What does Paris taste like?

Ahhh Paris… the city of lights and the city of some great foods! Everyone knows I love to eat and I will give just about anything a try. I went Pupusa mania in El Salvador and ate bugs in Oaxaca. I spent 8 nights in Paris and managed to eat some very delicious foods. Some were home cooked, some were store bought and one was at nice restaurants! I wanna share with you images and my thoughts on some of the delicious foods I ate and what I liked about them while I was in Paris.


This was my breakfast every morning (well not including the wine). I would have a bowl of cereal with milk, along with a croissant and some juice. What I love about it is that it would make me feel like a local because since my friend Alice was hosting me I would do my part by going to the grocery store and making sure we had breakfast every morning. So I would buy enough to last us 2 days and go every other day to buy us more. I will never forget holding up what I thought was milk and asking people if it is milk or not. Luckily what I bought was milk and the right kind.


My friend Alice was kind enough to cook dinner for us just about every night and oh man did she cook up some amazing dinners. This here is an appetizer for one of the dinners we had. It is different colored tomatoes cooked with some french cheese and  some mozzarella cheese around it. Oh & some basal that was good, but smelled like a plant that I know in Mexico they use to cure people of fears they may have.


This one of the many dinners my friend Alice cooked up for us. It is quiche, with salad and some rose wine. I was not much of a wine drinker before I got to Paris, but I think that they may have started my love affair with wine. It tasted so good, I do know though that I prefer white wine over red wine.


This was by far my favorite dinner in Paris. We went out to dinner to a french restaurant called “Les Philosphes”. It was on my second night there and I went with Alice her boyfriend Jonas and some of their friends. When we got there I couldn’t stop laughing because for the 1st time in my life I could not read the menu like at all. It was in French and well I don’t know any, but luckily Alice was able to help me and her & Jonas recommended I try a great French dish right of the back. They told me I should try “Steak Tartar” I asked what it was and they said “RAW MEAT”. I was like wow, I had never had raw meet before and was a little scared and then of the friends asked if I like Sushi I said yes and she said its like that raw but meat. So I thought what the hell let me give it a try. Above is a picture of it and I must say it was SOOOO DELICIOUS… At some point in my life I must have that again.


Seems like every street corner you turn in Paris it has some type of bakery whether its breads or desserts you will find them every where. I found this cupcake shop as I was lost trying to find Moulin Rouge. They looked delicious so I had to sneak in and give few a try. I ended up spending a quite a bit there, but oh they were so good.


To be honest I had never heard of this last pastry until Heather from There’s No Place Like Oz started writing her “No Macaron Left Behind” posts. Hell I also learned from her that “Macaron Day” exists. So yes the pastries above are MACARONS they were one Euro a piece and small so I asked the lady for 6 and gave them a try. The menu was in French and the lady only spoke French so I had no clue what flavor was what or what they are made of. I do know that taste buds have no language or culture barrier and understood it was eating something so good.


These are just a few photos of what I ate while I was there. I always tend to take pictures of what I eat & well don’t wanna post them all on here. So to answer the title of my post I think Paris taste like LOVE… something so delicious you can never have enough of (but could give you heartaches). Even though I wasn’t able to do a Paris Champagne Tours I am glad I was able to try many different things while I was there.  So have you ever been to Paris, what was your favorite dish while there? Is there anything I missed and should have tried while I was there? Is there a dish I must try while I am in a different city or country that I may be visiting and need to try? Let me know below!

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  1. mmmmmm! Macaroons! I cannot wait to go to Paris. I’m going to have to be careful to not over indulge and gain all the weigh I’ve lost back! It all looks delicious!
    Sheryll recently posted..10 Things I’m Looking Forward to When I Return to London

    • Oh dont worry about that Sheryll, because you will burn it off with all the walking you will be doing around the city. Plus walking in HEALS burns more calories….lol i just made that up.

  2. I’ve never had raw meat… (Al menos NO de “animal” jajajajaja) and I think I’m fine without it 😛

    But u made me hungry with all that stuff!!! I can imagine all the Italian food u r gonna have… And all the “raw italian meat” jajajajajajajajajaja xD

    If u know what I mean…

    Take care! Xoxo
    R recently posted..RamiroGordz: I’ll tell you what you want to hear, it depends on what I’ve been drinking…(8) @amywinehouse

  3. So, a few things.

    1. what i really want to know is how many Nutella crepes did you eat while there?
    2. how many ham and cheese sandwiches did you eat while there?

    and last, not a question, but an observation:

    Most people who are just getting to learn their palette and start drinking wine will gravitate to white wine first. It is easier on the taste buds and is not quite a ‘shock’ when drinking it. Also, most people will typically gravitate to sweeter white wines first, then as time goes by and their palette matures, into more crisp and clean white wines, then into the rest of the whites and then reds.

    You can spend years learning new stuff about wine and your palette for it. Just keep exploring and tasting new wines and new wine/food pairings.

    Glad to see you are enjoying the local culture, but alas, you ate bugs in Central America, how come no escargo here in France?
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..A Belated Honeymoon Wish

    • TO answer your questions Justin here you go.

      1) I only had one…lol (I know kill me but yup just one) wasnt a big fan of them.
      2) Sandwiches I did eat about 4-6 of them I think. Manly for lunches.

      About wine yeah right now I can only handle cold white wine. Ive tasted red and I just cant handle it. Thank for teaching me something cus I have no clue that with time our taste will change and gravitate to different wines.

      & ummm what is Escargo????

