A day in Hue, Vietnam in Photos.

“IN PHOTOS” is a series I use to share many of the hundreds of photos I have taken during my travels. It is a series I started after visiting Chefchaouen, Morocco and thought the best way to share my experience was “IN PHOTOS”. This series will not have a set schedule like my “MUSIC MONDAY” or “PHOTO ROUND UP”. “IN PHOTOS” will be a post with several photos with no limit. The only restriction this series will have is that it must be about a certain subject or theme. I will write a brief description of the subject or theme of the photos and then post the photos. I will not caption the photos like I do on my “PHOTO ROUND UP” with my thoughts. I want to use “IN PHOTOS” to share my photos and let you come up with your own thoughts about the images and hope you share them with me. I have also numbered them in case you want to leave a comment about a specific photo.

After spending time in cold Hanoi and Sapa I was excited to finally be heading South to warmer weather. I knew I had limited time left in Vietnam and was trying to get to Ho Chi Minh City as soon as possible and because of that knew I only had one full day in Hue. Lucky for me it was warmer, but once again the weather was not on my side. It was a rainy day, but was happy I’d be meeting up with Sherry from Grassy and Wanting Wear.  We spent the morning having breakfast and chatting away (I love when I meet up with fellow bloggers, because we are able to talk about blogging things). At some point during the morning we figured out their wasn’t much to see in Hue, but the Citadel. So we spent the day walking around the Citadel. The Citadel is a “treasure of Vietnam” a former imperial city. It was very beautiful and filled with great detail. The strange thing was I think we were more amazed by the koy fish and ducks we encountered while we were there more than anything else. From the Citadel we made our way to the market across the way and then spent the afternoon napping before we spent the night having dinner and drinking the night away. For dinner a guy I befriend at the train station joined us. We met when we both arrived and ended up sharing rooms because it was cheaper to share a room than to have our own rooms. Yeah that’s what I love about backpacking… you make friends with strangers in seconds and end up sharing rooms with them. In the end I ended up having a great relaxing day in Hue and thought the best way to share it with you is in photos.

Hue, Vietnam

—Entrance gate of the Citadel.—

Hue, Vietnam

—A dragon guarding the entry. Random fact of my life… I used to collect dragons.—

Hue, Vietnam

—These Koy Fish were so funny. As soon as someone would walk up to the wall they would start opening there mouths to be fed. Then if you put your hand out and pretended to throw food out they would start fighting for the food that is not even there.—

Hue, Vietnam

—I wanted to take this dragon home with me, but didn’t.—

Hue, Vietnam

—It was a rainy day & since a kid I have always loved how little drops of water cling to the edges of any flower.—

Hue, Vietnam

—For some reason a lot of the doors were lined up along the corridor.—

Hue, Vietnam

—While exploring we came across a bunch of baby ducks.—

Hue, Vietnam

—We couldn’t get enough of them and spent over 30 minutes photographing them.–

Hue, Vietnam

—We may have even chased them to get the perfect shot we wanted… like this one.—

Hue, Vietnam

—Then of course I had to make my duck face with a duck in my hands.—

Hue, Vietnam

—My favorite color is RED and well I loved the red on this door.—

Hue, Vietnam

—After exploring the Citadel we walked through the market near by.—

Hue, Vietnam

—One thing I love about Vietnam is that some of the women still wear the famous Vietnames hats.—

Friends on the road.—Even though I had a great day exploring Hue the best part was spending the majority of it with a great group of friends.—

Hope you enjoyed the photos & I hope you share your thoughts below.


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  1. Love the red door shot!

  2. Beautiful photos Jaime! Brings back good memories of my time there.

    However, I must take issue with your comment that there isn’t much to see in Hue other than the Citadel. There are the Royal Tombs (I visited only 5, but there are plenty more), an ancient arena where elephants and tigers were pitted against each other in a fight to the death, and a beautiful temple that houses the car driven by Thich Quang Duc, the monk who burned himself to death to protest the government’s treatment of Buddhists. (http://whereswaldner.blogspot.ca/2011/12/what-hue-to-get-around.html)

    Though, considering you only had one day, I think you chose wisely in only seeing the Citadel.

    And I’m a bit jealous you had baby ducks to play with. Gah! So cute!!!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks for calling me out on that Corey…lol, yes there is a bit more but I guess we weren’t interested in that jaja! I will check out your post for sure when I get a better net connection. Oh & the ducks were the highlight of my day exploring Hue…lol!!!

  3. great photos!!!! yeah looks like a nice place!!!

  4. Maybe the koy fish were just surprised to see you…

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jaja Hogga… yes that is why they were so surprised… lol!!! They were smart though… it was so strange.

  5. awwwwwww the picture with the duck face and the duck in your hand is soooo cute!! 🙂
    kle recently posted..Top ten Sardinian beaches for a low budget holiday!

  6. I like your writing style, and the pictures are lovely

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