Photo Round Up – Week 24

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

This here is a moment I will cherish for ever. I absolutely loved it. While Corey was doing a 10K run in a whole differnt part of the city and near bridge that was filled with Street Art. I took so many pictures and as I was wandering around I stumbled across these two fellas actually making a painting. I had always wondered who made these amazing pieces of art. I asked them if I can take photographs and chat for a bit. I ended up spending a few hours there talking with them and it was just simply amazing to hear their story. I plan on one day writing about this experience but not yet. For now I wanna keep it to myself. It's moments like this that remind me why I am traveling and why I love it.

The famous I amsterdam sign by night. During the day it is simply impossible to get a good shot of the sign with the tons of people visiting it & climbing on it. I had to settle for visiting it at 4am & am so glad I did because I managed to get this shot & love it. I don't think there is ever a moment where this sign is truly alone. As you can see next to the I is a couple sitting there just talking. A bit of history about the sign this was supposed to be up only for a few years as a tourist marketing campaign, but the city grew to love it and have now decided to keep it.

This is a shot of one of my favorite floats during the Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade. The parade itself lasted over hours and had close to 100 floats. It was simply amazing and so much fun. The people on the floats had so much energy and it was contagious!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Amsterdam. I think it captures the essence of Amsterdam. It shows just about everything this city is about. Bikes, boats, cars, canals, trees & the beautiful houses along it all! Plus I love that this bike is a BRIGHT LIME GREEN color. You will notice just about all the bikes around town are funky.

This is a shot of "Badenixe" (bathing beauty) in Hamburg, Germany. She is only here for a few days for an art exhibit that is going on. She is huge and is laying on the side of one of the lakes here in Hamburg. The funny thing is her head does rotate left & right... so I have a shot of her with her face between her!



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  1. omg, these have to be some of your best pics by far! you’re really developing your perspective, keep it up!

  2. How beautiful! Maybe you should look into photography when you get back from around the world. Maybe even journalism. You’ve got some talent there, Jaime.

    • Thanks Rubi, I would love to take some photography classes… i think that would just be amazing. I never thought about journalism, but maybe even that would be fun! Thanks again~

  3. These are some awesome photos Jaime! It must of been really cool to see one of the artists behind graffiti. While it is vandalism, the artistic force behind the art makes it very easy to forgive.
    Bob Crunch recently posted..Bluegreen Communities and Operation FINALLY HOME

    • Thanks Bob, I love them so much as well. As for graffiti being vandalism, I should have mentioned that in some parts of Amsterdam it is LEGAL for them to do it. The part they were in it is legal for them to come and paint. I agree though when it is ilegal it is easy to forgive because some are just mindblowing!!!

  4. These are my favorite pics you’ve ever taken, excellent shots!

  5. I love the Amsterdam sign. Great dedication on your part to get up that early – or stay up that late 🙂
    Scott – Quirky Travel Guy recently posted..Quirky Attraction: Dukes of Hazzard Museum

  6. Fantastic photos!! Love the bike & the amsterdam sign at night – brilliant! Also love the first one and can’t wait to hear the story behind it!

    P.S. Can’t believe that you’re in Germany – you have to try a Doner Kebap when you get to Berlin. So good!
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Tuscany on a Shoestring – Yes, it’s possible!

    • Thanks Dani… the problem I am having is I take awesome photos and cant wait to frame them at some point in my life jaja. I will def share the story behind the 1st photo. I took so many great shots of them doing it. It strange how some stories you wanna share immediately and some you want to hold on for just a bit to yourself.

  7. QueenBrain12 says:

    Awesome pictures! I don’t have a favorite, i love ’em all!!!!


  8. WOW, love the picture of the woman in Hamburg … and good choice of head position 🙂
    For 91 Days Travel Blog recently posted..Adios, Bolivia

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