Both sides of Iguazu Falls in photos!

Sometimes you hear about a place for so long that you just can’t wait to see for yourself. You hear about how amazing it is… about how majestic it is….. about how grand it is…. about how beautiful it is…about how impressive it is… and just about everything you can ever imagine. Yes that is Iguazu Falls I kept hearing about. I am sure if you have heard about it from someone who has visited it you have heard one of the above and it’s all true.

“Iguazu Falls, Iguazú Falls, Iguassu Falls, Iguaçu Falls, Cataratas do Iguaçu (Portuguese), Cataratas del Iguazú (Spanish) or Chororo Yguasu (Guarani) are a collection of waterfalls from the Iguazu River on the border with Argentina and Brazil. The name “Iguazu” comes from the Guarani or Tupi words “y“, meaning “water”, and “ûasú “, meaning “big”. Legend has it that a deity planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled with her mortal lover Tarobá in a canoe. In a rage, the deity sliced the river, creating the waterfalls and condemning the lovers to an eternal fall.”

After being sick in Rio de Janeiro I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to take my flight to see the famous Iguazu Falls that I had booked weeks in advance while I was in Florianopolis. Luckily after a visit to the hospital in Rio de Janeiro I did get better. On the day of the flight I still wasn’t feeling 100% better, but knew I was good enough to fly and so I did. I arrived to Foz do Iguacu after two short flights and couldn’t wait to finally see them. While I was there I was able to visit both sides of Iguazu Falls. I could sit here and describe the experience to you, but I’ll let my photos do that for me.

Brazil – Foz do Iguaçu

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—The first glimpse of the falls as you walk into the park.—


—A closer look at a few of the hundreds of waterfalls that make Iguazu Falls.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil—Looking out to the Devils Throat in the distance.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—A walking platform that leads you closer to the Devils Throat.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—A big curtain of water.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—Looking away from the Devils Throat.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—The water never stops flowing.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

—A look at the deck from above. It’s a platform you visit as you exit the falls.—

Iguazu Falls, Brazil—A portion of the Devils Throat from above.—


Argentina – Cataratas del Iguazú

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—One of the first glimpse you get of the falls as you walk in on Argentinas side.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—The falls through some branches and trees.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—A look up the falls from a deck you can walk on to get closer.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina—The falls as I was hiking down to get on a boat to get even closer to them.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina—The falls from a boat. Moments later we were soaked in water as the boat went under the fall.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—Another shot of the falls from the boat.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—The falls from a deck that runs around them all.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina—A closer look at the devils throats.—

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

—I just stood there in awe and admiring Mother Nature’s sheer beauty.—


Finally visiting Iguazu Falls was something that felt amazing to finally do. It’s nearly in the heart of South America and it beats with a pulse like no other. During my time in South America I have seen so much of what Mother Nature has to offer like the sunrise over Fitz Roy, feeling tiny next to Glacier Perito Moreno, finally hiking the W in Torres del Paine National Park and many other treks and hikes and experiences I have had with nature. Each time I am just blown away at what she can create and how she can make you feel. I honesty stood there and listened to the roar of the falls and my heart just fluttered. I stood there and looked at the rainbow that in many indigenous  cultures was a miracle from  their Good. I stood there and watched butterflies fly around. I stood there and thought… if the after life exist I believe it must be something like this. It was magical and out of the world. The rainbows… the butterflies… the sound…. the water. Ahhhh Mother Nature is amazing and once again left me speechless and in awe.




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  1. Wow!! Great photos!! Looks a great place to visit… Hope you are ok now??

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Bernie… actually at the moment I am fighting off a cold jaja, but yes I am fine overall. All is good here!!!

  2. Amazing! It is with these amazingness that we can truly appreciate of the natural wonder of our home planet. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see it myself one day.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you enjoyed it Tabs… it really was a magical place. Hope you make it out here one day.

  3. Visiting the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of Iguazu Falls is a must see thing for me. The Falls have always looked amazing in photos, and I can’t wait to visit it in person and experience the wonder for myself.

    I know what you mean about soaking in the experience and marveling at the awesome things on our planet. There is so much to see and experience, and I don’t want to take the natural wonders of planet Earth for granted 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I hope you get the chance to visit them for yourself Summar. It was such an amazing experience and yeah it’s a wonder we shouldn’t take for granted like other nature wonders we have on Earth.

  4. I badly want to visit this place, I have missed out at many occasions and have never made it there. Your photos are amazing. How did you manage to keep your camera dry for all these amazing shots so near the water? I am glad you were feeling better after the episode of being unwell in Rio. Safe travels, loving your posts.
    Gilda Baxter recently posted..An Anglo-Brazilian Wedding (Take 2) in Canela, Brazil

  5. Jaime, those pictures are amazing!! Hope you’re having a great time.

  6. Great photography, amazing, waterfalls are always romantic to me

  7. Wow! That’s great images! Thanks for sharing. You are truly to be commended. Your blog posts are very good about. thank’s
    Phuong recently posted..Adventure in the Wilds

  8. I didn’t see any photos of people walking around down below…by the waters edge. Can you do that? Or only allowed to stay on the deck?

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hey Brock… no sadly you can’t. The nearest you get to it is at the Devils Throat. That you can do on both sides.

  9. Thanks for sharing the different angles of the Iguazu falls. I always find them beautiful even seeing only in pictures. You just broaden my imagination from this awesome pics you shared. So many angles I couldn’t miss.
    Marie recently posted..Snapshot Monday ~ Atoll Reefs in the Maldives

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