700 days into my “BREAKAWAY” & I share my worst travel habit.

EEEEeeee… today is my 700th day on the road!!! I know I say it every time “I can’t believe it”, but honestly I can’t and this time it’s very strange because I have my ticket home and will be heading home very soon. I haven’t written about that because for some reason I haven’t felt the need to write much about it. I am very excited to be heading home yet scared at the same time. The truth is though that I know I’m ready to be heading home and am looking forward to that. I think I am okay with the fact of going home because I know it won’t be the end of the “breakaway” and because it will continue even after that because I have great plans for what is next, but for now though we’ll focus on this.

The last 100 days have been amazing I visited the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and I am now back in Cairo for what is left of this journey. I know I normally make my 100 day post a bit serious and reflect on something I have been thinking or feeling, but this time I thought I’d make it a bit fun and share something I’ve been wanting to share for a while. Okay I lie I am writing this because honestly the last 100 days have been amazing and I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t figure what to write about, but I have been wanting to write about this for a while so I’m not lying about that part. I do have a list of post I want to write about in the future and well I have been wanting to share with you my worst travel habit.

Enough suspense here it is my worst travel habit is falling asleep during transportation days. Y’all know I HATE transportation days… seriously I think they are the worst part of the trip, but for some it’s the best part. I can understand why it’s the time of the journey that you are able to see a bit more of a country and watch life go by (if you are not flying). For me thought it’s the time of the journey to catch up on sleep. I’ve mentioned this horrible habit to a few people and they all tell me I am missing out on the best part and blah… blah… BLAH. Sorry, but I can’t help it I fall asleep just about every time I’m on any long journey no matter what it is or how bad it is and because of that I have a small collection of photos of me asleep taken by others.  So here are a few of them…  oh & yes you can laugh!

Worst Travel Habit.

—Asleep on a train from Holland to Germany.—

Worst Travel Habit.

—Asleep on a train in India heading to Mathura for the Holi Festival.—

Worst Travel Habit.

—After road tripping around Cappadocia all day this is us heading back to the hostel.—

Worst Travel Habit.
— Yup again asleep on a train in India and I don’t remember the destinations. I’m sure I looked like this during my 30+ hour train ride from Mumbai to New Delhi.—

Worst Travel Habit.

—Okay so my habit of falling asleep extends to more than just transportation days. After hiking Mt. Sinai all night to watch the sunrise then hike back down we had to wait 2 hours for the unimpressive St. Catherine’s Monastery to open and well I fell asleep waiting.—

Worst Travel Habit.

—Asleep on a van ride coming back from the Sunday market in Bac Ha, Vietnam.—

Worst Travel Habit.

—Me with the best pillow in the world leaving the amazing islands of El Nido, Philippines.—

Okay so the last photo is not a photo of me asleep, but a photo of me with one the greatest inventions in the world. It’s a small pillow that has a waistband attached to it so you are able to place it around your head and is kept exactly where you want it the entire time you are asleep. Honestly please be honest this is genius… right??? It was one of my friends and I so wanted to steal it from her, but didn’t. This will be a travel accessory I buy for sure when I get back home for all my future travels.

So there you have it… something I’ve been wanting to share, but was a bit scared. I was scared, because I don’t know what kind of response I will get from y’all. I know because of this horrible habit I have missed some amazing scenery around the world, but for some reason I don’t feel bad. In fact I think it’s a blessing that I can fall asleep on just about any moving object (don’t be dirty) no matter how bad it is…lol. I know this isn’t the only bad travel habit I have, but it’s my worst. So what do you think? Do you have this problem? Oh & while you are at it please share with me YOUR worst travel habit?

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  1. The hubby can sleep in any kind of position even aboard a very fast moving bus in India or Mongolia. I reckon he should have a helmet not just a pillow with a band. LOL. Happy 700th day!
    GayE @ Pinay Travel Junkie recently posted..Australia Day 2013

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ja a helmet… I may need that because I know I have sure hit my head during some fast moving vehicles while sleeping. For now though I’ll settle for this pillow.

