Eating bugs in Oaxaca, Mexico!

I am currently home (Houston, TX), but as I mentioned I would be writing about things going on here along with a few post I had left to write about my adventures in Central America & Mexico. This is one I couldn’t complete on the road because it would never allow me to load the video.

The cricket stands you will see all over Oaxaca, Mexico.

I’m not sure if you remember a while ago I wrote about the “Best Carne Asada Concept Ever in Oaxaca” well that is not the only thing I ate while I was there. When you are in Oaxaca and exploring the beautiful colorful markets you are bond to walk by the many cricket stands they have. I had just met up with Erica & Shaun from Over Yonderlust and they had told me how they had just ate some before arriving in Oaxaca. I then knew I had to eat one before leaving Oaxaca. I also knew eating bugs and critters is something every backpacker should do at some point in their travels. On my 3rd day there I finally worked the nerve to do so and it was all caught on video. Here is the video (thanks Erica & Shaun for shooting it and helping me out)… Hope y’all enjoy it as I make a fool out of myself.

So after eating it I have to be honest it wasn’t that bad. It kind of tasted like paper and nothing more (yes as a kid I would eat paper). Now after watching the video I can’t believe I licked my fingers… jajajaja. I must of really liked it. I know this was the 1st bug I ever ate but won’t be the last. Even though it may take me a while to work up to doing it I am always up for new things. So tell me have you eaten any bugs? If so what bugs have you eaten?

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  1. Props to you for doing it on video, but for me, only 3 words come to mind.


    LOL Love the video. Finger lickin’ good!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..June 29: Go Out Of Your Way

    • Yeah Justin I had to capture it on video. It was a special moment in my travels… I had never done anything like that before. I have 3 words for you YES YOU CAN. You can do it… it’s not that bad.

  2. Not sure how I would behave before eating my first bugs. I never tried them before, but since I will be moving to Asia soon, there will be more then enough oppertunities to try them out 🙂
    Tijmen recently posted..Photo Essay: Iceland

    • Tijmen you should capture it on video, its such an awesome moment! You will try some bugs for sure when you are in Asia. I am sure I will be eating some more bugs over there. Maybe we can eat some bugs together…lol!!!

  3. Hahaha, that is so cute!!!

    I want to try and eat bugs when I go away but arghhhh I think I’ll be too scared lol!
    Lauren recently posted..Brighton: England’s coolest and most scandalous seaside resort.

    • Thanks Lauren I guess it was cute… but so funny. I’m glad I caught it on tape. I say go for it cus I was scared as hell too, but did it.

  4. You are hilarious Jaime! Proud of you for trying it, but I really don’t think I’ll be doing any bug tasting on my trip.
    Ali recently posted..The Unintentional Minimalist

  5. deep fried crickets taste like peanuts 😉 funny when you mentioned that as a kid you used to eat paper… i remember being horrified seeing my cousin eating her own poop when she was 2… LOL gross i know!!!
    flip recently posted..June 2011 Wrap Up

    • Flip I havent had deep fried crickets yet… but will try them at some time. Yeah as a kid I would eat lil pieces of paper but NEVER POOP….lol that is gross for real…lol!!!

  6. Ohhh I was so waiting for this!!!
    Wow Jaime you’ve been so brave! I never tried a bug but honestly I don’t think I would… well, of course never say never!
    And then you licked your fingers like “I want some more!!!” 😀 Haha this is an awesome video. I’m happy you met Shaun and Erica and had such a great time with them!
    Giulia recently posted..Destination: Southern Italy!

  7. I still couldn’t believe you licked your fingers… I just sat there like, “Oh man he is gonna flip when he saw what he did!” LOL!

    Good times. Miss your face!
    Erica recently posted..Playa del Carmen vs. Over Yonderlust

  8. You are too freaking cute! That shit must have been finger lickin’ good. Now you know, when the going gets tough, you can always eat some bugs and be satisfied.
    Elle recently posted..Umm…brrr! #32 Swim in Each of the Oceans

  9. Your laughter and facial expressions cracked me up!!! 🙂 And you were ready to eat another one straight away!!
    Heather recently posted..Re-entry and Reverse Culture Shock

  10. Haha, Great video Jamie. It was hard to swallow huh 🙂

    • Ahhh I so wanted to point out that I said that but thought I’d rather not… Im cracking up that you are the 1st person to mention it… I cant believe I said that, but it was true.

  11. I was just watching the video of you eating chapulines again jajajaja. I still don’t know why you took off the legs, but it was hilarious nonetheless. It is official, you are going back to Oaxaca for sure!!! At least that’s what they say about those who eat the chapulines 😉 It worked for me! I loved going back for a second round 😉 I will always have a very special place in my heart for Oaxaca =)
    Superxicana recently posted..IT’S HARD TO TRAVEL WITH A BROKEN HEART

    • I know I love this video… one of my fav glad I was able to capture the moment on video forever!!! I did not know they said that about Oaxaca. I agree with it though cus I do know that some day I will be going back to it. Oh & I know you have a special place for Oaxaca in your heart… I’m glad you were able to go back before heading home.
      Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 19

  12. It’s so funny that you lick your fingers after hesitating to try it. When I first saw the picture on the homepage I thought it was going to be crawfish that you were eating. I love following your adventures. You travel a lot! If you get a chance check out gtrot (www.gtrot.com) which is a social travel site for you to share your trips with your friends!

    • Kamaria I know I cant believe I licked my fingers…lol!!! Right now I am traveling a lot because I am on my RTW trip. I will def check your page out and see what I can share!

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