Diary of a 31 hour train ride from Mumbai to New Delhi.

Train travel in India… how does one explain it to someone who has never experienced it. Train travel in India is many things. Sometimes you will have a smooth ride, other times you will be fighting people out of your seat while you are trying to sleep. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry… it will even make you question humanity. Train travel is a strange creature in India. It’s a creature you can not avoid. The country is vast and to get around you must take the train. I took many many train rides during my 3 months in India, but never a 31 hour train ride. I knew I was going to have to get back to New Delhi to fly back to Egypt. I had the choice fly from Mumbai to New Delhi for $90 or take the train for $8. Yup I purchased the train ticket (for $8 come on how could I pass that up) from Mumbai back to New Delhi two months in advance. I was not about to deal with not having a reserved bunk on a 31 hour train ride.

I had been dreading it, but also knew I was going to document it all and make a post about it. I have documented a transportation day in Central America and a train journey in Egypt. I know my non-traveling readers always enjoy to know how exactly it is when we get from one city to the next. Well here  you have it the longest transportation day / train ride I have ever taken in my life (31 hours from Mumbai to New Delhi) verbatim from my journal. Oh & I warn you now… a lot of XXX going on this train ride and it’s because of the book I bought and read along the way.

5:40am – I’ve left the hotel my transportation day has officially started.

5:42am – Got a cab & am heading to the train staion. It’s always a strange feeling when you catch an early train or flight and are leaving a city.

-Wow driving through the streets of Mumbai so early is eerie. It’s strange to not see so many people on the streets.

5:50am – I arrived to the train station of course an hour and a half earlier than needed.

– I have this habbbit of arriving to trains, buses, planes so fucking early. One of my biggest fears is missing what ever it is I am catching that day. I can’t help it.

6:05am – I’m already sweating up a storm.

– To keep me busy on this 31hr train ride I’ll be reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve heard it’s great & very erotic. I did read the 1st chapter before leaving the hotel and it looks like it’s going to be good.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

7:15am – Yay I’m in my seat. My name is on the list so I’m good to go. Oh & as I was walking to the train a huge rat ran into my foot. Why does India want a rat to bite me? Okay back to my book… It’s so good I can’t stop giggling.

7:32am – Woohoo the train is moving on schedule… Let the adventure begin. Below is a photo of my bunk… the top one is the best cus you can crawl up there at anytime and get away from the madness. So far I have the whole section to my self.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

7:42am – People arrived at the next stop whomp whomp. Oh well I’m gonna do what I do best when I’m in transit NAP. I’ve only slept like 3 hours anyway so I am tired.

9:50am – Up from my nap… Ugh I’m still so tired.

10:20am – As I’m reading two children ask me for money I say no. They then gesture for food, I hate when they do that. So I go to my seat and give them the rest of my Mango juice.

11:03am – Finally food I can eat. All morning people pass with food for sale but I’m scared to eat it. Finally a lady passes selling bananas so I buy 3 of them. Only cost me $0.20. Now a man passed by selling water… looks like I may never need to leave the train.

– and now a man come through taking orders for lunch. Ugh I’m so scared to eat the food, but am already so hungry. I have no choice I must order something. I ask for rice & veggies. We’ll see what I get.

– okay I am not eating he just came back and let us know lunch was not available today. I’m back at square one… I guess I’ll have bananas all day.  Oh India.

11:20am – The lady in my compartment gave me peanuts. She knows I am scared to eat because she translated for me when the man came. I told her I didn’t wanna get sick again for a week again.

– OMG this book is getting good. “His erection is against my belly” – EEEeeee I love it… this is really gonna help time fly.

11:50am – Now the lady gave me some type of dry rice & peanut chips to eat. They were good. Soon I’m gonna need real food though, ugh.

– Damn I can’t put the book down & I wanna nap… “I don’t make love I fuck… hard”

-HOLY FUCKING SHIT… I don’t know if I like this. It’s way to crazy even for me. I feel so dirty reading this in front of people.

