A backpacker on a 5* Star Luxury Nile Cruise?

Ahh the magical Nile River it is known as the worlds longest river and Egypt’s greatest gift. Without the Nile Egypt as we know it would have never existed. It is the life source of Egypt and cities and towns have clinged to it’s banks for milennia. Before roads and railways were built in the 19th century the Nile was the highway of these fertil lands. It was used to move cargo, send messages and visit other areas of the country.

I’m a backpacker I know it and love it. I love traveling on a budget, but sometimes even I need some luxury. Okay I lie… I am okay without it but sometimes I have no choice or it’s something I have always wanted to do so splurge a bit more and make it happen anyway. Like the time I splurged to do a Sahara Desert expedition in Morocco or exploring the Kerala Backwaters by Houseboat.  Well a Nile Cruise between Aswan and Luxor was just that case; an other expensive tour that I know I didn’t want to miss. Seeing the Nile via cruise has always been a dream of mine… like visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza. Last time I was in Egypt sadly the workers were on strike of the many dams you pass by to get between the two cities so I couldn’t do it. This time around I knew I had some unfinished business in Aswan and Luxor so returned to take care of it and doing the nile cruise was on the top of my list.



Luxury Nile Cruise

When you arrive in Aswan or Luxor you will find a million options for a cruise between the amazing cities with a lot of different things they offer. I ended up choosing the 5 STAR SUNRISE NILE CRUISE because of the price and everything I would get for it. It was an all inclusive cruise except for drinks and it didn’t disappoint. From the moment I walked in I knew it was going to be special. The beautiful stair case connecting the several floors of the cruise was at the center of it all. The halls and decorations were all so fancy and then I arrived in my room. I had a mini bar, sitting area, bathtub and a panorama window offering magnificat views of the Nile. On deck was fully carpeted sun deck with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym area with a like a million lounge chairs and tables for you to enjoy reading a book or watching life on the Nile pass by.



the views of a nile cruise

While you are on the cruise you have a view of the Nile just about everywhere you go. You can see it from the sun deck, the restaurant or your bedroom. It is amazing no matter where you are seeing it from. The endless rows of palm trees along the river, or towns clinging to the banks of the river or the endless amount of desert dunes you see everywhere is just spectacular. You watch life go by as you stare at a gaze. You see people using the river to bathe, to swim, to wash dishes, to fish it takes you back to how life must have really been along the Nile thousands of years ago.



The Food of a Nile Cruise

Everyone knows I’m a fat ass that loves to eat and well even though I had always wanted to do this cruise for the NILE and the TEMPLES what I was really excited for was the buffet I would have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every meal was a different taste from foods around the world. I had Egyptian, Italian, American and many more for everything from the main meal to the desserts. I made sure I was full satisfied for every meal and take advantage of the buffet opportunity. I did hate that drinks were so damn expensive so I just stuck to water, but it’s okay I could have Coke any other time.



Temple of Kom Ombo

One of the most unique Temples in Egypt because of its dual dedication to two local crocodile Gods Sobek and Haroeris. The Temple is located right on the bank of the Nile. You will get a stunning view of the Temple from the sun deck of the cruise. Sadly much of the temple has been destroyed by the Nile, earthquakes, and later builders who used its stones for other projects. In my opinion it is not one of the most amazing Temples in Egypt and rather small compared to others however it is worth a visit because it is part of just about every cruise itinerary.



Horus Temple

The Temple of Horus is located in the city of Edfu and is also known as the Temple of Edfu. Because the temple was covered by sand as far as 200 years ago it is one of the best preserved temples in all of Egypt. This is one of the temples I had most wanted to see just to see the Statue of Horus. This is my favorite God of all the ancient Egyptian Gods. I don’t know why… just love him. “Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the latePredynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. Different forms of Horus are recorded in history and these are treated as distinct gods by Egyptologists.” – Wikipedia. I loved the statues and loved seeing him so many of the reliefs around the temples.



The Experience of a Nile Cruise

Even though I was by myself I did manage to meet an entire group of Colombians who more than happy to chat away with me. It was an amazing experience because I made friends on the boat, but even with them I managed to spend a lot of time on my own off line reading book II of the Fifty Shades trilogy, swimming in the pool, laying out or just watching life go by on the Nile. The only thing I did hate about it was that well it is a “TOUR” and they have everything set down to the minute. They have everything scheduled from your meals to tea time to how long you have at each temple. For some one who is used to doing everything independently it was quite a change. Even with that though the luxury cruise, the views, the food, the temples were all amazing and lived up to my expectations. It was 3 days and 2 nights that will go down as some of my favorite days/nights of my trip. So yup even though I am a backpacker I still know how to enjoy some luxury and know when to splurge and when not.

Doing a Nile Cruise is something I would recommend anyone who visits Egypt to do, because it truly is a magical experience. You will spend most of your time gazing out thinking “it’s crazy that thousands of years ago the blocks for the greatest pyramids and temples of all were being carried through here”  or thinking “I wonder how many treasures the ancient waters of the Nile are keeping from us”. When your mind is unoccupied and has an amazing natural wonder to gaze at it just runs at a million miles an hour with a million thoughts.

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  1. Sounds like it was everything you had hoped for. Glad you enjoyed it. Did the touts on boats come at you when you passed through the aqueduct?
    Darren recently posted..Two Faces Of Mumbai

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahh yes it was Darren, I loved it. Oh & yes the touts came on the boats… omg it was crazy. Damn it I forgot to write about that. I mean they through stuff at us and then at one point I was in my room and made the mistake of opening my window while they were there… and they started throwing things in and then when I closed it started just yelling to get me to buy something. Even with that craziness it was amazing.

