.

    And yes, 10 Years of Gay Marriage and society hasn’t collapsed at all. Funny how that works. It was beautiful and I already miss you! If I’m still in Berlin when you get here we’ll go out for drinks or something.

    Safe travels my friend.

    ps. The video shall never be talked about. Jeezus. That was more than a hot mess. lol
    Corey W. recently posted..Perspectives of Pride

    • Oh so now you tell me that you don’t know what you were doing? Well I must admit it was freaking delicious and I loved every dish you made so thanks again! As for 10 years of Gay Marriage I love how you put it “SOCIETY HASN’T COLLAPSED” so true… i wish more people would notice that!

      Yeah if I get to Berlin and you are still there we are def meeting up for drinks. Safe travels as well and we’ll keep in touch!

      PS yes please delete the video jajaja!!!

  2. Dammit baby I wanted scandals! How can you go to PRIDE week and have nothing happen? I think you need to go back to A-dam and make something happen. All kidding aside, glad you seem to have gotten out of your slump. xo
    Elle recently posted..Do you wanna shoot me now? (#255 Try Paintballing)

    • I know Elle… I know… I still feel like I missed out on some type of scandal but its all good I had a great freaking time & loved every minute of it. I have a long way to go so I am sure I will find some type of scandal soon. Oh & yeah I am out of my slump!

  3. Jaime, I love how open-minded you are to just decide to take mushrooms on a whim, not being a drug person and with the stigma around them in the US. Glad you had a good time!

    Amsterdam looks amaaaazing! Bikes and boats and mushrooms… excellent combination. Thanks for posting!
    Jenna recently posted..Cali, Colombia: New Friends and All the Sun You Can Handle

    • Jenna, yeah it’s something I had always wanted to do but wasnt sure if I would in the end or not, but I sure did. Im glad I did it & tried it… now no need to do it anymore! You should def check out Amsterdam some day it’s amazing!

  4. Oh wow. Sounds like you definitely had quite the weekend.

    What on earth happened on those videos that you won’t release – I mean, you talked about a hand job on a chicken bus – what can possible be worse than that?
    Erica recently posted..Being Schooled in Spanish – Xela, Guatemala

    • Jajajajaja Erica… lol!!! We were just so drunk and saying some very stupid things and look so stupid… oh it was a mess…. lol trust me no one needs to see that!!!

  5. Yeah, Amsterdam is pretty “dam” cool. I have stayed in the Red Light, by the Vondelpark, and then in a West Amsterdam apartment. It truly is a unique and beautiful city .. those canals get me every time.
    Scott recently posted..D-Date

    • Oh wow I think Scott we stayed in that same area as well. It is a very unique and beautiful city. The canals are amazing, but did you hear a bit of the history… How they get filled with old bikes because the people just throw them in there? & that sometimes when they flush them out they even find dead bodies because drunk men will fall into them? Crazy i know and creepy… makes me wonder what else they find down there!

  6. That video must be really bad, I mean you write about your adventures on the chicken bus. But you won’t share that video? 🙂 Yeah, Amsterdam and its bikes. I’m used to having bikes all around me, but Amsterdam is definitely a place where I triple check before crossing the road. Did you try to eat poffertjes in Amsterdam?
    Tijmen recently posted..What to do at Swakopmund, Namibia

    • We are just drunk and stupid…jaja I dont want video evidence of my stupidities floating around the net. Where do you live that you have bikes all over… I know I should know but can recall. Umm I did not try poffertjes at all.

  7. what?!? no scandals in amsterdam LOL just kiddin bud… the shrooms experience sounds cool although im really hesitant with stuff like that but will definitely give it a try maybe once 🙂 enjoy your euro trip 🙂
    flipnomad recently posted..Meet the Nomads: Samuel Jeffery

  8. After hearing you talk about this for so long, I’m glad you finally made it and had such a great time! Can’t believe you did shrooms though, crazy boy!

    P.S. I am soooo far behind on blog reading but I’m finally trying to catch up. Sorry for disappearing!
    Ali recently posted..The Other Side of Exciting

    • No need to apologize… hello Ali I know you have a life. And I am sure moving to Germany has kept ya busy. Yes finally after months of anticipation it came and left. We had a blast and was so much fun! Yes I had always wanted to try shrooms and well thought I would once and well that was that never again now.

  9. Man, you’re making me want to be more open to trying new things – not drugs though. But glad it turned out well!
    Allison recently posted..Gaining Momentum By Recognition

    • Oh Allison you def should be more open and try new things… it never hurts to try. It does hurt to get addicted. So go for it if you are ever in Amsterdam.

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