Top Most Exciting Trails for Adventurous Hiking in India

India is a huge country and there is a lot of room to explore various trails and scenery while you are there. If you want, it’s the perfect playground for hiking enthusiasts. Since a country that big can easily get confusing for a newbie, today we’ll take a look at some of the most exciting hiking trails to try. In the end we hope that you will find this country to be as fun and beautiful as we did!

The Grand Indrahar Pass

This is one of the most popular destinations for hiking in the entire country. This pass is in the Dhauladhar Range in the Himalayans, and you will start your trek at the Galu Temple.

During the journey you can rest at a camping ground, but don’t forget to look around at the Lahesh Caves, which is a place where hikers like to explore. The Pir Panjal Mountains are also something you will see, along with the forests and Deodar and Rhododendron flowers! Your trip will wrap up at Chamba.

One more thing you will see is the Mahesh Kailash peak, which has snow on top and looks amazing! You will want to visit here anywhere from May to October for the best hiking.


Manali is another one of the best hiking areas in India because of all the things you can do and capture with your camera! Here, you may want to make sure you have the best bug out bag backpack with you because there are areas where you’ll have to use your own supplies to survive the night. When you start your trail, it will be at Solang Valley, where you can hike or take a bus to the next point.

You will see a lot of wonderful scenery and go past the Beas River, where flowers like Rhododendrons will stand out! If you are just down there for a day hike, look into the Dashaur Lake area or the Bijli Mahadev, which is great for first-time trekkers.

Seven Sisters Trek

This stunning area is located in the western part of the Himalayas, in Hamachal Pradesh, and is actually a group of peaks that will amaze you. Here, you can also look at the old wooden temples, as well as see many apple orchards!

While at the Seven Sisters, you can hike to Murray Canyon where you can see the Seven Sisters Waterfall. You can take a day hike here, too, which will last a few hours.

One other great thing about this area in the Himalayas is that the weather is usually ideal, so you won’t have to worry about freezing! No wonder it is another top destination in which to hike in India!

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass stands at an altitude of around 14,000 feet, where the temperature ranges between 0 and 20 degrees Celsius. Here, you can hike up to 34 kilometers while discovering the awe-inspiring landscape that surrounds you from everywhere.

Flora and fauna are quite rich on this trail with beautiful meadows, forests and even empty land! The great thing about this trail is that it is known for being one of the easier trails, thus perfect for beginners or first-time hikers.

Stop and take some photos as you rest at Chandra Tal, where the scenery is beyond words. It is no wonder that this area is known as India’s adventure zone!


Kedarkantha is right in the Himalayas, where you can become one with nature by hiking and admiring the meadows, and the bold peaks of the Himalayan Mountains. Taking the trail to the summit will be a total distance of 2,850 meters, where you can enjoy Govind National Park. From the national park, you can see mountains peaks like the Black, Ranglana, Banderpooch and more! Stick around for the sunset, which is beautiful, as it sets behind the snowcapped mountains!

Kuari Pass

Kuari Pass is known to be rich in scenery so you’d better have a great camera! Many shepherds use this area, and it is known to be one of the greatest trails that will allow you to see all of the Himalayan Mountains ( Kuari is Indian for “Getaway”). However, you should also be prepared with some mosquito repellent since these little bugs can become quite annoying.

You will start off in Joshimath, where many people are known to meet for a pilgrimage or to hike. You will go through the area of Devaprayag and then head to the Nanda Devi summit, which will give you breathtaking views, as well as a great hike!

You will also see the Ganges, along with forests, and you will see some lovely wildlife! Don’t forget to say hi to the locals, whom you may meet briefly with. Overall, this area is great for a long hike, as the Kuari Pass is about 33 kilometers long.

Doon Valley

Doon Valley is a 50-mile hike and is recommended only for those who enjoy fair weather. Since it’s quite long, it’s also important to stay hydrated at all times (valid advice for any trail for that matter). It’s true that you will be going to hike past meadows and forests, but it is smart to also have the best hydration pack for when you get thirsty and water is not naturally present.

You will go through Doon Valley, which is right in the Garhwal area of the Himalayas. This valley actually has snow on the peaks of the mountains despite being a low-lying area. People like to hike here because of the alpine vegetation and seeing the snow covered mountains, which are snow clad from October to March each year.

Hoping you liked our list…

Going to India in itself can be quite the adventure. But if you are going to hike in India, then you are in for a real treat! Not only do you get to see beautiful animals and get in some great hiking time, but you will encounter mountains, forests, waterways and more that will only enhance your trip and hiking experience! As long as you are prepared before you go, hiking in India will be life changing for you!


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Rebecca lives in USA, but loves hiking all over the world. Her favourite is Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal. It usually takes 16 days, but she likes to slow down, enjoy mountains, company of other adventurers and take more pictures, so it took her 28 days last time. Another of her passion is the ocean, so all short and long hikes along the ocean shore bring a lot of joy. She also writes for HikingMastery.com.

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