12:37pm – The lady now ask me if I’m gonna eat lunch or dinner. I say I don’t know & she hands me a pack of crackers. She’s too nice & so cute. I must get a photo of her & her husband before I leave this train.

– No fucking way she doesn’t masturbate. We all do… don’t play!

– Okay I am getting hot and bothered. “Pulling off his boxer briefs his erection springs free” – YUM!!!

1:05pm – This post may turn out to be more about the book than the ride. It’s okay though nothing interesting is happening. It’s so nice when you have reserved seat on a train and no one is trying to steal it from you.

– Lord I had no clue you could do so much to women or that they can climax so often. This book is crazy I need to put it down.

4:08pm – Now that was a good nap, but fuck now I am even hungrier. It’s crazy that at this point the ride has turned into a daze.

4:41pm – It’s not even 5pm and I think I just had my breakfast, lunch and dinner. A small mango ice cream that tasted like foam and some potato type puffs.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

5:14pm – It’s crazy the amount of things you will see looking out of a window on a train in India. You will see people walking on the track even in the middle of no where. You will see fields and fields of so many different types of plants. You will see trash lined up all along. You will see homes made of carboard and metal sheets all over. You will see cows roaming freely. Sometime you will even see people take shower or children use the toilet. It’s just crazy.

5:58pm I’m back on my bunk and the guy next to me offered me peanuts. I also think he is offering me food his mom made & will give it to me at 8pm. His English is not the greatest, so we’ll see what happens then.

6:48pm – Got down for sunset. I managed to get a decent sunset photo. It’s always hard from a train.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

– I had to put the book down again. It’s given me another erection and I don’t even like straight porn.

8:06pm – My bunk mate calls my name & hands me a bowl of potatoes and 3 pieces of chipati. I thank him so much & eat it. I’m so greatful because I was starving. It’s moments like this I don’t want to forget. It’s moments like this I’ll never be able to explain to people. The kindness of strangers is amazing around the world. I’ve been welcomed to strangers homes in Paris, Hamburg, Chefchaouen, Barcelona, Egypt and many other places. No matter how often you thank them you still feel in debt.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

9:28pm – Now out of no where he’s brought me ice cream. He need to be careful because food is the way to my heart and I have a man already.

– I’ve read 15 chapters today more than half the book. I can’t put it down it’s so damn good. It’s past 10pm though and everyone is going to sleep so I should too!

2:15am – Ugh I looked at my watch wrong and thought it was 8:45am got so excited. I’m so hot and sweaty. Oh and I just got off the train barefoot. That is fucking disgusting.

-Ugh I just wanna be back in Cairo. I’ve wanted to be back since the moment I left. Ugh I miss him and love him so much. The sad thing is I still have no clue if I wanna stay in Cairo more than the 3 months I had planned.

-Lord I wish I could read my book it really keeps my mind busy and away from so many thoughts.

6:20am – Ugh I am up already… GOOD MORNING!!! The sun is out and the metal coffin that is the train is filled with light. Everyone is up already. I guess I’ll brush my teeth and finish reading my book. 6 MORE HOURS!

6:52am – The train was stationed for a while so I got off to take photos. When I got back the lady gave me crackers.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

“NO MAN IS AN ISLAND” – wow I forgot all about that quote. Sometimes I feel that way.

“He pulls me against him, and his erection presses into my belly. I should run, but I can’t begin to understand.” – Oh girl I know all about this feeling and it’s a mess!

8:14am A family now joins us in our compartment. A lil kid is now sitting in front of me. He’s to cute. I love that he is looking out the window.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

8:37am – I am going back to my bed. I can’t read this in front of the kid I don’t feel comfortable.  Plus I’m tired as fuck. I want more sleep and more food!!!

9:56am – I napped about an hour.




– Ugh it’s arrived bitch & complaining Jaime. I’m sorry.

– Just looked outside we are at Mathura Junction. Aww now I’m getting all emotional and shit. My 1st train ride in India was from New Delhi to here for Holi. Fuck I’m gonna miss India so much.

