Photo Round Up – Week 7

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

It's a big yellow bus in front of a big yellow church. The church is the main church of Granada, Nicaragua. I couldn't help but fall in love with this picture.

Colorful houses in Granada, Nicaragua! Everywhere you turn you will see many colorful houses, I loved it so much. I loved this house because it looks like its about to fall apart and the cracks just add to the amazingness.

One of the many stunning churches in Granada, Nicaragua "Guadalupe Church".

Edge of the active Volcano Masaya. You can see the steam coming out from it and on the right is a cross we hiked up too. The cross was used to protect the villages from the demons that may come out of the mouth of hell.

Snapped this shot while playing pool in a Nicaraguan Pool Hall in Granada, Nicaragua with some travel buddies.



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  1. JAIME I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!! So beautiful! Such Color! Amazing!!!!! I can’t wait to move abroad again in 6 months so thaks for showing these to the worlds and inspiring me to keep moving so I can make that plan possible!!!
    That church looks freshly painted by the way haha.

    Happy, Crazy, Nights You Won’t Remember ( i mean forget hehe) Travels,
    Laur 😀
    Lauren @ The Mad To Live recently posted..Identity Crisis- The Traveler Who Isn’t Traveling

    • Thank you Lauren. I am so obsessed with the beautiful colors all over the place in our world. Where are you moving too in 6 months (maybe I know but have forgot)??? Yes the church looked freshly painted but isnt and I know everyones done a shot of it from the fron so wanted to get a different view of it and with the yellow school bus was perfect.

  2. en serio, I want a framed print of the yellow bus/ church cuando te vuelves

  3. Great stuff! That pool hall shot came out cool. 🙂
    Matt | ExpertVagabond recently posted..Daily Travel Photo- Mouth of Hell

  4. Wow, Jaime, these are awesome! Your photography skills are improving each week 😀 i especially love the second photo, it looks like something you’d see in a magazine!
    Lauren recently posted..Photo Essay- Embracing the Aloha Spirit at a Luau in Hawaii

    • Thank you very much Lauren. I am glad they are improving. I know I am taking a lot more to make sure I get a shot I can use for Fridays.

  5. I love all of these! Such vivid colors and architecture! And I agree, the one of the pool hall looks fantastic!
    Sheryll recently posted..Big White Room

  6. Love the colors!! And don’t know why but really like the yellow one. Very good job!
    Heather recently posted..The one without food photos

  7. Beautiful pictures, especially the one of the colorful houses. I loved that pink little house when we were there – how did you like Granada?
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Polaroid of the week- A castle in the Alps

    • Thanks Dani, I loved those colorful houses & I loved Granada. Was only going to spend a few days there ended up staying a whole week.

  8. Love the colour in these.
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..Booked!!! The Countdown Begins…

  9. Love the photos. Especially the first one, such vivid colour.
    Alouise recently posted..Traveling Isn’t That Hard

  10. That photo of Guadalupe Church? Oh my god. It’s gorgeous. It just looks like it’s one of those buildings that’s been through years and years and years of history. Bet there are great stories behind that place.
    Katie recently posted..Dream bigger- please Make magic

  11. Wow Jaime, these are STUNNING photos. Great job! I think I love the one of the pool hall themost, though it is hard to decide.
    Kim recently posted..San Fran to Paris In Two Minutes

  12. Good work! Great shots! I dig that pool hall photo in a major way. If I were to ever have a home I would definitely hang that picture in it. They all make me miss Latin America big time! Well captured!
    Roman @ healthyvagabonds recently posted..MMA DAQING STYLE

  13. Great pics! I really like the church and the colorful houses 🙂
    Ali recently posted..Friendship in the Time of Twitter

  14. You’re pictures are seriously fabulous! It seems like they are just getting better every week! My favorites are definitely the yellow church and the old building! Love them!
    Annie recently posted..The Luck of the Irish- Which I Didn’t Find

  15. Colors! EEEEEEEEEEE! While I love those houses, I am in love with the one of the pool hall. Looks so amazingly gritty and real. You’re turning into quite the photographer Jaime!
    Erica recently posted..Puerto Vallarta- Mexico

  16. The Church photo is amazing. Definitely getting some good use out of that camera!

  17. Wow Jaime, your pictures are amazing! I can’t help but throw a comment about the first pic. Is that Big Bird’s headquarters? lol 😛
    Norbert recently posted..Tela- you tricked me!

  18. I took photo of the exactly same yellow bus in front of the yellow cathedral, lol 🙂
    Dina recently posted..10 Most Memorable Travel Moments from 2 Years of Living on the Road

  19. I love these photos! The color is just amazing!
    Emily @travelated recently posted..Baking Myths (or What My Mama Taught Me)

  20. Some great pics! The one of the church reminds me so much of a ruin in Macau.
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Machu Picchu | Peru | Part 18 | Travel Video

    • Thanks Sam… this is by far one of my favorite weeks so far. I’ll have to look up the ruins in Macau, because I am not sure I know what they are.

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