Photo Round Up – Week 6

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

The waterfall that almost cost me my life! It was a nice hike down & just beautiful nature everywhere.

Picture of Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. It is made of two volcanoes Concepcion & Maderas. Around the volcanoes are a few towns spread through out.

Picture of Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. It is made of two volcanoes Concepcion & Maderas. Spread out around the volcanoes are many small towns.

Sunday morning at Iglesia Santa Ana in Moyogalpa on Isla de Ometepe.

This was shot in the town of Altagracia on Isla de Ometepe. They are a group of dancers that go around town perform for people and then ask for tips. The way they danced was hilarious. I also have video and plan on posting that later.

Typical meal in Nicaragua. It is "Tejada de Pollo" I made the mistake of asking for a fork. You it all by hand. It was oh so good!!!



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  1. The second volcano is so similar to Mt Taranaki in New Zealand.
    Vi recently posted..Departure fee in New Zealand update 2011

  2. Love the color of that church and that “Tejada de Pollo” looks freakin good.

    By the way love the new header.

    • Thanks Nick, yeah the church was awesome the food was freaking good & well Dan from Adventures w/ Dan did my header and I love it too!!!

  3. where is the video of you zip lining?

    • Hey Wev, I was not able to load it because it was going to take 18hours to upload and umm at no point could I ever leave my laptop connected for that long. I think part two will be written when I am in Houston.

  4. Great photos, looking forward to the video of the dancers. Not to mention you zip lining!

    I’m scared of heights so I’m not sure I could ever do that. My friends got married in Vancouver last year and my boyfriend zip lined through the mountains and fog there once day, but it just wasn’t for me!
    David recently posted..Helsinki- The Daughter of the Baltic – Chicago to Helsinki on American Airlines Business &amp Finnair Economy

    • Thanks David, I am going to try and post the videos soon. Its just so hard with the slow net connections.

      Oh you should def do Zip-Linning at some point even if you are scared of heights… its so awesome and very safe!!!

  5. Look forward to see the video of the dance! Beautiful photo of the volcano.
    Sofia – As We Travel recently posted..Epic Japan Bike Adventure- Some Assembly Required

  6. Damn, that food looks good! Living up in NY and seeing pictures like that is making me miss my Southern California mexican food!

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