– Okay back to reading. If not my mind will go ape shit and think about everything going on in my life. I must keep busy.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

10:03am – Ugh I need a cold Coke. Now that I want one of course no will come by selling them. I’m addicted to Coke… damn you India.

-“He rolls the condom down his impressive length” – The way this mans cock is described in this book makes me really wanna see it.

11:11am – Ugh no Coke/water man has passed yet. I am getting a headache.

11:37am – The train stopped I ran and bought a coke. I’m pissed because it’s not even cold.

– Oh & now a man selling cold cokes walks by. Ugh see why India is frustrating???



11:44am – The boy across from me & I just looked at each other. We both just saw a huge rat crawl by our feet. Ugh yes I’m ready to leave India. 3 months was enough.

12:09pm – Ewww just saw another rat crawl by good thing we should be arriving shortly. What sucks is I have no clue where I am staying. I love that I don’t get as scared any more. Things always seem to work out in the end (most of the time).

“Language evolves and moves on. It’s an organic thing.” – Oh I love that. It makes me feel better for making up words.

– On Chapter 22 already and only four more to go. Christian Grey really is Fifty Shades of fucked up.  Sometimes I feel like I am Fifty Shades of Fucked up!

– Lord I would let Christian Grey do whatever he wants with me. I’m so Ana… I always want more.

11:35pm – A kid selling bags of water walked by. I had to buy 3 for 10cents. I giggle because it reminds me of Central America. Ahh Central America was so good to me.

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

–  “The beauty of carry on is that one can breeze out of the airport and not wait endlessly for baggage at the carousels.” – that is so true and is why I love to travel light. My bag is carry on.

1:00pm – Yay finally got the nerve to ask the couple that has been taking care of me if I can take a photo. Aren’t they adorable?

Mumabi to New Delhi by train

1:17pm – EEEEEeeeeee we have arrived. I give them a huge hug two both of them and thank them for everything. I also thank the other guy who shared his moms food with me.



1:41pm – Yay back at the hotel I stayed at the 1st night I was in India. It’s expensive, but I don’t care it’s nice and will do for the two nights I have left before going back to Egypt!!! It was a long walk from the train station and I’m sweaty as fuck… time to shower & unwind a bit!

Well as you can see I survived the 31 hour train ride & to be honest it wasn’t that bad. It was a good way to end my train travel experience in India, because trust me I’ve had worse. This will be a memorable ride not only because of the book I was reading…lol, or because how long it was, but because of the amazing people who fed me along the way. I never asked for it, but that helped make the journey easier for me. It’s act of kindess from strangers that make me really love the world we live in. I know a few times I wanted to just shoot my self and end it all, but who doesn’t on a long journey? So now I’d like to know… what has been your longest train journey? What did you think about my 31 hour train ride? Would you have flown or taken the train? Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you wanna read it now after seeing how crazy it really is? Share any and all thoughts below!!!

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  1. I am reading. Fifty shades of grey now, chapter 10 and im bored as heck.
    This book seems like its for first timers…I dunno nothing about has interest me yet.

    I loved your story, the food the guy shared with the chipatai looked good. Now I bet you probally know how to make better chipati then me.

    Those Rats would have made me jump off the train 🙂 , but you did the right thing taking the train vs the planeyou saved a lot of money.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh noooo why are you bored Rahill??? Ah I loved it, but then I guess it was my 1st ever erotic novel so maybe it is lame compared to others. I didn’t know you were crazy like that…jaja jk!!! Oh and the chipati was so good, I never actually learned how to make it I love it so much though and ate so much of it while I was in India. Ahh & rats… sadly you kind of get used to them after a while.

  2. Great post, this is how specific travelogues should be written. I actually love sleeper trains but India is a little different, but the cost and experience seems to be well worth it.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks very much John. Agree sleeper trains in India are just as crazy as a reg. ticket. It’s all about the experience though… it’s crazy how amazing the experience can be.

