6 unBELIZEable days in Caye Caulker!!!

I’ll begin with the truth. In my original plans I had no intention to visit Belize. That changed when I unexpectedly took a detour from my plans to visit El Salvador. After I travelled through El Salvador one of the first things I thought was “okay now I must visit Belize so I can say I have been to every country in Central America”.

It's rare when I can get a photo of me crossing the border. This one didn't seem scary so I had Erika take a photo of me crossing into Belize.

I know it’s sad, but come on you would have likely done it too. In reality Central America is small compared to South America, Europe or Africa. Visiting every country in that region is relatively easy. It’s not like I changed my plans drastically to go there everything just flowed right along.

Once I knew I wanted to go I did research and was going to visit a few cities and then head back to Mexico. However once I met with Erica and Shaun (Over Yonderlust) they told me that if I was going to Belize I had to go to the islands. They then told me that they would come with me. We had already been together a while eating the best carne asada ever in Oaxaca and then visiting ruins, rivers and waterfalls in Palenque.

After spending a few days in Flores, Guatemala visiting Tikal we made our way too Caye Caulker. I was so excited because I had not been to a real beach since my scandalous days in Manuel Antonio. Upon arriving I couldn’t control myself the water was crystal clear. We ended up having 6 unBELIZEable (tacky tourist saying jajaja) days in Caye Caulker.

After a 45min water taxi ride form Belize City arrived at Caye Caulker.

DAY 1 – Arrive at the island. We weren’t prepared and started searching for places to stay there. Some man swings by and tells us he will take us to a cheap hotel. It was perfect for $25/night (divide by 3 we each paid $8.33/night). Settle down have lunch then hit the beach! Come back have dinner get in bed with door open and enjoy the breeze while watching Modern Family.

Me & Erica drinking the Green Lizards. They are so yummy but so damn dangerous.

DAY 2 – Wake up have breakfast get back in bed with the door open enjoy the breeze while relaxing. Get dressed head to the beach and decide to give the famous Green Lizards a try. The thing about the Green Lizards are if you drink 3 the 4th is free. At $5 each they are well worth it. After the 1st one both Erica and I were buzzing. I peer pressured her into the 2nd one. After the 2nd one we were drunk. Erica tells me she is done for the night and well I being halfway go for the 3rd. After the 3rd one I remember getting the 4th one FREE and that is it. I do not remember anything after that. The night is a blur, but the next morning is a trip.

This is where the drinking was done. Its like a patio in the water. It's a great place to meet others and have a few drinks.

DAY 3 – I wake up NAKED in my bed. I put on shorts and pray that Shaun and Erica did not see me. I have the biggest head ache in the world, but am in search for my cute Armani Exchange shorts. Shaun tells me I put them on the balcony to dry, but I can not find them. I ask the front desk they tell me no one has seen them and that someone may have taken them. I’m pissed, but get over it. We all go have breakfast and then spend the remainder of the day in bed. We end up going to the beach for like only an hour. Come back shower get back in bed enjoy the breeze and watch Modern Family.

Me at the Split in Caye Caulker! Ahh the water was just amazing~

DAY 4 – Wake up have breakfast get back in bed enjoy the breeze while relaxing. Have lunch get dressed head to the beach enjoy a few hours there. Come back have dinner get in bed enjoy the breeze while watching Modern Family.

Swimming off the dock infront of our hotel.

DAY 5 – Repeat of day 4 except this time we are too lazy to walk to the beach so instead swim off the dock infront of our hotel.

This is the famous split. The best beach on the island. A few years ago a hurricane split the island in two. The other side is now a nature reserve.

DAY 6 – Is a repeat of Day 4 for me, but not for Erica & Shaun they enjoy a nice snorkeling excursion. The only difference on this day was after I came back from having breakfast the lady at the front desk asked me to come with her. She takes me to a palm tree points up and says are those the shorts you are looking for? I laugh and embarrassingly say yes. I get them down and am so excited!!! I still have no clue how they got up there, but I am so glad I got them back.


So yeah we spent 6 days in Caye Caulker doing pretty much nothing. Even though we were beach/bed bums the 6 days there were unBELIZEable. Anyone that wants to get away from it all and just enjoy island life and do nothing in paradise this is the place for you. The locals are so nice and the island is small enough to get everywhere by foot. So now I ask you have you ever spent a few days somewhere doing nothing? Oh & also have any of you gone to a country to be able to check it off for a certain region?

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  1. Look at you, Bond…. Jaime Bond….

