Let your thoughts & dreams consume you.

Looking out to the PACIFIC OCEAN while in Hawaii!!!

As I am writing this I am done with everything I need to get done for my big trip. I am actually sitting here writing this with tears. They are tears of joy, tears of fear, tears of hard work paying off, tears for the unknown, tears for all the loved ones I am leaving…
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My Birthday/Bon-Voyage weekend extravaganza!!!

They don't want me to leave.

I don’t even know where to start, I guess I will get right to it. My going away party turned into a Birthday bash as well because my birthday is Thursday February 24 (I will be 25 ahhh I am getitng old) and a few days later on March 1st I will BREAKAWAY. So here…
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How much does it cost to prepare for a trip around the world?

The World in LA

When I first discovered that people were taking extensive time off to travel the world, I was amazed. As I did my research I found a lot of blog post about how much it cost to travel the world for X amount of time. They were great reports that gave detailed information, however one of…
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What I’m packing for my trip around the world.

Everything I am taking with me around the world!!!

Aside from these 7 questions one of the other ones I get the most is “So what all are you taking with you?”.  Here you have it, a complete list of EVERYTHING I am taking with me. SHIRTS 6 t-shirts – I had to make sure everything matched with everything so I can make about…
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Things I’m going to & not miss while away.


On my way to work the other day I was going through a mental list of things I’m going to miss and not miss while I’m away. I know some of the things I’m going to list may seem silly, but I want to write them down anyway. I want to put them out there…
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