  3. Love it, Jaime! Even if you and I didn’t talk and didn’t hang out for a week in Valencia, I think I would still feel like I know you so well from your blog (specifically posts like this) because you don’t hold back, you just put yourself into your posts so much more than most others I read. But I might still have to tease you for spelling “habit” with 3 b’s – habbbit 🙂

    I’ve never been on a train for this long, but I have had a 43 hour travel day(s?) when I went from Freiburg to Melbourne in December, and that was rough. I’m glad you made it through unharmed, despite the rats and lack of food.
    Ali recently posted..Heidelberg Castle Still Guarding Its Walls

    • Jaime Davila says:

      THanks so much Ali, that really means a lot. I am glad that with my blog people can discover who I really am on just about all levels. I just don’t see why we should hide anything and be anyone we are not. I love my blog & will continue to do so. Oh & about habit… that was a pure typing mistake… I know it’s written with one B…lol!!!

      Wow you had a long travel day… I don’t think I’ve ever had one that long. I hate travel days they are the worst sometimes and I hate that you always end up tired and exhausted no matter how short or long.

  4. Wow…I think my longest train ride was about…I actually don’t know how long it was, but it was an overnight sleeper from St Petersburg to Moscow. I was 17, freezing and tired as hell, so I don’t remember it all that well.

    You know my feelings about penises, so you already know my feelings about the book haha! I have yet to read it but am sure I’ll love it. I’ll just assume that Ana is short for Antonio, somehow.
    Waegook Tom recently posted..Party Like A Geordie: Newcastle’s Best Bars

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahh 17 hours is nothing now…lol!!! After India that is a breeze… jk. I will always hate long transportation days. I’d love to do that train ride though. St. P to Moscow, must be amazing.

      I love that you will make Ana short for Antonio…lol!!! This book is fucking crazy and the truth is I’d love to Christian to do to me what he does to her…lol!!!

  5. I can’t believe you read that book in public! I was blushing while reading it at home by myself. But I could definitely see how it could keep you occupied….
    Sally recently posted..Panda-monium in Chengdu (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      LOL Sally, I felt so damn horrible reading it in front of everyone. I am sure though none of them knew what it was about. So you have read it… omg what did you think about it??? Do tell!!!

  6. I’m surprised you could read that book in public as well, just from some of the descriptions you shared. Love to see how your photography has come along, too. Sounds like quite an adventure.
    Talon recently posted..Tigger photo Wednesday

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahhh Talon, it’s a crazy book that is for sure. The other day on my NILE CRUISE I was reading book to and the lady looks at me like WTF and then she pulls out her copy of BOOK I and we both laugh hysterically. I hate carrying it around… I feel like everyone knows what I am reading. Thanks for the compliments on my photography.

  7. I have to admit that I found the comments on 50 Shades of Grey more entertaining than the notes on your train ride 😉 Glad to hear that it wasn’t all too bad though, and that it didn’t make you entirely sick of India.
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Street art in Bisbee, Arizona

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I know right Dani, it was a boring train ride…lol. Okay not boring, but wasn’t crazy. Had this been like our crazy train ride… well we all know that would have been more interesting.

  8. Hi,

    India is tough but it is also so unforgettable at the same time. I remember some years ago I was traveling from Delhi to Bangalore and i got my ticket through a travel agent. They told me the ticket will be confirmed on the date of the journey but it did not. Since it was very important for me to reach Bangalore on time (To catch Iron Maiden’s concert) i decided to travel without a confirm ticket. i spent the first night near the toilet and it was horrible. The second day this 40 something guy came up to me and said he was traveling with his family and he invited me to come and share their seat. They had two kids and three seats, this man gave me a seat to bunk sleep which was for the two kids and he and his wife two one kid with them to their bunk. This is an experience i’ll never forget.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Akum, yes India is very tough but also so unforgettable. Reading your comment makes my stomach squirm… like literally squirm. I can only imagine how horrible of a ride that must of been. I do love though that a family gave you a seat and you were able to at least get some comfortable rest. It’s these crazy experiences in India that I can’t get out of my mind… I just can’t & it makes me wanna go back so bad.