    😉 hahahahah

  2. Wow, the colour of that water is AMAZING!! How on earth did your shorts get up a palm tree?!?! You’re crazy!!
    Lauren recently posted..Falling in love with Gaudi in Barcelona

  3. Belize is great – just a little pricey compared to the rest of Central America. Six days is just the right amount of time! BTW, did the exact same route, just backwards! Flores and Tikal are plain awesome. Keep it up!
    Micah recently posted..Banqiao’s Neon Nights

    • Micah you are right it is great and a bit pricier then the rest of Central America. Luckily we scored a great deal on our accommodation and were able to find a great cheap restaurant too. Oh & yeah Flores & Tikal are awesome!!!

  4. Looks amazing, glad to see you enjoyed your time in Belize. Definitely on a list of places I want to visit 🙂
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..June 6- Get Lost

  5. Why have I not caught onto the Modern Family craze? hmmm…

    • Oh you should… I too didnt want to get sucked in but OMG ITS A GREAT SHOW!!! It’s setting a great example for what the Family of today is like.

  6. We love Belize so much, we go back every year. So laid back, nothing like a few days on Belize time. And the food and drinks are so great, as are the diving and snorkling. Our annual Belize pilgramage is my one time each year where I truly can just sit back and do nothing. As for going somewhere just to knock it off the list…my best example for that would be the day I drove 8 hours one way just to say I’ve been to Liechtenstein…and then drove back to the Netherlands the same day. 16 hours driving just to spend a couple hours and say I’ve been and knock it off the Western Europe list. Kinda regretted that short trip, so had to make a return visit to spend some quality time…and have to say, I love it there!
    Brett recently posted..The Ritz-Carlton- Hong Kong- Chocolate Afternoon Tea at the Chocolate Library

    • Brett I could see why you love Belize so much & why you go back every year. Belize time is amazing…jaja so relaxed, chill and doing nothing. Ummm wow that is crazy… I am glad you went back and spent more time because I dont think I could count that as a visit…lol. Yeah you went, but for a few hours… I’m actually thinking of spending some time in Western Europe. I’ve been seeing it pop up more on other blogs and it seems so interesting.

  7. EEEEEeee! That is definitely an abridged version but it works! I wonder how detailed our post will be… *cough* I kid.

    It was so awesome being super lazy. It totally recharged me!
    Erica recently posted..Chocolate Should Be a Food Group – Oaxaca- Mexico

    • Yeah I couldnt go into much detail cus 1) it was already a long post & 2) ummm I DON’T REMEMBER ALOT OF IT!!! Oh yeah it did give me a recharge too~

  8. Jen Martin says:

    What hotel did you stay at while there? I’ve been to Ambergris Caye, but never Caye Caulker. Looks like I need to make another trip back to check it out….esp if I could get a cheap room. 🙂 Love reading your blogs!!! Sure beats working 😉 LOL

    • We stayed at Tropical Paradise. We paid $25 for a room. It was nice and perfect… nothing AMAZING but good to enjoy the stay for a few days!

  9. What a way to spend a week! Oh, and I want one of those Green Lizards.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..2011 – What’s Gone Down &amp What’s Coming Up

  10. Oh Caye Caulker! We have good memories of this little island… although it was rather sleepy when we were there last September – low season! Hilarious that your shorts ended up in a palm tree (?!?!?) but I am glad that you’ve got them back 😀
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Reflections- 400 days on the road

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yeah it was kinda sleepy for us too… not that many people. Oh & yeah I have no clue how they ended up there.

  11. awesome!!! im envious… wanna go to central america too ….
    flip recently posted..How to Travel Overland from Beijing to Hanoi

  12. I love that part of the world, a total paradise!

  13. I *so* wish you knew the story of the shorts in the tree. But I guess it is kind of fun to make up stories of how they got there!

    You’re looking good, Jaime!
    Heather recently posted..Australia Roadtrip- SA beaches &amp towns

  14. Will be there for sure next year, you helped clinch it.
    Scott recently posted..Traveling On Ice

  15. I’m so glad that you decided to go to Belize. It’s one of my favorite countries! I can’t stop going back (I’ve been 3x now). There’s so much to do there, Mayan ruins, incredible beaches, drag shows, cheap beer, what can be better?
    Elle recently posted..Potential is a keg- tap it! 286 Complete a 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle

    • Elle I am too. I really loved it a lot. At some point in my life I will need to go back. With every thing it has to offer it really cant get any better!

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