What do Moroccans eat?

I’ll be honest before I got to Morocco I had no clue what Moroccans ate. I had never heard of Moroccan cuisine. Back at home in Houston we have restaurants from all over the world and I cannot recall ever seeing one for Moroccan food. Even though I am sure if I Googled it I would find many of them. I spent a month in Morocco and tasted a lot of new foods and a lot of foods that are just international. I’m going to show you here what Moroccans love to eat and what you can eat if you visit Morocco.


Ahhh MINT TEA… Moroccans love MINT TEA. You can have mint tea anywhere in Morocco at any time of the day with any meal of the day. I had a love hate relationship with it because even though it was SOOO GOOD sometimes it is way to sugary. I swear sometimes after drinking one mint tea I would feel like I needed to brush my teeth or they would fall off.


After mint tea I think Moroccans next favorite drink is ORANGE JUICE. You will find stands offering freshly squeezed orange juice just about anywhere you go. A nice cup of freshly squeezed orange juice at any time of the day is always refreshing.


Moroccans love their bread you will eat bread with everything and anything. When you sit down at a table you will get a basket of bread. When you get breakfast you will get a basket of bread. Its bread bread bread EVERYWHERE. At one point I tried to not eat bread for a day and I couldn’t help it I ate bread. I wont lie it is good, but did not help me loose any weight while I was there.


I’m so not an olive person… I actually don’t like them. I think they taste horrible. Along with a basket of bread you will get a bowl of olives everywhere you go.


One of my favorite things in Morocco was the salad. You can get them cheaply and almost always as an appetizer. Seem like no matter where I got a salad from they were always fresh and very good.


Just about every hostel I stayed at offered breakfast in the price of the dorm. The breakfast was normally bread and jam. Nothing fancy, but the 1st hostel I stayed at didn’t and I’m glad it didn’t because if it I had I would have never discovered the TUNA OMELLET. Yes you read right an OMELLET filled with TUNA. Oh man it didn’t sound good at first, but I knew I had to try it and well I loved it. So damn good that I ate it every morning in Chefchaouen.


Before Morocco I had only had Couscous once before and that was because during my stay in Amsterdam Corey cooked it for us. From that moment on I knew I was going to love it. Morocco has 2 main dishes COUSCOUS and TAGINE. During your time there you are going to have TONS OF IT. At one point you are going to get tired of it and not want to eat it anymore. The good thing though is that they are both so damn good. They have all types of them and they are all good. My favorite was the fish tagine I had a locals home on my 2nd night in Morocco.


Snails… yes they eat snails. I had never tried them in my life, but knew I had too. I tried crickets in Oaxaca, Mexico and caught it all on video so of course I was going to video me eating snails. The funny thing is me & the girls agreed to only eat one and then give the rest away. Well we ended up liking them and eating them all. Hope you enjoy the video.


Moroccans also love fish well really who doesn’t. I used to hate fish, but Erica & Shaun taught me to like it while we spent a week in Caye Caulker together. During my time in Essaouria I ate fish often, since it is a beach town and the fish here is cheap.


Yeah and they have cheeseburgers too. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE me a good burger. After having cous cous, tagine and fish for a while I needed to switch it up and just have a good burger. Yeah I don’t think many Moroccans eat this, but I did and it was on the menu so I guess they do.


The Chawarma with fries… ahh this delicious street food is so good. It actually reminds me of a Mexican burrito. It is chicken with rice and vegetables wrapped in im not sure what type of tortilla type thing with fries.


Then you have the delicious sandwiches that are sold all over Morocco for less than $2. They have all types of sandwiches and I love that sometimes they put fries ontop of everything that is already in them. Look closely it has fries on it.


Desserts in Morocco are good… my favorite discovery was Moroccan pan cakes smeared with chocolate and then rolled up! Just look at it… your mouth just waters? Don’t lie you know you wanna now eat your pancakes with chocolate too. You will find post selling this in most places. They make them fresh and hand it to you nice and warm.


What you see above is Moroccan cake. Don’t look at me crazy it really is… I didn’t want to believe it, but that is what the Moroccan serving us told us. I’m not sure what those little things were, but they were good.


After spending a month in Morocco I have to say that I loved everything I ate and that I now know what Moroccans eat. I’ll have to admit though that some of the foods were not good for my stomach and caused me to use the restroom a lot (I know TMI, but its true). I never got sick, but it just does that to I think everyone. I don’t think I tried anything crazy like when I ate raw meat in Paris. So did you know what Moroccans ate before reading this? Have you been to Morocco what was your favorite food? Did you too get tired of couscous, tagine, tagine, couscous? Oh & would you ever eat snails? If you have eaten snails did you like them like I did?

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  1. Mint tea is the best!!! Actually all that food looks delicious…. except for the fish. Grosssss.
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..A Hodgepodge of Berlin Architecture

    • Jaime Davila says:


      Yeah I’m not a huge big fan of fish, but it is good…lol!!!

