General Packing Advice for an Adventure Trek

If you want to explore some of the more out of the way places, backpacking can be an excellent way to do it. The fact that you are traveling light tends to give you a bit more flexible. You can easily get on a bus or share a taxi because you are carrying everything you need in just one bag. There is no need to worry about extra baggage charges or your suitcase never emerging from the coach storage lockers. You can keep everything close at hand.

Travelling, as I did, led to my getting used to living out of a backpack. It all became second nature to me and is surprisingly easy to do. However, if you are planning to take a more exotic trip like the ones you can find on www.kandooadventures.com  you do need to take a slightly different approach to backpack packing.

Follow the travel agents advice

For long hikes to somewhere like The Everest Base Camp or following one of the trails that leads to the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu, you need to be well prepared. It is essential that you follow the advice that the agency or guide you are using gives you.

If you are traveling independently, be sure to speak to others who have done the hike you are planning. They will give you some great hints and tips. However, you still need to be careful with this approach. Sometimes the advice they will give you may not be 100% relevant to the trip you are planning. The fact that you will be following the same route does not necessarily mean you will have a similar experience. This is especially the case if you are planning to do it at a different time of the year. In that situation, the weather is likely to be different, which, often, will mean that you need to pack different kit. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask some questions on forums, so that you get advice from travelers who have recently completed the hike.

Pack only for the trek

If you are backpacking around the world you typically carry all of your possessions with you at all times. That is OK in most situations. But, far from ideal if you are embarking on an arduous hike. Therefore, you will need to arrange somewhere to stow the items that you do not need. Sometimes, this can be tricky to arrange, so it is important that you plan this well in advance.  This short post will help you to find a storage solution that will work for you.

Buy some specialist items second-hand

If you need large expensive items like proper hiking boots, goggles, a high-end trekking coat etc, consider buying these second-hand. That way you will not have to spend as much money to kit yourself out. Plus, once you have finished with them, you can easily give them away or sell some on to someone else. This ensures that you avoid hauling around heavy items that you are not likely to wear or use again.

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