Confessions of a Drag Queen in Isla de Ometepe.

Arriving too Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. It is made of two volcanoes Concepcion & Maderas. Around the volcanoes are a few towns spread through out.

Arriving too Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua. It is made of two volcanoes Concepcion & Maderas.

After spending about 10 day in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica being scandalous and being held at gunpoint in Monteverde, Costa Rica I thought it was time for me to head out of Costa Rica and make my way to Nicaragua. The toughest choice I had to make was where in Nicaragua was I going to go too (every backpackers biggest dilema). I had heard amazing things about San Juan del Sur & Isla de Ometepe I also knew I could not make it to both. So I finally decided I would skip San Juan del Sur and make my way to Isla de Ometepe. The night before leaving Monteverde I was held at gunpoint and that left my nerves a mess. I knew it was going to be a long transportation day and knew it was going to include a border crossing. Even though border crossings are very easy I still hate them and they scare the shit out of me (more on that later).  After 11 hours I made it to Isla de Ometepe and man am I glad I chose it.

Mathieu, me & Natali drinking some Flor de Cana!!! Oh man it was good!!!

Normally after a long transportation day I just want to shower have a beer and be alone on my laptop to catch up on everything. Well instead I showered, grabbed a beer and mingled with people in the hostel. I just sat next to Mathieu and Natali and started chatting with them turned out to be some awesome people. We did the normal small talk that happens in these situations, but then talked about more than just that. We decided to have dinner together there in the hostel. You are probably thinking who cares about us having dinner… Well I bring it up because it turned out to be the best dinner so far. The menu at the hostel had “Mexican Tacos” I have been on the road over a month and miss my moms home made Mexican food. So I actually went back there and asked to speak to the cook… I had to make sure these were going to be real “Mexican Tacos” (because I have learned that tacos in Central America are not Mexican tacos at all).  He told me they were so I ordered them. When I got the plate I was in awe they really were “MEXICAN TACOS” then I asked for a “HOT” hot sauce (I had yet to find a “HOT” hot sauce in Central America). He gave me Don Julio and told me it was hot. I thought okay lets see… well it turned out to be fucking hot and the tacos were so good. For a split second I thought I was at home.

What was left of my dinner... along with some great Nicaraguan beer & the fucking great hot sauce Don Julio

After having such a great dinner we saw that it was still early and it was a Saturday. So we agreed to buy a bottle of Flor de Cana (the national Rum of Nicaragua & one of the best in the world) and then maybe head out to a discoteca. We got the bottle of Rum and between the 3 of us tore it up.  We had a very good buzz going and decided we are heading out. We got a few more people from the hostel to join us and hit a local discoteca in Moyogalpa (the city we were staying on in Isla de Ometepe). As soon as we walked in I spotted a Drag Queen at the bar. I thought to myself “OMG I WANNA HANG OUT & TALK WITH HER”. So I told the people I was with I will be back.

Me & my new friend!!!

I ended up spending about 2 hours talking with Cassandra (I think that was her name, 1) I am horrible with names 2) I was already buzzing & kept drinking at the bar).  I do remember about everything we talked about and it was just an amazing conversation and very eye opening. It was eye opening in the fact that I am slowly discovering that GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) people in different countries are treated so differently. Yes I already knew that, but it is so different reading it in a magazine then actually hearing it from someone in his or her country. She explained to me that in the Isla de Ometepe everyone knew her and that she has never had a problem enjoying the night at the straight bar we were at. She did tell me that off the island it was a whole different story. Listening to her just broke my heart stuff like that kills me inside. I apologized to her for asking a million questions about GLBT’s in Nicaragua. I explained to her it is something that interests me about every country I go to. She explained to me that in Nicaragua the GLBT community has no voice. Yes they have a few clubs to go to in the capital of Managua, but that is about it. As for fighting for rights no one has stood up to fight for them. I asked her why she hadn’t and she said that she couldn’t it is too dangerous.  We continued on and talked about so much that I just could not explain on a post.

It is strange that when someone meets someone that is similar to him or her we open our hearts to him or her and talk about everything. She asked me about how life was for me as a gay man back home. I told her and she told me she would love to go to the US one day to perform. I asked her what she meant and she told me that she just wants to have a bar/club where she can perform and be herself 100%. We talked about a lot more and a few other things happened that I wish to not share. No nothing bad, but just personal stuff that I am going to keep to myself.

As I sit here and write this and look back my heart still breaks because fuck we are all just humans. We just want to be happy, who cares who we fall in love with. Anyway I am not here to rant about that. So after talking with her for a while I ended up catching up with everyone else for a bit and calling it a night. Okay I also thought I lost my underwear the next morning, but I will leave that story for another day. Turned out the 1st night in Isla de Ometepe was amazing and well that was just the start of an amazing stay in Isla de Ometepe.