  2. Jaime, this sounds really great! I’ve always thought a cruise on the Nile is something I’d want to do. I’m glad you decided to splurge a little, it’s definitely worth it sometimes. But I have to agree, one of the reasons I don’t like cruises is because they’re so structured and everything is so scheduled out for you. I guess it’s something you have to deal with sometimes when it’s the only way to really experience something. It was the only way I could go to Antarctica, and I’m sure other situations will come up where I’ll have to just deal with being on a cruise.
    Ali recently posted..Cappadocia Tour Company Switch-Up

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh Ali you would love doing a cruise like this it is a hassle free way of seeing a few temples and see the Nile. Yeah I’m glad I splurged a lil too to make this happen. I know I would have regretted it if I didn’t. I know when to give and take…lol. Only down side is of course what we mentioned, but hey it’s part of the fun I guess. Ahh and Antarctica cruise is something I wanna do when I visit South America that is for sure. I know it will be a huge splurge but well worth it.

  3. You’ve got to treat yourself sometimes! I was thinking about taking a Nile Cruise with the Oberoi’s Zahra. That was wayyyyy too expensive for me though, and I had to cancel my trip to Egypt because it was right when the uprising happened and my airline canceled flights into Cairo. I almost booked a ticket to Egypt a few days ago but the price went up before I bought it and now it’s too expensive again. So I bought a ticket to Hong Kong and Japan instead!

    Maybe I missed it but do you still plan on heading to SE Asia eventually? I’ll be down there in September, October, and possibly some in November, too.
    David recently posted..Oneworld Alliance Updates 7/17/2012

    • Jaime Davila says:

      That is so true David, we must treat ourselves sometimes. Oh man sucks you weren’t able to make it to Egypt because of the uprising and then again because of the cost. I hope you make it here one day. It really is one of the most amazing countries ever with so much to see & do. Glad you are still visiting other amazing countries though. As for SEA… yeah I haven’t written about it yet but yes I still plan on going. I will be there around the same time so our paths may cross and if they do that would be amazing. We’ll have to stay in touch.

  4. I’m with you on needing a bit of luxury sometimes. Boyfriend and I are checking in to a nice hotel this weekend after spending the night sleeping on the floor in a pension last weekend!

    The cruise does look fabulous Jaime, and I’d be geeking out at the temples. I LOVE mythology and I think that ancient Egypt has such an incredibly fascinating history. Plus, the buffet!

    Get what you mean about the whole tour aspect though. I’m not the biggest fan of people telling me what I can do and where I can do it when I’m on vacation, but I guess that’s part and parcel of the whole cruise experience.

    p.s. could you see the Nile from your bathroom? Now that’s an important question.
    Waegook Tom recently posted..Feeling Like A Loser On A Mountain

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Umm why were y’all sleeping on the floor of a pension? Is what I’d like to know… but yes we all need a bit of luxury sometimes. Oh if you love mythology and ancient Egypt you will just love this country. It’s just amazing to learn so much about it and wonder how they made all this. It’s absolutely crazy. As for the cruise experience yeah it sucks that every thing is so organized, yet it makes things easier for you.

      P.S. no you could not see the Nile from your bathroom….lol!!!

  5. That’s so cool! I am jealous- that is one thing I have always wanted to do. I have heard the Nile is really rough- did you get sea sick?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hilary I hope you get to do it one day & nope the Nile was very smooth not rough at all. Sometimes you don’t even realize you are moving.

  6. A few years ago, I did a 7 day cruise on the Nile, which included both of these temples and a few others on the Movenpick boat and it was amaaaazinggg!! Great pics!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow 7 day that is amazing Tiffany. I would have loved to done more because it really was amazing, but I just couldn’t afford it. Glad I was happy and loved the one I did. Some other day I’d love to do it longer.

  7. Look at that food! You and that 50 Shades 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yup Kent, me & that 50 shades…lol. I am done with book II just have one more to go and I am done.

  8. I did a cruise down the Mekong, a couple of years ago. The boat a little smaller ( but the river is very shallow in places so couldn’t handle the big ships) but the same luxury, and extraordinary food. And a great way to travel from Siem Reap to Saigon.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow didn’t even know you could do that Jo. I will be there soon so will check it out… I am starting to love boat rides.

  9. Am always up for a bit of relaxation from travels, especially with a touch of the lux. Cheers for the story, mate.
    Will Peach recently posted..Classic Movie Road Trips to Fuel Your Overland Desires

  10. I’m in Cairo for a month and I definitely want to have the Nile River cruise experience! Did you book the trip before going to Luxor? And if so, which cruise did you take?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Erick, oh yes you should. I booked it as soon as arrived in Aswan. I would wait until you are down there to book it. You will be able to negotiate much better and am sure you will find a deal for sure. If you book it in Aswan you can book it where I booked it next to HATHOR HOTEL on the main Nile Corniche!

  11. We will be sailing to the coast of Egypt. I am wondering if we can dock our boat in the deep waters and then take a tour like this one up the Nile and back. Maybe a nice break from all the work of sailing. Hmmm…. of course the odds are we will never find one to allow us to bring the we canine along. *sigh* As far as I know Egypt does not recognize service dogs. Maybe I am wrong?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow once again I have no clue about this. I feel bad, but I really don’t so won’t even try and lie to you. As for parking the boat I don’t see why not. You are in luck too, because they just opened the tour from CAIRO to LUXOR recently and have heard it’s amazing. So that would be something nice to see and do.

  12. Egypt is my ultimate dream destination and this post made me add a nile cruise to my to-do list. <3
    Astrid recently posted..Gratifying Guimaras: Old Light

    • Jaime Davila says:

      So happy Astrid this post made you add a nile cruise to your to do list in Egypt. Egypt is by far the most amazing country I have ever visited. If you ever make it there let me know and I can give you like a million tips. I did spend like 7 months there after all.

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