  2. If I am in any sort of moving vehicle: car, plane, train…I fall asleep immediately. I can’t help it. I could’ve just woken up from an 8 hour sleep, and I’ll STILL fall asleep. don’t feel bad. We can be sleeping buddies!

    that pillow is AMAZING. I need it in my life!
    Sheryll recently posted..I’m Obsessed with Korean Cosmetics: The Winter Edition, Part 1

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m the same way Sheryll… even if I actually slept the night before I’ll fall asleep as soon as I’m moving along. Oh & yes I gotta find this damn pillow…lol.

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only creepy one taking photos of you while you sleep!!

    Happy Day 700!
    Corey W. recently posted..A Sunny Day in Sydney

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Nope you aren’t I even have a few more, but these are my favs. Glad you shared that photo with me…lol, I love it.

  4. aahaaahha Fatastic!! i actually envy you and people like u that are able to sleep everywhere!
    Yeah you may miss some fantastic sceneries, but at least you get some rest! 🙂

  5. I have a hard time falling asleep so I envy you that 🙂 But, I also don’t have pics of me asleep on trains 😉

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh more envy…lol!!! Hey Heather I miss you… hope all is well. Oh & go out and fall asleep on a train to get these photos. They’re so sexy… right???

  6. Very brave to post pictures of yourself sleeping 🙂
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Hawaii, We Can’t Quit You

  7. Are you kidding? What you have my friend is a gift! I am so jealous of people who can sleep easily. I always have to have some alcohol or Xanax in my system for me to do that! On a serious note, are you going to Dubai soon? I’m planning my RTW trip and would be great to meet someone who just did this.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I never thought of it as a gift Al, but now I love it… I mean it’s true I feel sorry for the people who can’t fall asleep. How did you know I’d be going to Dubai? I am going, but only for a 15 hour layover… so I need to figure out how to make my way from the airport to the world’s tallest building and back. So sadly I won’t have many tips to share. As for anywhere else I have been let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.

      • Ha! I was just making a wild guess of you stopping over Dubai. When are you stopping over? I’m based here so we can meet!

        • Jaime Davila says:

          Oh good guess… I don’t wanna share my dates on here, but I will email you soon to se if we can meet up. I only have a 15 hour layover… so won’t have much time.

  8. There are some adorable photos there. I wish I could drop off like you – when I travel I can’t sleep at all…
    Joshua recently posted..5 Lessons from the gayest experiences of my travels

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Joshua… sucks you can’t fall asleep like this, it’s a great gift (just learned this a few comments ago).

  9. Ahhhh I’m so jealous! I wish I could sleep like that!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Andi’s Pick: Inn On Biltmore Estate

  10. Hahah, these pics are great. You are travel Snorlax. Falling asleep isn’t that bad a habit. I thought you were going to say something like sexy time encounters in the backs of busses.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m cracking up at what you thought I would share Leif… lmfao I have NEVER done anything like that. Glad to hear it’s not that bad of a habit.

  11. I love all the napping photos people have been able to snap of you! Heehee 😉
    Audrey | That Backpacker recently posted..There’s A Place in…Derawan, East Kalimantan

  12. I wish I could fall asleep in transit. Even on torturous red-eye flights, I struggle to get 30 minutes of bad sleep. I do enjoy watching the scenery go by when I’m on a bus or train, but sometimes sleep is necessary. Consider yourself lucky that you can sleep so easily no matter how uncomfortable the vehicle might be.
    Ali recently posted..Is “What If” Stopping You From Traveling?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh man I’d die if I couldn’t fall asleep even on red-eye’s… how do you manage??? I must be very lucky, because seriously I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t sleep on long transportation days. Oh & whats funny is I feel like I have an easier time falling asleep on crappy transportation than nice transportation.