    • i hate fish ewwwww but the rest sounds nice

      • Jaime Davila says:

        Oh I hate fish too Amanda, but when I have it for some reason I do enjoy it. I don’t have it often though… I must know it’s fresh and from near by.

  2. Those pancakes look a lot like crepes, though still good. I actually really like cous cous, so may be ok having it a lot.
    Andrew recently posted..Oktoberfest, in Spain?

    • Yeah I think they were crepes too, but they kept saying pancakes…lol. Oh & cous cous is so good, but after a few days of just that you kinda get tired of it.

  3. What a gastro adventure! I’m really interested with the tuna omelette. Was the tuna like, fresh tuna, not canned?
    gayE @ pinaytraveljunkie recently posted..Largo Do Senado: And The Family Chaos Continues

  4. Some of this food looks so good! I also wouldn’t have known what Moroccans ate before I read this post. Scott feels the same way as you do about olives, so I may have to warn him before we head to Morocco.
    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler recently posted..Travel Shot: Shooting the Photographer

    • Glad I am not alone Christy…. I really had no clue and felt bad for not knowing. Well now I know & now you know so it all works out. Oh yes let him know, but it will be fine if he doesnt eat them!

  5. I have never tried a tagine. Would love to. Looks lke there is a lot of variety in Morocco. If you get tired of something, you can always taste something different. I have been to places where there is not option. By the way, I don’t like olives neither.
    Ruth recently posted..Getting close to Mount Whitney

    • Oh Tagine is sooooo good Ruth, you have to try it one day. Yes Morocco had a lot of variety and I am glad it did because it made it easy to enjoy… all the foods! Woohoo glad we have another olive hater…lol!

  6. Haven’t been to Morocco, but i would love to go soon even just for the food trip part 😀 I think i need to bring extra medicines too since my stomach can act up at times LOL
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Flying to Bacolod via AirPhil Express

    • Oh the food along is worth a trip there. Oh & Mica if you have a weak stomach yeah bring some meds because I am sure it will… not be fun…lol! Im glad I have a tough stomach and even then I still had problems!

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed the food in Morocco! I tried snails before, actually it’s something typical in some parts of Italy as well, and in France! I used to like them when I was a child but it’s been so long since the first time and I am not sure I would try again now! :p
    These pics made me really hungry so now I’m going out of my hostel in Cairo and will look for a nice meal! 🙂
    Giulia recently posted..Nikon D7000 night photo: Camogli, Italian Riviera and memories

    • Giulia, I was actually told that snails were popular in France and Italy… so strange I had no clue. I think they were good, but don’t think I would eat them again. Im a bit jealous your in Cairo but I will be there soon!!!

  8. Mmmmmmmmmmh, Moroccan mint tea… LOVE IT!! We love Moroccan food, when we lived in London there were several really good restaurants, the only thing I don’t like is when they put raisins in the vegetarian couscous. The photos make us really excited for Morocco though!!
    Globetrottergirls recently posted..Ooh la la – Cycling in Montreal is a dream

    • I actually miss the Mint Tea… now! I loved it a lot and loved that you could have it with everything!!! I would have no clue if in Morocco they put raisins in the veg couscous because I ate the meat ones… I did travel with a vegetarian for a week and she never had a problem finding veg food. So if yall go it will be easy country to find food in. It’s a must visit, but will warn you it has it’s ups and downs!!!

  9. Rolled chocolate pancakes? Olives at every meal? Sign me up!

    I wonder how they would taste together…
    Matthew Karsten recently posted..Robbed in Panama City! And It Ain´t Pretty…

  10. Erika Garfias says:

    Next time you go around the world, I am going to send you with a special notebook where you jot down as many recipies as POSSIBLE!

    Love ya, and I think I am starting to miss you!


    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG ERIKA… HEY!!! When I get home we’ll have to find some the recipes of the amazing foods I have had on the road or try and find restaurants that sell these food. Oh & I love that you are just now starting to miss me… cabrona…lol.

  11. I love Mint Tea! Bought huge pack and smuggled it home 🙂 Even bought all the glasses and kettle for my mum so we can do it Moroccan style at home ha ha ha

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG Marysia… MINT TEA is one of the best damn things on Earth!!! I loved it and that’s so cool that you got the whole set for your mom. I’m a bit jealous.

  12. if you ever make it to Marrakech, you have to try tangia

  13. Wow this is great. I haven’t found much real info like this on Morocco, and your posts are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  14. YUM! That shawarma might be wrapped in a pita. That’s how my boyfriend eats his (he’s a Moroccan from Israel) LOL he eats olives with everything.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yeah I think it may be pita… dont remember cus it was ages ago but omg I may be going back to Morocco soon!!!

  15. welcome to morocco

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