A week in Valencia & we did nothing…

So I have told you about La Tomatina now let me share what else we did during our stay in Valencia.We (Val, Ali & Andy) arrived at Valencia walked into the apartment settled down and before heading out to breakfast asked each other… “Aside from La Tomatina on Wednesday did anyone plan anything to do while we are here in Valencia?” We heard crickets and all just starred at each other. It ended up being a unanimous NO & we laughed. We decided for now lets just find breakfast and then we will talk. In the end we didn’t end up doing much but here are a few pictures of what I/we did do. It’s okay this isn’t the 1st time I have spent a whole doing nothing… last time I did this was during my stay in Caye Caulker, Belize. I guess there it was easer since it was a beach town, and this was a big city.

I arrived to Valencia at 11:45pm & since check in at the apt was at 8am I decided to stay the night at the airport. Quite the experience that was fucking horrible…lol!!!

So we had breakfast and then decided to hit the beach for a few hours. Here I am at the beach doing what I love to do most being a bum. We then went back did nothing & then dinner.

The next day we decided we should walk around Valencia get our barrings together and see some of the city. As we were walking to the market I came across these hands. I have no clue what they are or represent, but I liked them.

After passing the hands and walking for ever we made it to the market. It was cute, but in my mind agreed I missed my chaotic Central American markets.

Andy & Ali were exhausted of walking (couldn’t blame them we had been walking for ever) and decided they were going to go to a cafe and read. From there Val & I were on a mission to get my hair did & find her a water proof camera (for her). I got my hair did as you can see & Val didn’t find her camera until the following day. I hate it I cut it to short and am ready for it to get a bit longer.

Val & I had lunch… not so spanish I think, but it was good. A chicken salad sandwich with some fry chips.

The next day was Wednesday so we went to La Tomatina (read my thoughts & tips here). Then Thursday we didn’t do anything… I think we only left the apartment to get food. We were all exhausted. Friday we told ourselves we must do something so after watching a few episodes of Modern Family made our way to the City of Arts & Sciences in Valencia. They are some amazing buildings. This one of my favorite. You can see a side image of it here and this is a shot from underneath it.

Then as we walked around I saw this painted on the wall. I loved it… I always take pics of quotes/writings I find on the wall but never post them. This one I thought I should share because it is how I feel. I don’t think banking is what is wrong in Spain. I think what is wrong in the WORLD IS BANKING. I worked for banks almost 10 years of my life and the mess they have made for all of us is crazy. I think they should take responsibility for what they are doing to our world.

Then I took more photos and some girl named Val ran across as she saw me try to take this shot…

It then started to rain and thankfully a mall was across the street. We went to the mall & were all starving and decided to go to an overpriced ($15) but very good Spanish buffet. We loved it!!!

Then for dinner that night we visited a nice restaurant below our apartment had a nice dinner but were more entertained by the paper table cover than anything else. Of course it was my idea to start writing on it. You can see random animals, things & countries the 4 of us have been too. Lets play I spy: I spy an elephant in a purse & puppy in a bubble. 

Oh I also did laundry at some point. I was glad we had a machine, but hated that we had to hang dry them.

Then our last day in Valencia we made our way to Oktoberfest in Valencia. Yes you read right…lol!!! It was being held in the Plaza de Torros. Here is a shot of the cool colosseum looking building it took place at.

I ordered my LITER BEER & had a good time chatting with everyone as the most unOktoberfest party went on around us. Yeah it was crazy & wild and so not what I know Oktoberfest should be like. It’s all good we had a good time & then called it a day. Went back to the apartment and watch more Modern Family.

The next day was Sunday and well we all said bye to each other. Andy & Ali left 1st they had the earliest departure… then Val left. I stayed at the apt until 8pm before making my way to the train station & catching my 1am train to Granada, Spain.


So um yeah as you can see we did not do much during our stay there. It is okay though because even though we didn’t do much I had such a good time hanging out with them at the apartment and enjoyed the rest. We all also agreed the main reason for our visit to Valencia was to take part in La Tomatina & well we did that pretty awesomely. So what are your thoughts… did we do enough… did we miss out on something… have you ever done nothing for a week… I just loved that I hung out with other travel bloggers and we were able to chat and understand each other about so many things in our life. I miss y’all so much~

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  1. It’s good to have a low key week every now and then 🙂 Like the smiles from you guys 🙂

    And I cannot WAIT to hear about Morocco. I know you’ve been enjoying every second so far.
    Heather recently posted..There’s No Place Like: Three Bags Full

    • Yeah that is true Heather, sometimes a low key week is perfect! Yes I am excited to share photos & post about Morocco. It’s going to be awesome… love it already!

  2. For doing nothing, it seems like you sure did a lot 🙂 I enjoy a few lazy days while I’m traveling… it’s necessary to recharge the batteries!
    Scott – Quirky Travel Guy recently posted..I went to the Mormon Church grounds and they didn’t try to recruit me

  3. I had fun hanging out with you too! And for 4 people who had no plans and did no research, we did actually accomplish a lot. I would’ve hated a slow week like that on my own but a low key week with friends was great.
    Ali recently posted..Tomatina – Part 2

  4. Sometimes doing nada is the BEST way to travel!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Borelli Review & Giveaway

  5. those pictures bring back memories of when i was in Valencia! I miss it so much, I wish I could have visited you there!

    • I know I thought of you while I was there & wondered where you lived. It was a nice city I like it alot. Would have been cool if you had visited me. It’s not too late…lol!!!

  6. Sarah Bellum says:

    When you travel for a while you HAVE to take time to rest and rejuvenate. I know it can feel like a waste of precious moments in a place you may not return to, but it seems like you all did just enough sightseeing and just enough chillaxin with your time there. It also seems like you did the right thing by booking enough time for both. Time with friends is never wasted. You have those unique moments shared that you will never forget.

  7. Ah, Valencia. This is hands down my ciudad preferida in all of Spain. Personally I think it’s very underrated – I loved walking around the old town and the cathedral, and also the City of Arts and Sciences. I hope you had some paella while you were there – I tried both the classic seafood paella and the original one with chicken and rabbit.

    If you enjoyed La Tomatina you will definitely love Las Fallas; it’s 3 weeks of nonstop partying, firecrackers exploding everywhere and huge street sculptures that become bonfires on the final night. I was lucky to be there with friends both this year and last – it was totally amazing but you need to plan another few days to recover!

    I did a blog post about it a couple months back – the best time to go is the final week when Valencia is complete madness (March 12-19). I saved on accommodation by staying with friends, what usually happens is that hostels often get booked up months in advance! Here’s the link to my post if you’re interested:

    • Hey James… yeah I really enjoyed Valencia. It was the 1st city in Spain I visited, but after visitng Granada & Barcelona I must say those 2 are my favs. I loved La Tomatina and hope to do it again one day… as for La Fallas, I have never heard of it. JUst looked through your post… it looks amazing. I am going to have to check that out one day for sure. You got some amazing shots.

  8. Hi Jaime,

    I believe that Valencia deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting. Everyone is going to Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid… Valencia is like a “hidden jewel”. I loved Valencia for their large offer for sportive people… especially the bicycle lanes are great!

    I hope you don’t mind if I suggest my travel experiences:

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