  13. Whenever I have to travel for more than 6 hours, I try to get a night train/bus, so I fall asleep. But whenever I travel during the day, I try my hardest to stay awake and see more of the country- but I usually start dozzing off within an hour 🙁

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m the same way Hilary… sometimes I do try, but I just can’t I’m gone as soon as I start moving. Glad I’m not alone.

  14. I can’t sleep while in transit. I remember one time I had to get up super early to catch my international flight. I was so tired, but I still couldn’t get to sleep, and I was too tired to watch a movie. It was torture.
    John recently posted..The Islands of Toronto

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I couldn’t handle that John… it really is torture when you can’t fall asleep. Do you ever take any pills or anything… like other people do?

  15. The Inexperienced Backpacker says:

    This did make me laugh because I can fall asleep any where to, unlike my poor wide awake boyfriend. Does anywhere know where to get the amazing awesome pillow?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I feel sorry for your boyfriend…lol. Oh & as for the pillow I have no clue, but will search for it when I go home. If I find out where I’ll let ya know.

  16. Funny post! My husband falls asleep like that, even dozing off while driving on road trips. Which means I NEVER get any sleep because I am always making sure he isn’t asleep!
    Jennifer recently posted..Passignano Sul Trasimeno: Medieval Town on Lake Trasimeno

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jaja Jennifer yes it helps when you travel with someone who doesn’t fall asleep so you can sleep in peace and not worry about getting mugged, or something taken from you. Oh but wait yeah not cool to fall asleep while driving… that is dangerous glad you are there to take care of him and keep him up. Ahh I miss road trips.

  17. Even though I can be nearly drop-dead tired, I have the hardest time sleeping while traveling – train, planes, or automobiles. At best, I take little cat naps no longer than 30 minutes, and even then, I’m not completely asleep. My soon to be spouse on the other hand can sleep in any travel condition, something I marvel at. Life is so unfair 😉
    The Minimalist recently posted..Carry Less: For Travel

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh no that is bad… I’d hate it if I couldn’t fall asleep. Well at least you can stay awake while your spouse sleeps…lol.

  18. I’m sooooo envious!
    I can never sleep during the day.
    Heck, even my first nights in a strange place are often spend more awake than asleep (and that’s not because there’s so much partying going on!).
    And I agree with you that transportation days – no, transportation in general – usually sucks and if you can catch up with sleep at those moments, I think you’ve found the perfect way of dealing with them!

    My worst travel habbit?
    Mmm… I think I might be a bit overplanned… 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh I’m sorry Sofie… seriously I feel bad for those who can’t fall asleep. I dont know what I’d do if I couldn’t fall asleep during most of my transportation days. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks TDs suck…lol. Oh & I used to be over planned but after a month or so on the road I was like um no more planning lets go with the flow.

  19. Love the photos! Congrats on 700 days!
    Kim recently posted..A Night in the Desert: A Jaisalmer Camel Tour

  20. I am habitual to falling asleep during travel hours. But when I go with my friends only then can I avoid dozing off to sleep. the constant chit-chatting is enough to keep me wake. Some people have very funny way to sleep while travelling.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh I think it’s so much easier to fall asleep when I’m not alone so that way I have someone to watch over me and my stuff and make sure we don’t miss our stops. I love the chats too though sometimes.

  21. haha awesome pics man… congrats btw… hope all is well 🙂

  22. I want that pink pillow! 😀
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..First Time in Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu

  23. Hey Jaime,
    I don’t think falling asleep as soon as you are in a moving vehicle is a problem but a great quality you need to develop in order to actually enjoy travelling for an extended period of time… : )
    700 days and you are going home soon? I made it to 800 days sharp, went back home and found out that I didn’t like it any more to be stationary. Now I am travelling again and I am sure you will be as well at some point… : )
    Enjoy the last days of your trip…

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Dennis thanks… yeah it’s nice that it happens, just sometimes wish I could see the beautiful scenery… but yeah I just fall asleep. Oh & yeah I think I won’t be home for long & be hitting the road again very soon after being home for a bit.

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