Photo Round Up – Week 5

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

I took like a million pictures of her because I wanted to get one that was perfect. Aside from the background I love this picture.

One of the many monkeys I saw during my visit too the Manuel Antonio National Park.

I love when I find a house that is painted different shades of the same color. I found this one while walking up a mountain in Monteverde.

The town of Monteverde, Costa Rica from atop of a nearby mountain.

One of the many paintings found around the town of Monteverde, Costa Rica!



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  1. the drag queen’s finger nails look like it can cut through steel LOL
    flip recently posted..Do you like having just two weeks of vacation in a year

  2. Yeah I have to agree with flip those nails are crazy! You went from bright red to the green hues the photo of the town is wonderful.
    Bluegreen Kirk recently posted..Latest Trends in Master-Planned Communities

    • Im always looking for bright colors and just different colors in general. I love that latin america has its houses painted in so many crazy colors!!!

  3. It’s week 5 already?! Doesn’t time fly?? ­čÖé

    Love all the pictures! That monkey is so adorable, and I love all the colourful houses too!
    Lauren recently posted..4 Months Until My Round-The-World Trip

    • I know I was just thinking that when I made the post yesterday… week 5 already. Time sure does fly by when you are having fun!!!

  4. Love them. I especially like the one of the frogs! Looks like you’re having a fab time.

  5. Nice work! I’m a big fan of houses painted in two different shades of the same color too. From my memory, Reykjavik, Iceland, has quite a few houses like that. BTW, love the new header and logo.
    Randy recently posted..World-Class Cycle Holidays in Majorca

    • Hey Randy thanks about the header & logo!!! I have actually seen pics of Reykjavik and I know exactly what you are talking about. I would love to go there one day.

  6. wow week 5 already! Seems like you had a lot great snapshot capture!

  7. I can see that you like colorful houses! I do appreciate those greens though – it is almost like the house is trying to blend in with the surroundings!
    Erica recently posted..Our Non-Itinerary

    • Yes I sure doo love colorful houses and yes its blending into its surroundings and then the town is called MonteVERDE…lol I know cheesy but I couldn’t help it!

  8. Loving the pictures Jaime, glad to see you using the new camera for all its worth!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Epic Road Trip 2011- Uncharted Waters

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