  9. aahah this post made me laugh from the start to the end!! I guess it was because i was picturing u reading the book with an innocent face (or trying to fake an innocent face lol) in front of those poor people! Sounds like an experience!
    Surprisingly, your story didn’t scare me much! i have a thing for long “adventurous” train rides.
    I would have totally choosen the train over the plane. Is tiring yeah, but it’s what travelling is about.
    I too become a whining little girl after a while, but inside me i’m enjoying all the drama lol. Plus, as you said, in situations like these, you can truly see how people help each other. Humanity. And i love it!
    M longest train ride was 36 hours…ad no, not in an undeveloped country like India… IN ITALY!!! ahaah i took a train from the north (Torino) to Reggio Calabria (on the south)… 15 years have passed by, but i still remember EVERYTHING about it! we didn’t have anything to lay down, train was so overcrowded that people stayed standing or sitting on the corridors. It was august, no A/C…sweating like pigs. No food was passed (since there was no place to go anywhere!) But i met the most incredible people! and i am still friend wth a guy i met on that ride! I think i was just missing the big rats (not “missing them, really lol)
    …oh and i didnt had such interesting readings to cheer me up :))…. and i know wha you’re talking about since i’ve read it too 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh my… 36hours damn you beat me by just a few but its a lot when you are on the damn journey that is for sure. Oh & yeah reading this book on the train was fun ja!!! Looks like your ride was a bit crazier though… I did have worse train rides, but this is the one I documented since I knoew it would be so damn long.

  10. Hi Jaime! I wanted to thank you for all of your advice and stories you’ve been sharing on your blog. I’m planning my own trip and it’s been helpful and encouraging (and a little bit unnerving too – I read your posts about getting robbed at gunpoint and being arrested!) You must be a really resilient and quick on your feet to be able to make it through those experiences!

    Anyhow, I’ve ridden a train about 5 hours through South Korea (hardly comparable to your 31 hours), but I can still totally relate to your story about the kindness of strangers. I got to share some Korean sweet potatoes on the train with this old lady I was with and we tried to talk to each other by pointing at Korean words in my guidebook. I totally forgot about that experience until I read your post.

    Also, on 50 shades… I gave that book to my mom because I heard she had wanted to read it. I didn’t realize that it was that xrated… Maybe that’s why she stopped reading halfway. Haha! I think she’s planning to lend it to her sister though…

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Aww thanks Alex, so happy my blog has encouraged you. I am happy to hear you are planning your own. Let me know if you need any help. I’m always happy to help if I can.

      It’s crazy how kind people can be on the road. It’s like just so eye opening. I’m glad it made you think of your travels too. Oh & yeah 50shades is a bit crazy… only read the 1st 2 books before giving up on them…lol.

  11. I enjoyed so much your story. I did that trek more than 20 yrs ago minus Fifty Shades Of Gray. You totally took me back there. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow I can’t imagine this trek 20 years ago. Wow must have been even more amazing.

      • Yup it would have been. The 31 hour becoming more than 40 was not very uncommon back then.
        During my primary schooling, we used to travel from south to north-east India every year. It used to be a 5 day journey plus the one or two days delays unless you are very lucky. It’s much better now but god help you if you are travelling without reserving and are not used to doing it.

        • Jaime Davila says:

          Wow that’s just crazy! I’ve never had to deal with anything like that. I don’t know if I could have survived that…lol!!!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing India with us. I was in India last June. It was a love/hate relationship. I had a string of bad experiences in New Delhi. I had absolutely one of the worst travel experiences in my life. But the rest of India is like what you say it was. Intriguing, magical, adventurous. And something about Indian children that is so special. It seems that they are the closest thing to God. We got sleeper trains from New Delhi to Agra (to visit the Taj Mahal). You think you would pay and get the whole bench to yourself but as soon as it begin to fill up you find yourself sharing with a family of 4 lol. But the kindness you spoke about was there. This young man got off with us and walked us to a taxi and made sure to get us the right fare to the airport. Haggling on our behalf and before he left he said, “If he gives you any trouble call XXXXXX to get connected to the police.” The kindness of stranger……..sigh………

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