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  1. Totally agree that Ometepe is so much better than San Juan del Sur – cannot wait to hear more about your adventures in my favourite country.
    ayngelina recently posted..Celebrating a year of travel with luxury

  2. You only took a few pairs of underwear! Don’t go losing ’em now ;o) Glad to hear you’re in better spirits!
    Allison recently posted..Springtime Hiking in the Desert

  3. mk, your post title was misleading. I was expecting to read more about what Cassandra had to say. We have a transnational worker clinic here at the law school. I wonder if it would cover tranies who want to come Work It, here in the US. jajaja

    • We talked about a lot of things and some well I decided to keep to myself. You should find out if they can… it would be great for people like her.

  4. You know how every blog try’s to have it’s “thing”? Maybe exploring the lives/stories/culture of GLBT folks across the globe can be yours. It clearly interests you and I know for sure I’d love to hear what you see when you’re out there. I’m headed to Singapore in June and I’m a bit concerned since homosexuality is illegal there. It’s odd to think of Singapore as this glittering, modern city and yet being gay is against the law.

    Keep up with the stories and if you see Cassandra again tell her that there’s a gay guy in Chicago who plays volleyball with a lot of drag queens that would love to help her put on a show here!
    David recently posted..Helsinki- The Daughter of the Baltic – Chicago to Helsinki on American Airlines Business &amp Finnair Economy

    • David I have been thinking about that for a while now and I think that may be my thing. It really does interest me a lot and would be nice to share people stories to people. The only thing is sometimes I am shy & sometimes I am not…not sure why. I have already met a lot of GLBT people in places I thought I wouldn’t, I think I could make it happen.

      I didn’t know that about Singapore… thats kinda sad.

  5. QueenBrain12 says:

    This was like a Grey’s anatomy episode for me! You made me laugh and cry because I know you are enjoying yourself and can imagine what your conversation was like w/Cassandra.

    I am really diggin’ your tan! YUM, on those mexican tacos. It’s weird refering to tacos as mexican because that’s all the kind I know! I wish you would have taken a before pic of the taco plate. Does anyone serve salsa or is it just not hot & spicy salsa?

    I miss you!

    • Oh wow thanks for comparing it to a GA’s episode… they have some amazing writing in that show. Oh man my conversation with Cassandra was amazing… I loved it. I actually did have a pic of the tacos before but the after shot looked more dramatic…lol. Here they dont serve hot/spicy salsa with anything. You have to ask for it and its bottled hot sauce. So different from MExican culture where the sauce is made for just about each meal.

      Thanks about my tan… Im loving it too.

  6. Ahhh Jaime – always some of the most unique posts….you have crazy adventures…play safe my friend!
    Skott and Shawna recently posted..Resigned To Resigning

  7. Why do all good stories start with a bottle of rum? Your right though, people are people, and they just want to be happy. Seems a shame North American Society (not exclusive, I just lack experience elsewhere) seems to miss that point all too often.
    Mike Lenzen recently posted..Booked!!! The Countdown Begins…

    • Mike I think I know why a lot of good stories start with a bottle of Rum… its just so damn good!!! I think a lot of societies miss that point & its a shame. I guess with time everyone will one day understand.

  8. Its just crazy how something so simple becomes so difficult. People just want to have a good time and be able to enjoy life without others bothering them. I like that stories begin with RUM as least then you usually get the truth!

  9. So yeah… Puerto Vallarta has a huge GLBT scene. Even coming from Austin it is just so completely different!
    Erica recently posted..East Meets West- My Cultural Journey Through Dubai

  10. I’m glad you’re having a good time and meeting interesting people. The tacos sounded amazing too! I like that you’re sort of investigating the GLBT scenes in other countries, just interesting to see how different cultures handle things like that.
    Ali recently posted..Friendship in the Time of Twitter

    • Oh yes I am having a blast & being scandalous but at the same time trying to learn more about the GLBT scene/culture around the world.

  11. It is always awesome, no matter what country you are in, to meet people whom you can relate to and share genuine life experiences with. To me, sounds like this night will be one of those ones you will remember for some time (besides the fact that you immortalized it on your blog)

    Keep having fun, keep exploring, both the land and yourself. You are doing awesome so far.

  12. Too funny! I’m reading your post as I sit at the exact same table at Hospedaje Central from your photo. 🙂

    Unfortunately the island has been covered in clouds for me the past few days…
    Matthew Karsten recently posted..Nicaragua Charity- Puedo Leer

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