Going nude at a nude beach for the first time in Brazil.

I’m on a roll… Hadn’t posted a XXX post in years and now I have two in a row. Last weeks 2 intense nights in Montevideo & now this one.

Nude Gay beach Florianopolis—The gay/nude beach Praia Galheta as you walk to it from Praia Mole.—

It had been my 2nd visit to Praia Galheta (Praia is Playa or Beach in Portuguese) the gay/nude beach in Florianopolis when it finally happened. The first time I was there I couldn’t get the nerves to go nude. I thought long and hard about it, but just couldn’t do it. I looked around and it wasn’t a lot of people, but everyone was really nude everywhere I looked. It’s something I’m just not used to and was also scared to do. I think the USA is a prude country compared to the rest of the world and going nude is just not something we do. I spent the first day just laying out and reading a book like I normally do at any beach. Sadly I didn’t see any cute guys on the beach so didn’t mind. A few hours later I left and went back to the hostel. I told myself as I was leaving that I will be back and when I do I will go nude.

Florianopolis, Brazil–Barra da Lagoa beach in Florianopolis.—

The following two days it rained and didn’t do much. Finally on my last day in Florianopolis the sun came out. I woke up bright and early and took off. My plan was to go beach hoping a bit and let Praia Galheta the gay/nude beach be the last one I visit. So off I went on the bus to Barra da Lagoa beach, which is supposed to be one of the best beaches on the island. I arrived and it was beautiful but full of tourist and lots of people. I walked along further to be on my own and happened to bump into two guys I had met on one of my bus rides in Brazil. They let me know that from this beach you could hike to the gay/nude beach. I was intrigued. I hadn’t hiked in a while and was up for the challenge. My plans were to end up there anyway so thought why not hike there instead. I got going and found the trail. I was a bit scared because I was all alone and didn’t bump into another person during my walk. I kept going though and the views of the island were just stunning.

Florianopolis, Brazil—The view of Barra da Lagoa from the highest point during my hike to Praia Galheta.—

After a long walk I finally arrived to the gay/nude beach. I walked around a bit and this time around the beach had a few cute men. I got nervous and told myself, “Jaime you said you were going to go nude so you have to go nude.” I walked around and came across a guy who was very attractive and was definitely a show-er. I got even more nervous. I walked a bit further and decide to set up shop within eyesight of this guy.

Nude Gay beach Florianopolis—My sarong and bag laying on the beach.—

I put my sarong down along with everything else. I looked around and told myself, “Okay, Jaime this is it. Don’t be scared you know you have always loved your body from the waste down. Yes you don’t have a show-er but you know damn well it’s a grower and when it’s erect it’s a perfect. You have also lost a lot of weight and your upper body looks great.” I stood there and kept thinking about it long and hard and couldn’t do it. I told myself, “Jaime you have have never gone nude on a beach, but you sure had no problem going nude in a hostel in Boracay (ahhhh I still don’t know how that happened). You have even gone skinny dipping a million times so face your fear and just do it.” Then finally I said, “fuck it” & took off my shorts.

Nude Gay beach Florianopolis—In all my glory naked. Oh yeah I had to get a photo & share it on Instagram.—

I stood there in all my glory. I was there nude on a nude beach for the first time in my life. I fixed my package and just looked around. I then laid down and decided to tan a bit as I listened to music. I tanned on both sides and then put sun block on. I had never had to put sunblock on my ass or around my package, but did. I was not about to let my precious areas burn!!! After a while I thought I should get in the water and did. Then I just walked around for a bit and felt so comfortable. It actually felt liberating to be walking around naked and liked it a lot. I finally went back to my sarong and just laid out and enjoyed the day at the beach. Nothing crazy happened while I was there. Even though I won’t lie I wouldn’t have mind messing around with the cute guy that was within eyesight of me, but he showed no interest in me so I let it be.

Hours passed and I decided it was time for me to head back to the hostel. I put on my shorts and put everything up and instead of taking the bus to the hostel I walked back. As I walked back I felt proud of myself for facing a fear and going nude in a nude beach for the first time.

Nude Gay beach Florianopolis—Praia Galheta from above as I walked down to it from my hike.—

It’s crazy how conquering a small fear you have makes you feel amazing inside. It just felt great and after that I knew I would now not have a problem going to a nude beach and going nude. We have to embrace what we have and not be ashamed of our bodies. Not that I ever was, but I know I always feel a bit chubby and that’s something I have had to let go of and I have. I am who I am and look like I do and who cares what anyone else thinks.

That was my experience of going nude for the first time in my life. Have you ever gone nude on a nude beach? How was your first experience? Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Would you do it again?

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  1. I’ve never gone nude on a beach but have gone to a few nude public spas — I agree they are liberating and after a few minutes, it just felt normal instead of awkward or scary. Maybe someday I’ll head to a nude beach and give it a try there, too.
    Becky recently posted..Hipmunk City Love: Visiting Kowloon’s Markets

    • Jaime Davila says:

      It’s crazy Becky how it really does feel normal after a few minutes. Hope you make it to a nude beach one day and go nude…lol.

  2. Way to go! I always thought I would, but never have. I was also scared to take everything off at the Turkish bath and kept my swimsuit on, which turned out to be good since it was a guy doing it!
    Caroline Eubanks recently posted..On Finding My Confidence

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG Caroline… I have yet to go to a Turkish bath because I too was scared to go naked. So yeah I just never went while I was in Turkey. Was the guy cute? LOL jk!!!

  3. I no longer live close to the beach. I used to love going to the nude beaches in California and one in Hawaii. It was so liberating just walking nude on the beach.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh I had no clue Cali had nude beaches… I must go one day and well in Hawaii too…lol!!!