      • I lived on the nutella crepes and the ham and cheese sandwiches from street vendors when I was there. Loved them!

        As far as the wine, its a matter of time, just like beer, you didnt pick up a Guinness for your first beer and go “OMG THIS IS AWESOME” – it is an acquired taste that you will grow into, if you want to.

        and Escargo is Snails, a French delicatessen!
        Justin Hamlin recently posted..A Belated Honeymoon Wish

        • Sorry about the street food… will do a better job at it next time.

          As for beer wow good reference because that is so damn true… I used to not like beer that much and not I like stronger and darker beers. Hmmm love the analogy.

          And omg ewwww, but Ill have to try it at some point!!!

  4. Crepes became my best friend when I was in Paris. I could eat them with fruit from breakfast, with cheese for lunch and with meat and veggies for dinner.

    Thanks for making me hungry asshole.
    Elle recently posted..Happy 1st Birthday to Veni Vidi Vici

  5. I don’t see enough pictures of cheese 🙂
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Glacier / Waterton – Peace Park Hike

  6. I’ve always wanted to try steak tartar! It looks like my steaks, just slightly less cooked!

    Oh, and by the way, I get a lot of crap for being Texan and eating the amount of meat I do. I thought it was normal?
    Erica recently posted..Xela, Guatemala – Home Sweet Home

  7. monica cantu says:

    Oh wow I think I would travel around the world just to eat! That’s why I love Anthony Bourdain :). Wow so Paris tastes like love interesting! I love how when I cook for my friends they tell me it tastes like you really love to cook you can taste the love and it makes me feel really good. Steak tartar huh wow you my friend have big balls it took me a while to eat a medium well steak cause you know we mexicans don’t like to see red in our meat, but I know understand the difference between well done meat and such. But I have heard that Steak tartar is yummy I think I shall give it a try sometime, I love Tuna tartars so i guess your friends are right! I would eat all the damn pastries becuase the french cuisine is sooooooo different from american! They love butter! and shit I love butter too! Wow can you tell I really love this blog because it’s about food LOL! I can relate so much into that! I can’t wait to go to vietnam cause I know the flavors there will be soooo different from everything else! Awesome blog Jaime love you miss you!

    • Monica eating is the best way to discover different cultures… food is so damn important and hello you know i love to eat…lol!!! You should def try steak tartar… it is so good and just diff. Find a restaurant that does it in Houston and try it. I know what you mean about eating raw meat… i thought the same thing… we just dont do it in our culture we love everything cooked…lol!!! I am glad you love this post… i think I will be writing about food a bit more often cus some of the place have such great food!!!

      Thanks for the comment my love!!!

      • You’re so right about food being a great way to discover different cultures. It really helps to open our eyes to life in another parts of the world. I must admit that I’m not a fan of steak tartare, but escargot is quite good, especially when served in the shell with a garlic butter sauce for dipping. Ca c’est bon! Oh, and the macarons are to die for, even at the McDonald’s restaurants in Paris (a place I only go into for the use of the restrooms, which sometimes requires that I make a purchase to obtain the code for the r.r. door). I love reading about travel AND food. Keep up the good work!
        Gayla~ recently posted..Visible remains of Roman Lucca and the Middle Ages, Part 3

        • Jaime Davila says:

          Oh yes Gayla, I think food is one of the BEST ways to discover another culture. So many things revolve around food… that it makes it so important. Yeah I had never had Steak Tartare, but actually enjoyed it. I don’t think I will eat it again though. Oh & yes… I tried the Macarons at McDonald’s they were really good!!! Oh & I always use them for the toilet. I sometime go up like I am going to order something and then sneak off to the toilet use it and then walk out… jaja! Hey we gotta save money…lol!! Thanks for reading my blog. I’m glad you enjoy it!

  8. Macaron love!!! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  9. I would get so fat if I lived in Paris, yum!

  10. Paris tastes like french bread, wine and french cheese. This is the most romantic city in the whole world. And these cakes you posted, they seem delicious. Paris is more than just the Eiffel Tower, it is more of sensation, rather than sight-seeings.

  11. looks delicious especially the pastries… umm.. im not sure about the raw meat though…
    flipnomad recently posted..When Backpackers become Bloggers: The Reality of Earning Money thru Travel Blogs

  12. QueenBrain12 says:

    Everything looks so yummy. I would be hesitant about the steak tartar but would try it too. Did you eat the whole steak?


  13. Aye aye aye! Raw meat?!?!?! I dont know if I would have been brave enough to try that….no I DO know, I would NOT have tried that! I have seen it on Tv and heard of it but even then I was like “What?! Ew! Doesnt that make you sick!?” Im assuming you dont just take a package of ground beef from the local Krogers and slap it on a plate? There is some type of minimal cooking involved? Maybe? Hopefully? lol Well, anyhow. You are one brave guy! Keep ’em comin!

    • Oh Jackie you have to try it… it is so damn good!!! I know I thought it would make you sick too but it really doesn’t. They make it fresh and mix a few things in it… crazy good!!!

  14. I love raw meat! Every time I am at a restaurant and they have it on the menu, I don’t even read other options!:) we can have some in Italy if you want:) I’m huuuuuungrryyyyyyy!!!
    Giulia recently posted..Nikon D7000 night photo: Camogli, Italian Riviera and memories

  15. For me actually Paris always taste like macaroons and sushi! Yes, I know it is weird! Ha ha ha
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted..10 Things about Benin You didn’t Know

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jajaja it’s not weird, Paris has it all after all. In the end it’s what you ate that is what Paris taste like.

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