3 nights in David, Panama!!!

After receiving  a nice welcome from Panama City I was just going to head back straight to Costa Rica, however in order to get back to Cost Rica you have to pass through David. I had no plans to stay there at all, I read about the city and didn’t think anything would interest me. One night while watching the news in Panama City they started talking about a big International Fair that was going to start in David and would last 10 days. I thought well I have to go through David why not spend some time there.  Plus how could I pass up a fair? I ended up spending 3 nights in David and loved it.

After a 7 hour bus ride I finally made it to David. I had written down how to take the public bus from the bus stop too my hostel. Once again though I took a cab to my hostel. Thankfully this time it only set me back a $1.75. I need to stop doing that, but I can’t help it after long bus rides you just want to get to your hostel to unwind not wait for another bus, but anywho so more about David.

Main entrance at the David International Fair!!!

That night in the hostel a group of us made plans to go to the opening night of the Fair together. We walked to it (took forever), and once we were there were amazed at how big it was and how many people were there.  We spent about 2 hours walking around and just enjoying the sights.  We didn’t bring our cameras so a few of us made plans to come back during the day the next day to take some pictures.

Overall I would say the Daivd International Fair was very good. It seemed to be aimed though at people with money. As you walked around you would see car shows every where (BMW, MERCEDES) and inside the buildings major Panamanian companies set up shop to offer services and sell their products. I was however disappointed in the market shops. In my mind I thought I was going to see a lot of handmade crafts from the people around the city however most of it was stuff made in China.

Horses/Cowboys riding along infront of the hostel I was saying at.

Aside from the fair I spent one of the days walking around the entire city. I made it to the main plaza downtown and enjoyed people watching. The city of David seems fairly relaxed and mellow. I did love that on my last day there a ton of horses kept going by the hostel I was staying at. I thought they were going to the fair it turned out that they shut down the entire main street of the city for everyone to party and allow the cowboys to roam the streets. I only manage to experience that because my last night there I walked to the city center to get some dinner. I didn’t bring my camera so have no pictures of that. I ended up spending a while just watching all the horses and cowboys roam around.

After 3 nights in David, Panama it was time for me to hit the road again. I am now in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and am LOVING IT. I have a few crazy stories to share, but you will have to wait for those until next week. Oh & trust me they are crazy and scandalous.

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  1. David seems cool but hurry up with these stories!

  2. I love it when you fall in love with an unexpected place! Manuel Antonio is fantastic!!! I learned how to surf around there.
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..The Bahamas- Day 5 Part 2

  3. $1.75 doesn’t sound like too much for a cab. I don’t think I can get into one here for less than $3.50.
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..To Rent or Sell the House

  4. My own city? I’ll have to go for a visit soon!

  5. Wow I totally missed out, I heard David was a dump so I went straight to the Lost and Found lodge.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Embarrassed to be Canadian

    • Oh no it really isn’t. Its a very clean & safe big city. I was surprised because I know normally big cities can be dangerous in Central America. I liked a lot, but think with out the fair would not have had much to do.

  6. Okay, make with the stories already…lol…I LOVE a good scandal! :>)
    Raymond recently posted..Video — Snake vs Frog- Snake Wins

  7. QueenBrain12 says:

    I love this story; so cute. I can totally picture you doing this. You need to have our own show!!!!!

  8. Yeah, love to read your love affair with some of these cities, I really do, but seriously, waiting on the stories.

    to quote one of the greatest lines from Oceans 11…


  9. I want to visit Panama this year, noted down David! Hope that in one month I will still remember it is a city not a man I should look for lol Sorry, I’m being silly!
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted..Lucerne Lovely Light

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