  4. Way to go Jaime. Thats a big one to cross off your list. May not sound that big of a deal but it actually is especially with how we view things here in the US. Only shows how comfortable you are with your body and youre not even drunk at that time…or maybe you were. Lol. Loving your South America posts, makes me wanna book a trip down there very soon. Great photos here btw. And oh I can tell you look good even with that shadow silhoutte. Hehe.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks a ton Tab!!! Yeah it honestly doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is with how view things in the USA. Bajajajaja I love how you mention that I’m not even drunk this time…lol. You have read my blog… no I wasn’t. Glad you’re enjoying my S.A. post have plenty more to come. Hope you make it out here one day.

  5. Happy for you!
    I visited Rio 2 years back, and did read about that nude beach, but didn’t have time to wander that far..just Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. But I have gone nude in an Amsterdam nude bar though.. i was so naive – i just stripped and walked around – never realized that anyone’s unerect penis size mattered, LOL. (After reading this page, I guess I too fall under the ‘Grower’ category, haha. Oh, and i’ve also taken a bath at a natural spring in an Indonesian jungle… with a local friend (who kept his briefs on!)… it felt so liberating to be naked outdoors in nature!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow Ed, I had no clue Amsterdam had a nude bar… now I must visit lol. Yeah I worried about my penis cus yup am a grower…lol. Glad Im not alone in that category. Jajajajajajaa Omg I’m cracking up. Yeah I must get naked more often…lol.

  6. I remember first time I went nude was to a gay beach as well here in Lisbon (Portugal), my friend and everybody around me was nude so.. first I was scared and kinda worried as I’m too skinny but then I said to myself: “you know what? Whatever…” and went nude… few minutes later I was running around the beach with my friends during plays like childs playing game”!! It’s indeed a very nice feeling! Hope you are enjoying Brazil is a wonderful country! 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      It’s so funny Fabio how we all have our insecurities but minutes after being nude you’re like who cares and just love it. Glad I’m not alone with that feeling. Brazil was wonderful but full of ups and downs… more post coming soon.

  7. Hey there! We live in Santa Catarina, Brazil and we love Praia Galheta! We’ve also done that hike and it is beautiful. While it is a gay beach sometimes you can see straight couples and women there. The last time there we finally had the courage to go nude. Well, I went topless and Dale went nude. He was like a kid again running into the ocean and playing in the waves in nothing but his birthday suit. It was awesome! I went nude a few times in my early 20’s on non-nude beaches in Florida- but large amounts of alcohol were involved and also went to a nude rooftop pool bar in Key West. It is very liberating and fun to break some of our American social mores! I hope you are loving Santa Catarina as much as we do!

    Elizabeth Hampton recently posted..Wine Country Tours in Brazil’s Vale dos Vinhedos

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yes Elizabeth I should have mentioned straight couples go too. I did see one couple there nude.OMG I so wanna hear these stories you have from your young times going nude drunk…lol. Ahhh when we were are young oh the things we do. Would have been awesome to meet up while I was down there. I’m now in Peru but have a few more things to write about Brazil.

  8. Good for you for doing this, I done few myself and loved it. Wish could share experience with others.
    any plans to do more? in future. Think i may be a minority as being a str person who likes those type of beaches.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks JR yeah I would love to do more in the future… just have to find place where I can. Thats awesome that you are straight and like these things. Cheers!!!

  9. Ahhh love that you did this and wrote about it! I went nude in one of Berlin’s public parks a few years ago and have been back a few times – it’s definitely a liberating experience. Once you go nude once, nothing really seems to matter that much anymore regarding nudity!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OH Adam I am going to have to go with you to this park if I find myself in Berlin soon. Oh & yes I agree once you go nude once you are good for like ever…lol.

  10. I have yet to go to one. I lived in Vancouver for 15 years, where we have a nude beach, and I always planned to go with friends, but never actually made it.

    Not so sure how comfortable I’d feel at first, but I’m willing to try. I have also skinny dipped naked in lakes, and it’s very liberating. More publicly, I’ve been to an onsen in Japan, where you sit naked with other strangers inside a hot spring bath… I’d be willing to bet that’s much more awkward than simply baring it all at a beach!

    I think my biggest concern would be: “Have I applied enough sunscreen to my bits?”

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG you need to Claus… I dont know about going with friends, lol. I’d first go alone to see but yeah then why not go with friends. Would be fun!!! At first you do not feel comfortable at all but after like 10 minutes youre like omg its nothing and love it. I never did a bath in Turkey cus I didnt wanted to get naked so youre brave. Oh & yeah lots of sunscreen… i had never put any down there…lol.

  11. Hahaha Oh my! Kudos to you, I know as a fact that I’ll never go nude on a beach (in front of other people). In my case, this has nothing to do with being self-conscious or insecure about my body, even if I looked like one of the Victoria’s Secret models I still wouldn’t do it. I am a VERY private person (well, the readers commenting on one of my posts on when I found myself in a nudist sauna think I’m a repressed nun or worst.. whatever!).

    But, surprise! I know the feeling of freedom that comes to be naked on a beach… I have a secret place in Sardinia, a super small beach hidden from everything where I sometimes remove my bikini for a liberating swim. That’s the best I can do!

    I enjoyed running naked in the streets of my neighbourhood every day when I was a kid, so I think I’m done now 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:


      I love that you have a secret beach you go to and get naked it at. That sounds so amazing. Oh & dont worry I am till abit shy. I can only get naked when its not many people around. Don’t know how people do it when so many people are around…lol. Oh & you are done if you did run around as a kid naked lol. That’s real freedom there…lol!!!

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